Baked Taquitos

Hello! I didn’t post after lunch yesterday so let’s catch up…

I made a snack of wasa crisps, cottage cheese and granola in the afternoon.IMG_8121 (800x533)

And when I realized Ben was coming home on the late side, a bowl of protein cereal I got at the Natural Products Expo. IMG_8123 (800x533)

I had Crockpot Salsa Chicken cooking all day and when it was done I shredded it for taquitos. It’s perfect since it’s seasoned and ready to go for a ton of different recipes!

My corn tortillas were a bit dry so I microwaved them with a splash of water on the plate for 30 seconds and they were easy to work with.IMG_8127 (800x533)

I had a pile of shredded chicken and a pile of tortillas for my taquito making station. IMG_8132 (800x533)

 Try to catch me rollin’ dirty. Roll them up tight.IMG_8139 (800x533)IMG_8135 (800x533)

I lined them up seam side down on a baking sheet. Bake at 400 degrees for 15-25 minutes or until hard.IMG_8143 (800x533)

Done.IMG_8149 (800x533)

Dip.IMG_8171 (800x533)

IMG_8151 (800x533)

Oh, and I’m dumb because I bought SELF magazine yesterday and then got my subscription copy in the mail. IMG_8176 (800x533)

Ben’s Comment of the Day:

I told Ben about the no carbs 2 days a week study I read and he disputed it…

Ben: “No, I think it’s no CARS 2 days a week. You have to walk everywhere and that’s how you lose weight…”


This morning I woke up to very chilly weather. It was 38 degrees! I did 5.5 miles (meant to do 6 but underestimated this route). I devoured a banana upon return and made Bagel Thin French Toast for breakfast. IMG_8190 (800x533)

Now I’m headed to the Subaru First Car webisode shoot! There has been so many exciting events lately I feel like I’m constantly nervous. I have anxiety, good thing I run or I would be an even bigger mess.

I have updated my Events Page and am still working on FAQs. I got a fun Ask a Monican question to answer this week so if you have a random, fun question send it over so this AAM will be completely useless just fun stuff.

Question: How do deal with situations that make you nervous?

I pee myself or am mean to Ben.


  1. says

    Usually exercise or a little relaxation helps with both, but I respond to stress and anxiety differently.
    Stress: crying, or I get insanely cranky (I think my boyfriend prefers the crying haha), and I lose my appetite.
    Anxiety: I pick at my nails, and I am constantly restless. I also like to eat a lot.

  2. says

    haha i think ben’s onto something with the no cars 2 days a week thing…that might be tough to pull off in some cities though. anyway, when im really stressed..i tend to cry hah i cant help myself. exercise always helps though and hugs from the hubs. ur dinner looks great-so easy too!

  3. says

    It’s bizarre that its warmer here in MA than it is there in Cali. I really like Bens version of no cars, sounds like something my fiance would say. When I’m nervous I freak out, I can’t help it. Been trying to take more omega-3s to decrease anxiety and drink “get relaxed” herb tea for stress relief haha.

  4. says

    Thanks for the taquitos recipe! I’ve been getting them at a local Mexican place when I get a craving but they are deep fried (gasp) so I try not to do that very often. Looks like a great use for my own crock pot chicken recipe.

  5. says

    First off, I am drooling over those taquitos. We are remodeling our kitchen so right now I just eat microwave dinner…yeah real healthy. AND the guacamole…yummy!
    As for nerves…they give me the adrenaline I need. So I get more nervous when I’m not nervous…haha.

  6. says

    Whenever I’m in a situation that makes me nervous, I feel like I kind of shut my brain off to whatever is about to happen until it’s actually happening. I don’t think that’s what you’re meant to do but as long as I prepared in advance, it usually keeps me calm enough!

  7. says

    It’s funny, when I’m feeling anxious or upset I used to
    A) vent to my mom untill I got more worked up and then
    B) have a glass of wine.
    Now, I
    A) vent to my mom until I get more worked up, then
    B) RUN
    C) wish I hadn’t vented because I feel 10x better and now my mom’s a mess.

  8. says

    Those taquitos look amazing, I totally need to make those! I’m dumb and have never thought of making those before! I would use flour tortillas though because corn are gross. :-)

  9. Denise P. says

    How come I never knew you could make your own taquitos? I guess that isn’t something my Italian grandmother had on the menu very often so I never learned.

    This is perfect, especially being a single gal now – I won’t ever go through a whole pack of tortillas. I could do tacos with the slower cooker chicken one night and taquitos another. Yum!

  10. Denise P. says

    I made these last night YUM! (and ate a whole avocado with them – I’m sure you’ve never done that…)

    Mine didn’t turn out as pretty as yours (I didn’t roll them tight), but I added some cheese in a couple of them and they were so good.

    I also made your tortilleni veggie dish the night before and have leftovers today for lunch. (I needed some inspiration this week and your recipe tab saved the day.)

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