Advertising on Your Shirt

This afternoon I met up with Marni for a nice little walk. She’s smaller than my water bottle. So, I basically drink 4 Marni’s a day. On bad days I drink 4 marna-ritas Winking smilemarni

Marni’s owner Skinny Runner came along for the fun. We take pictures of each other to prove to our husbands that we were walking with each other and not that guy that always hits on SR when we get fro-yo. Woo-woo.skinny runner

SR was representing for some baby wipe company. I was repping for a little ol’ blog called Run Eat Repeat. I’ve heard it’s just a big joke so there’s no need to click over.rer

I guess I could be wearing a worse shirt…worst shirt(source)

SR and Marni are the best walking buddies, you know if you want your walking buddies to stop and pee/poop every 3 feet and try to lick your shins. – SR, that was not cool.skinnyrunner

<insert me going to work here>

One of my clients mixed up her days and showed up today on accident. today. Luckily, I realized before I left and was able to train her. But, I gave her a super hard workout to pay for it. Added bonus: It was her birthday last week so we did 28 of everything!

Hey, it’s better than how my brother’s football team used to let everyone hit you however many years you were old! That sucked.

Dinner was a chicken stir-fry with my ol’ go to Peanut Sauce.IMG_9436 (800x600)

Now I’m sipping some hot cocoa and trying to keep my willpower up and outta the kitchen.

You can buy my RER shirts here.


    • says

      I train at a gym and we are required to wear black exercise pants or capris and a uniform shirt. There a a few different shirt options, but I prefer the wick-wear ones.

  1. says

    Sooo on Spreadshirt they sell super cute doggie bandanas – I think Marni needs an RER one!

    I just placed an order on my website for some TPG tees to wear around town and while working out/racing. Figure I’ll get some exposure for my blog that way! Also pretty sure that my mom’s the only other person who will buy one. LOL!

  2. Mary R. says

    Awwww…Marni is cute as a button. I love your shirt by the way and your dinner looked delicious. I’m craving chinese food now. Must go to Trader Joe’s to get that peanut dressing you are putting on everything now.

  3. says

    Love the nataliedee picture. That website is great, they post some funny cartoon for everything imaginable. I also am in love with that peanut sauce too (if its the same one I get from Trader Joes)… good enough to put on anything. Love it!

  4. says

    I love fun T-shirts! I love the ones they have that are plays on popular brands. None of those shirts actually fit me (the ones I’ve seen are either HUGE guy shirts or super tiny chick shirts), but they are funny.

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