Letting Ben Cook

Before we got married Ben would cook for himself – breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Okay not lunch, he would go to Togos or Chick Fil A for lunch.)monica and ben in new york 2 thumb Letting Ben Cook

Anyways, when we got married I would get home from work an hour earlier than him and cook dinner. Many times I’d pack his lunch too. Then, I lost my job and started making him breakfast before he left for work too. Before I knew it I had kicked him out of the kitchen!

When I have an early work or super late shift he makes himself food but I NEVER let him cook for me. This is frustrating as I work late at the gym Tuesdays and Thursdays and it would be helpful if I let him make dinner.

But, I remember watching him cook when we were dating. Let’s just say he makes Paula Dean look like she’s on a diet with how much butter he uses. I specifically remember one time when he made a pancake covered in butter and cheese…but I digress.paula deen thumb Letting Ben Cook

We keep talking about having him cook more, but I always turn him down when he offers. Since I was still feeling sick this morning I let him cook.

“Hey, where do we keep the eggs?”IMG 5697 600x800 thumb1 Letting Ben Cook

Kidding, he is a really good cook if you don’t mind tons of butter and cheese on your eggs (and who does, right?). IMG 5701 600x800 thumb Letting Ben Cook

I asked him to make me an egg scramble and was restricted to verbal directions only. Luckily for everyone – it was a delicious success!IMG 5694 800x600 thumb Letting Ben Cook

Before breakfast I went on an easy 3 mile “check in” run to see how my boogers were doing. They’re alive and well.

Ben and I are still trying to find the right church for us in this area. I was raised in the Catholic Church and was explaining to Ben some of the traditions which he found photo worthy for some reason…

“When I was an altar server the priest would hold up the host…”IMG 5702 800x600 thumb Letting Ben Cook

“and I would ring the bell. But they don’t do that anymore because the mass isn’t in Latin and we understand what’s going on.”IMG 5703 800x600 thumb Letting Ben Cook

“And they use real wine not grape juice.”IMG 5705 800x600 thumb Letting Ben Cook

“The End. Amen.”IMG 5709 800x600 thumb Letting Ben Cook

After breakfast we took a walk. It’s ridiculously gorgeous today. Seriously SoCal, we get it.IMG 5717 600x800 thumb Letting Ben Cook

On the way back I saw someone is selling Menudo from their garage. I totally would have gotten in on this if I hadn’t already eaten.IMG 5718 800x600 thumb Letting Ben Cook

Then, I broke my chair. Seriously. IMG 5721 600x800 thumb Letting Ben Cook

I’m blaming Ben because he went on an ice cream run last night totally unprovoked. I think the new MMA gym he’s going to is rocking his appetite because that’s normally my idea.

Hers and His…IMG 5689 800x600 thumb Letting Ben Cook

Okay I have to go buy a new chair… See ya later.

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  1. Ida says

    Cheese on pancakes?!

    My boyfriend usually does the cooking b/c he loves meat and I hate handling the raw stuff. Fortunately he doesn’t add a lot of butter to things, but it is hard for me to stay quiet while he murders vegetables by overcooking them or chopping them up in a way that I wouldn’t.

  2. says

    I’m the same way with my mom. I just feel like, her adding “extra” to every recipe adds “extra” to my waist. I have to like, watch her cook to restrain her.

  3. says

    I went to visit a relative once and actually fell through her chair. I don’t recall if it was my grandmother or my aunt but the netting / weave part of the chair was weak and I literally fell straight through. It was so funny and a bit embarrassing at the time! ;)

  4. Adrianna says

    that little diddly on catholic mass made me laugh so hard…I was raised catholic, too, and at some point in our teens, my best friend and I would put on mock masses; so sacrilegious its not even funny! but at the time we thought we were hysterical. thanks for all the laughs every day, from one snotty nose to another :)

  5. says

    I still think that I got Mono my freshman year in college from the cup at church. Hmmm, 3000 undergrads all drinking from the same cup… yeah, theres going to be some diseases.

    Your Menudo sign reminds me of something… Whenever my husband or I say something related to mexican food, the other says “Tacos y Burritos?” in a really high pitched accent a la the Jennifer Lopez South Park episode. On Friday, we were driving in a new part of town and someone had a taco truck in their backyard that said “Tacos y Burritos.” I have never been so exicted in my life. Good thing he was driving because I was doing a Tacos y Burritos happy dance.

  6. says

    It’s so true about cooking in a relationship! My bf and I spend most of our time at my apartment, which means our cooking is restricted by only vegetarian and “healthy” foods. Sometimes I feel guilty that I can’t whip him up something more “manly and satifying”, but I just don’t have any of those ingredients on hand! Side benefit- maybe it will accidentally make him healthier ;)

  7. says

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