Jan Review, Feb Goals and Confession Thursday

My brain is broken all over the place this morning. I thought about chopping this up into several posts, but I have a fun giveaway coming up this afternoon so all this junk is posted together.PRAYING_thumb

I woke up this morning after a bad dream that I fell asleep during boot camp! Luckily, today is the last day of this session and I’ll be able to catch up on sleep next week. Let’s start my confessions here…

1. The last two Saturdays I’ve been so tired I’ve resorted to drinking low carb Rock Star energy drinks. This is totally not my style normally, but I honestly feel like crap and am desperate for a pick me up.

2. I have been sweating in my sleep and wore my new wick-wear shirt to sleep last night. Genius. I’m sure Ben appreciates this new form of lingerie.

IMG_5596 (800x600)

3. I’ve decided a perfect day of food includes pancakes for breakfast and an egg sandwich for dinner. I’ve also decided I cannot make pancakes without getting flour all over myself.

IMG_5587 (800x600)

4. I have been phoning my workouts in all week. I’m frustrated because I’m tired, but not because of exercise.

5. I gained 7 pounds between October (end of marathon training) and New Year’s this year. I’d been hoping it would just disappear, but that’s why I keep talking about getting back on track.

6. Sometimes I use my sleeve to wipe my nose. Okay, all the time.

January in Review:

Favorite Run: Tinker Bell Half Marathon

rer and sr

Favorite Eat: Anyone one of the ridiculous salads I ate in Florida

salad in florida

Favorite post I’d like to Repeat: Beginner HITT workout (because my BFF should be doing this 2 times a week so we can get her Bridal Boot Camp started soon!).

February 2012 Goals:

1. Track like a little chu-chu train. Don’t eat junk.

2. Create a workout plan with 1 speed session, 1 tempo, 1 LR and one Yoga class week.

3. Finalize Race and Travel schedule for the year (because it already seems super crazy in June and not spread out evenly)

Question: What are your Feb goals?


  1. says

    I had to go back and look at those Florida salads. Love!

    I also like putting together “junk salad” bowls. Recently, I didn’t have any croutons or anything crunchy for my salad, so I toasted a piece of bread, buttered it, and chopped it up. Homemade crouton…sort of?

  2. says

    Goal # 1 – Not hurt my back. I am so tired of having back pain and spasms. I’m on the verge of an emotional breakdown about it.

    Goal # 2 – Run 3 times a week. Oh yeah, if I have races coming, I guess I should run.

    Goal # 3 – Start meal planning.

  3. says

    My goals are to:
    1.) Eat more during the day so that I don’t get over hungry and overeat at night.
    2.) Continue doing the new cardio / strength training program that I started on Monday.
    3.) Get more sleep during the week. :)

  4. says

    I agree 100% about the pancakes and egg sandwiches. I want to eat egg sandwiches for dinner pretty much every single night (and did last night!) and my husband is not too pleased about it. Good luck with the February goals!

  5. says

    I am shooting for a 5 mile non stop run this month.

    Also, I swear by drinking a spinach smoothie for lunch a la Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary, those seven pounds will fall right off!!

  6. says

    My goals are:
    – try not to let school kill me.
    – try to maintain 4-5 days of solid work outs a week (as long as it is not interfering with school or killing me to get it done)
    – try to be less negative/grumpy (this semester and the weather have been kind of hurting my attitude)

  7. says

    My February goal is to get back at it. My weight loss is at a stand still, probably b/c that’s what my body’s been doing, sitting still!

    I gave you and your favorite breakfast a shout out on my blog today!

  8. LJ says


    I’m sure you’ve read all about this – but low thyroid can cause some less than fun circumstances…. I went through a slow, but steady weight gain while maintaining an way-above-average-excise routine and eating health eats. Maybe not what’s up with you at all! But I thought it was worth a mention. I can’t remember what options you are exploring, but personally I felt my best when I was taking T4 and T3 (everyone is different, talk to your doctor etc).

    Also worth a mention, I no longer take these drugs and, luckily, have been able to manage everything naturally, through healthy living.

    Hope you are feeling more energized soon!

  9. says

    I have to back out of my marathon next month because I am recovering from a knee injury back in November and simply do not have enough training miles in. So my new goal is to sign up for two half marathons to replace it :)

  10. says

    My goal is to keep eating clean even though I am on a marathon training schedule. Usually as I up my exercise I get way more hungry, way more often and I tell myself “oh I can eat that, I am training for a marathon.” I don’t want that to be my excuse anymore

  11. Vesna says

    Goal 1: Continue to track my food intake (and workouts) per my Weight Watchers tracker. I bite it; I write it.

    Goal 2: Address my boredom issues and not fill them up with snacks I’m not really hungry for.

    Goal 3: Give this HIIT workout a chance. Try the scary move first and then modify if needed. Rather than telling myself “You can’t do hollow rocks”.

    Goal 4: Understand your workout time is your journey and not let the “Mean Girls” from the gym dissuade you from class.

    Goal 5: Understand that all of above will help you be a rocking bride in May!

  12. says

    February Goals:
    1. Surf surf surf it up in Kauai as much as I can. I want to become at least decent as it.
    2. Keep up with the physical therapy for my piriformis muscle so I can start running/training again!
    3. Get ready to move. Ugg.

  13. says

    My main February goal is to not let “little things” bother me as much! Sometimes, a little something will happen at work, or I’ll be stuck in traffic, or some random other annoyance will just totally kill my mood! I’m working on relaxing more and not letting my anxiety rule my life! Its a work in progress 😉

  14. Elizabeth says

    though, what does work for me is painting my nails when I want a snack late at night. because then I have to wait 30 mins, usually don’t want it then, and people think I’m super put together and on top of my life because I manage to paint my nails, squeeze in workouts, and pack my lunch. people are way too easily impressed.

  15. lauren says

    #5 – I too gained almost 7 pounds while marathon training for Chicago last year. I was hungry all the time. Post holidays I’ve managed to drop the few lbs that I wanted to by tracking tracking tracking, which is your Feb goal. I learned the hard way that it’s the food not that activity that will keep me at a healthy weight.

  16. Jamie says

    My goals for this month is to…
    1) Not get discouraged when I slip on my logging food and eating healthy.
    2) Exercise at least 4-5 times a week.
    3) Run 3X per week
    4) Finish reading Intuitive Eating

  17. Jenna says

    My goals for the month are to get my house ready for my mother in law to visit at the end of the month. To lose the few pounds I gained over the holidays. Last month was a fail for that.

  18. says

    You look great! 7 pounds is something only you can notice on yourself- I’m sure no one else is any wiser (oh, well, until you posted it on the internet). My February goals are to go on one adventure (check!), and complete a 5 mile race next weekend. My workout goals are three runs a week, and three strength training sessions. Good luck with your workout goals!

  19. says

    This is the best prize pack ever. Even though $75 will only buy like a pant leg from Lululemon, I still want it!

    Snack I ate today… umm a clementine and an apple and 2 Hershey kisses. Yes, all together.

  20. says

    Your confession posts are the best. They crack me up, and there’s always at least one thing that I can relate to. I think I’m going to get my husband (the sweatiest sleeper ever) a wick-wear shirt for bed.

    I’m having a crappy time with exercise lately, so I hope to deal with that in February. I just went back to school, so I’m adjusting to having very little free time, and I seem to have injured my knee while running last week. Not cool.

    Perhaps more long walks and bike rides are in order until I get the knee worked out.

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