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My little peep Melissa from Trying to Heal nominated me to do the “7 Links Post” going around. I am supposed to list links to the following posts:

Most Beautiful: This isn’t really a post, but My Wedding tab is my favorite in terms of love beauty and aesthetic beauty. But if I’m playing by the rules… Monica and Ben.windy wedding thumb Run Eat Repeat’s 7 Links

Most Popular: 1. I have a couple of posts that are close in numbers, but I think my National Running Day post is my favorite of those.IMG 4305 600x800 thumb1 Run Eat Repeat’s 7 Links

2. Making Peace With Food – the Intuitive Eating concept about making all foods equal is searched crazy style every day!

Most Controversial: Unfortunately, I don’t address controversial issues as much as I’d like here. I did get a crap of ton questions about who I was referencing when I posted my last Confession Thursday – Daily Food Blog.butt gum thumb Run Eat Repeat’s 7 Links

Bonus: Check out my Ask Me Anything posts to read why I didn’t live before we got married AND here about why I didn’t change my last name.

Most Helpful: Your First 5Kmonica at commerce 5k thumb1 Run Eat Repeat’s 7 Links

Surprise Success: Basically anything I write that more than 1 person reads is a surprise to me. Ha!

For all the wrong reasons my Wet T-shirt Wednesday post from a sudden storm in Curacao is the most searched. I’m sure the searchers leave disappointed though…curacao thumb Run Eat Repeat’s 7 Links

Not Enough Attention: Ummm, I think I get more attention than I should. I’m just thankful you want a break from your work or school to come see what’s up with RER wlEmoticon smile27 Run Eat Repeat’s 7 Links 

But, a personal fave is my visit to the Olivas Adobeolivas adobe thumb Run Eat Repeat’s 7 Links.

Most Proud: My Long Beach Marathon Recapmonica is almost dead thumb Run Eat Repeat’s 7 Links

Now I pass the torch to 5 people…but I think most have already been nominated?

This was hard for me! I could not think of a post for most of these categories!!! If I failed, leave the post in the comments wlEmoticon smile27 Run Eat Repeat’s 7 Links

Also, my Ask Me Anything form is still up. Feel free to ask me anything anonymously!


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    I didn’t change my name either. Why should I? Plus I’m lazy (too many forms) and my husband doesn’t care. Yay for the liberal boys.

    I have to admit to being really curious about who wrote the blogger rant last week, but didn’t ask. I even googled it- no luck ;)

  2. says

    This is an awesome idea for a blog. I love that you can go back and reflect upon past blogs, and bring them to newbies’ attention. Would it be tacky for me to try and recreate this format in my own blog??

  3. says

    Hey, I just wanted to pop in to say thanks for posting these links to older blog posts! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, and I love how enthusiastic you are about running. Now I’m going to have to go spend some time looking through your older stuff.

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