Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon ‘11

Yesterday afternoon I got my Chocolate Milk Team Refuel gear on for the Las Vegas half marathon. I was nervous that I’d be cold so I went to Ross earlier for an undershirt.monica on team refuel

The race started at 5:30PM so I tried to stall as long as possible inside to avoid the chilly air. I stayed at the Luxor which is right next door to the race start. Finally it was time to head down to get in line! IMAG0068IMAG0069

Once I got to the start I looked for Anne and Meghann. We decided earlier to run together and just enjoy the strip at night!

I wore a free beanie I got from a random booth at the expo and ditched it at mile 2.

(photo source Meghann)

The sun was down and it was windy, but the bright lights of the strip and excitement of running down Las Vegas Blvd. kept us pumped!IMG_3001 (800x600)rock n roll las vegas

The race went by surprisingly fast – maybe because there was good company and so much to look at?! Maybe because I was running like a pimp was chasing me? I took a Gu at mile 7-ish and Cytomax or water at every stop. I did have to pee, but decided to hold it as long as I could. I ended up waiting until after the finish. Besides, I figured this wouldn’t be the first time I peed myself in Vegas…IMG_3016 (800x600)

We stayed together the whole race and just enjoyed it! I think this might be the most fun I’ve had in a race so far!! I’m very happy that my stomach cooperated too!

Our time was just under 2 hours – which I’m proud of considering the circumstances Smile anne p monica and meghann(photo source Anne)

We warmed up quickly during the race, but the cold air cuts right through you when you’re sweaty so the space blankets were very appreciated.IMG_3017 (800x600)

Then, I met up with the other girls from Team Refuel for some post-race chocolate milk. Obviously, I was the last one to finish, so I had to wrestle SR for hers. team refuel las vegas

Okay, I actually had Anna from Refuel stash me a bottle because I told her I might take 6 hours give or take Winking smile refuel with low fat chocolate milk

Normally I try to eat or drink something with protein and carbs within 30 minutes of a long run. Since I wanted to hang around after the race to talk this was perfect. I didn’t have to rush off for food! I guess today I’m Run, Drink, Repeat… IMG_3022 (800x600)

After some time with the girls I headed back to my hotel for a quick shower and wardrobe change. Then, it was dinner at Serendipity IMG_3043 (800x600)

with Anne and Meghann IMG_3039 (800x600)

This is my victory lap – a frozen Oreo hot chocolatefrozen hot chocolate

It was magical – the drink, not our cheesy pictures.seredippity frozen hot chocolate

seredippity frozen hot chocolate

I ordered the triple decker grilled cheese that came with tomato soup. The sandwich was HUGE and overflowing with cheese.triplle decker grilled cheese

Ben got the Hangover omelet it was stuffed with French fries. Long life is over-rated. Eat fries in everything!! the hangover omlett

We had planned on driving back last night, but when we got back to the room we were exhausted. So, we decided to sleep in Vegas and get up super early to drive home. I set my alarm for 5am and we were on the road within 30 minutes.

Pit stop at state line for an egg sandwich for Ben and a few bites for me.IMG_3044 (800x600)

Then, another stop in Baker for some milk. I had it with granola and PB (that I brought). IMG_3052 (600x800)

Now we’re enjoying the gorgeous view and headed home. See ya later!IMG_3046 (800x600)


  1. says

    Ha I think the cheesy pictures are magical too. My Hus and I do that nauseating nonsense all the time and surprisingly, we’re the only ones who thinks its hilarious…

    Congrats on your run!

  2. says

    Great recap and wonderful photos! I’ve always heard that RNRVL is cold.. glad you were able to stay somewhat warm. Nice job on a great finish (glad that pimp never caught you)!

  3. says

    Nice! I am hopefully going to be able to talk my S.O. Chad into running Vegas next year- he thinks Vegas is all about gambling and drinking so it is nice to read your posts about the “other” Vegas. Was it walker friendly though as I am not a huge runner? (Chad is though- he runs them- I run/walk/crawl/cheatandtakethebus to the finish line)

  4. says

    Jealousy on multiple fronts. For one, I’ve never been to Vegas. For two, your hair actually looks cool in pigtail braids, I look like a goober. For three, I’ve never been to Serendipity. Jelly Jelly Jelly.

  5. says

    I had a really fun time watching the live footage last night, but it’s been great to read all 3 of your recaps of the race today! I’m glad you were able to have such a fun run:)

  6. Lorin says

    If I only run 30-45 minutes per run, is it really necessary to fuel after or before?
    I feel like it’s not that many calories burned in the end to have to fuel up for such a short distance. Plus, I walk parts of the run as well.

  7. says

    Aw, I love the cheesy pictures 😉

    It looks like a fun race! Although, I’m shivering just thinking of the cold. No wait, I’m shivering because it’s freezing in my apartment. Eh, either way.

  8. Mari says

    I just read your review and realized that’s me in the dark pink right behind you guys running! I remember noticing the Team Refuel shirts, but I didn’t know who was in front of me. I had a blogger celebrity sighting and didn’t even know it!

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