Sunday Fun Day No Set Up

I skipped out on Sunday Set Up to make Sunday a fun day. Ben and I headed over to my parents house to join them for church. Then, Ben helped my little brother with his science project. IMG_5374 (800x600)

After church the fam headed to brunch, but I was still full so I went to get a manicure/pedicure instead. The place near my mom’s is the best and I like to hold out for when I’m in the area for a fix-up.

When I got back I needed a snack. Between the warm weather and summer fruit – I’m convinced it’s June.IMG_5376 (800x600)

Speaking of my favorite summer fruits, reader Phebe sent me the shirt I sported today. Sadly, I don’t have any watermelon to eat while wearing it. And even sadder, my mom made me stand by the orange tree for this picture as a fruity consolation. It’s not the same mom.IMG_5382 (800x600)

I love it! Thanks Lee Smile IMG_5383 (600x800)

After a 3:12am wake up call and running 13.1 miles, I needed a nap. I’m not normally a napper, but I made myself lie down to rest and ended up falling asleep for 30 minutes – perfect power nap! I woke up feeling 100% better.

And I felt 150% better when I saw my dad’s huge bowls he pulled out of storage! Fill ‘er up!IMG_5386 (800x600)

Salad lunch with the works. I recently rediscovered Fritos and have to say they are salty wonders Smile IMG_5385 (800x600)

I just hung out while the boys worked on the science project and then had a cereal snack and ginger ale to carb load for walking the dogs. IMG_5387 (800x600)

IMG_5390 (800x600)

IMG_5393 (800x600)

After a few refills of cereal I wasn’t hungry for dinner and just stole Ben’s pizza crust. I think I’ll have a waffle with PB when we get home. IMG_5396 (800x600)

Now I’m blogging on way home from my parents. I was completely unproductive with “real life” this weekend and have no eggs (this is the end of the world to Ben), no menu plan and no exercise plan.

Wait- I’ll make it up now!


  • M: Easy 3 miles and strength
  • T: Tempo 7 miles
  • W: strength or a class
  • Th: Speed
  • F: Easy 3, Yoga or strength
  • S: LR
  • Sun: Zumba?

Weekly Goals:

  • Get enough sleep!
  • Track
  • Clean house and corner area that’s collecting random crap and mail
  • Catch up on emails

Question: Did you do Sunday Set Up?


  1. says

    I love giant bowls for salads. I normally use large mixing bowls intended for baking to eat my salads out of :) Makes it much easier and less messy to stir everything together when you have a bigger bowl – also much more satisfying to eat out of!

  2. says

    I’m using this week to switch to a more vegetarian diet during the week, then treating myself to burgers during the Superbowl this weekend! And more running!

  3. says

    My marathon training plan starts today. I like having a training plan because now I don’t have to think about it too much. Lately I have been just doing what I feel for 5-6 days a week. I’m excited!

  4. Jana says

    I also ran the Tinkerbell Half yesterday. We got back to San Diego around noon and I did Sunday Set Up stuff the rest of the day. I hate starting the week without doing that.

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