8 Miles and Double Pumpkin

Happy Tuesday from Monica and Vegas!IMG_7705 (800x600)

This morning I had 8 miles on my training plan. I woke up hungry and my legs felt very tired so I considered cutting it back to 7. I stalled a bit with some iced coffee and toast. Until I didn’t have any more time to waste and got out the door.

At the 3.5 mile mark I decided I should really try and stick to the program today since I’m already cutting back my long run in Philly this weekend.

I did it! 8 miles on a Tuesday morning!IMG_7709 (800x600)

8 Miles – Average pace 8:35 (because it’s super down hill coming back)

  • Mile 1: 8:31
  • Mile 2: 8:37
  • Mile 3:9:02
  • Mile 4: 9:02
  • Mile 5: 8:22 (see, downhill time)
  • Mile 6: 8:12
  • Mile 7: 8:13
  • Mile 8: 8:43

I was super hungry (again) when I got home and brainstormed breakfast during the last couple of miles. I decided pumpkin pancakes with a fun topping would be delicious!

Carmel Oikos + 1/4c pumpkin + 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice = Pumpkin YogurtIMG_7710 (800x533)

Apparently, I think it’s October because I went with a double pumpkin breakfast today! I made a batch of pumpkin pancakes and topped it with pumpkin yogurt and almond butter.IMG_7713 (800x533)

The yogurt was sweet and drippy! But, I still added some syrup, because I love it.IMG_7715 (800x533)

I have a busy mid-morning at work. Then, a big break before my evening clients. I’m hoping to update my FAQs page this week and do an Ask a Monican – leave questions here.

Questions, comments?


  1. says

    My 50 mile training plan has me doing 8-9 mile on weekdays and it’s tough to run that far on a weekday! It feels like that should only have to happen on the weekends. :)

  2. says

    Great run!! Major props for 8 miles on a Tuesday. I was wondering, when you look at your plan, when do you decide that it’s a day to bring fuel? Mileage wise, I mean?

    • says

      I usually bring fuel on anything more than 8 miles. But, if I was going to run/walk it or take longer (be slower) I would take it on anything that was about 80 minutes or more.

  3. says

    Shhh! I am convinced with everyone talking (and eating) like it’s fall, it’s going to come sooner–and I want summer to last forever! 😉

  4. CJ @ Http://healthy-happy-whole.com says

    I don’t have a major question… Yet… But the caramel oikos sounds super good! I like the chocolate but have never bought the caramel? Do you prefer one over the other?? Because that looks like a fantastic pancake topper!!! Ohhhh or apple dip :-)

  5. says

    AWESOME run for a Tuesday morning! I am contemplating 4 or 5 miles after work. I have just been sitting here like a slug at work haha This desk job is killliing me. I take a walk in the AM and a mid-afternoon walk too but I can’t handle sitting for long periods of time :(

    Loving your pumpkin pancakes! I have been craving breakfast for dinner one of these nights. My boyfriend has Jiu Jitsu every night this week so I think this is the week to do it!

    • says

      It hasn’t really did anything for my weight loss. It’s informative to keep track of my calorie burn, but I’m really resistant to counting calories and that’s a huge part of it.

      I have a bodybugg update coming with the Ask a Monican too though :)

  6. says

    Q: I’m all about weight training, but I find I have a body type that bulks up quick- besides low weight/high reps, do you have any other tips to get toned and lean rather than bulky?

      • says

        No I’m actually on the east coast – and I go to school in philly :( I guess it’s cause we get all 4 seasons to the extreme so the grocery stores are really “seasonal” haha – totally going to stock up on pumpkin EVERYTHING when it comes in though..

  7. says

    8 miles seems so far for a weekday. My training plans call for it sometimes and that number just looks too big on a Thursday. My question is – how do you fit intuitive eating into your work schedule? Like, for example, the other day, I wasn’t hungry AT ALL for breakfast at 7am. But, I knew I couldn’t eat anything (like, even a banana – I teach small children) until at least 1pm, so not eating breakfast would end badly. So, down the hatch it went. Same goes for lunchtime – my job decides it, not my hunger. I know you are on a crazy schedule now, so how does it work?

    • says

      You’re over thinking it.

      It’s common sense that you would eat breakfast because you can’t at work. So, you ate when you weren’t hungry to prevent getting over hungry later.
      This would be “okay” for someone without food issues. But since we’re just trying to learn intuitive eating we can be hyper aware of things like that.

      Eating when you’re not hungry to prevent a binge or getting over hungry is just “self care” as Evelyn taught me.

  8. says

    I had an 8 miler today on the training schedule and also find it hard to motivate myself to do them during the week. It’s especially hard having to run in the dark since I have to get up so early to get everything done.

    What marathon training schedule do you use?

  9. Jennifer says

    Can you tell me about your garmin and everything it does? I noticed that it does distance, pace and total time. I am also guessing that you can get your heartrate. Can you give me a rundown and what you would recommend?

    And you are awesome doing an 8 miler on a weekday! You are FAST! :)

  10. Allison says

    Am I missing your Pumpkin Pancakes recipe? I really want to try it! I searched your site and can’t find it anywhere. :-(

  11. Tina says

    What’s going on in Philly this weekend that you would cut your long run short? My best friend and I are running a 16 mile trail run in York PA – a bit far from Philly but we thought it would be better to have someone handing us water than carry it for our long run. We’re suppose to do 20 this weekend so if you’re looking for some random running fun York PA. Actually, boathouse row is beautiful and I hope you get to run along the Schukhill River.

  12. says

    I think I need to get me some pumpkin! Kashi has pumpkin granola bars that are delicious and perfect for lazy people like me :)

    Question: When you first start out running, what do you think is more important to build up, speed or distance? And to what point? Like, do you think I should focus on being able to run 6 miles at a slow pace or to run 3 at a fast pace? Thanks!

  13. Trang says

    Hi Monica! I look forward to reading your blog each day as you keep me laughing and inspired to run. I have 2 questions for you. Any recommendations on how many miles I could be running to keep up the mileage I gained from running a 1/2 marathon last year? I run about 20 miles/week. Also, any ideas on how I can get my husband to run with me? He prefers to weight lift.

  14. Jess says

    Hi Monica!
    I don’t have a blog currently but am thinking about starting one up. I love reading yours and am a huge dork and check it several times a day!

    I am training for a half marathon and would love to do a marathon someday. My question is about balancing strength training and your training runs. Which day do you suggest I strength train? I have looked at some plans and they suggest a rest day, other have you do it two days during the week, to balance it from your one long run. Along the same lines, what are your thoughts on rest day?

  15. Pam says

    Good Job on your 8 miler!! You’re a “firework!!” :)

    Wrote down your pumpkin pancake recipe! Sounds great!! Love pumpkin!! My pumpkin bread is very popular with mi familia. I’ll have to make you some! :)

    Have a good evening

    • says

      I stopped buying Chobani because I think dairy was giving me boogers (sorry). But, since I’m trying to do more protein started letting it back in. I discovered the Oikos at Blogher and bottom line I’ll take whatever’s free :)

  16. says

    I made French toast for breakfast and made a pumpkin-yogurt mixture in top… Delic! I think that I am in love with pumpkin just as much as you 😛

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