I Would Run Across the Country

Happy Thursday! I spent last night on the couch watching Knotting Hill and other random TV so let’s back up to yesterday…

Before my afternoon shift I had a pumpkin yogurt parfait. Yep, right in the container because I’m lazy like that.IMG_9488 (600x800)

Then, I trained one client and came home to make dinner. I considered doing a 2nd run for my RTB training, but it was warm out and I was lazy. Oh well.

I found green beans on sale earlier and based my meal around green bean fries. I ate most of the “Family Size” pack and saved 3 fries for Ben.IMG_9489 (800x533)

I wanted to be a nice wife and save Ben half my Reese’s Peanut Butter cup, but that’s just crazy talk. Why are Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs / hearts / trees extra delicious?!IMG_9498 (800x533)

Last night while watching TV I saw the new Nike Free commercial and have decided to run across the country this summer. (Seriously, called my mom and told her to drive along side me and everything. Although, she might have just been humoring me…)

You have to click here to watch it –  I Would Run to Youimage

Now to Thursday…

I like to take one day off from running one day midweek and lately it’s been Thursday (I always take 1 weekend day off too). So, I took a walk with Ben this morning and will do a strength workout at the gym later Smile

I woke up with one thing on my mind – TOAST. So I had a piece before our walk and then two more with breakfast. At least it wasn’t junk.IMG_9513 (800x533)

A few weeks ago a rep from Achiva sent me a bag of Chia Seed & Coconut Water drink mix. I was hesitant because I’m not in love with the taste of most coconut waters, but he swore it was more like Chai than anything else.

Ben and I tried the drink and liked it. It does taste like chai! Yes, the words “chia” and “chai” are very similar so this could be confusing.

This morning I stirred a scoop of the drink mix into Ben’s oatmeal and it was really good! Now I want to try it in yogurt.IMG_9499 (800x533)

IMG_9506 (800x533)

The peeps at Achiva are giving 5 RER readers a bag of the stuff.

To Enter: Leave a comment answer one of the following –

1. What did you have for breakfast?

2. Can I stay at your house as a pit stop when I run across the country this summer?

Contest ends 4/6/12 at 8am PST. Open to residents of the US only.

Winners of the Larabar and Naturebox giveaways are on this post. Please check to see if you won and email me!


  1. says

    On my Bucket List is “run in all 50 states” but running across the country in one fell swoop adds a rather appealing twist :) So far, I’ve only run in one- Illinois- so I need to kick this up a notch. You can crash at my place! You’ll need it- Illinois is BORING. 😉

  2. Dayna says

    This morning I had an egg white scramble with a frozen veggie mix, it had broccoli, carrots and cauliflower and then drenched it in salsa. Soooooo good!
    If you run up to Washington, come stay with me, I have an extra room! :)

  3. says

    I had a green smoothie and a blob of peanut butter for breakfast.

    And, I’m not sure if my house would count as a pit stop since it’s on the east coast. But, if it would be, you’re more than welcome to stay!

  4. Sarah says

    1. Egg and cheese scramble on whole wheat toast, banana, coffee.

    2. Of course! But I live in Spokane so it’s not really on your way.

  5. says

    1. Overnight oats with chia seeds, almond butter, a pear, and a banana.

    2. OMG – that would be so awesome. I live in south Kansas City – right in the middle of the US! You have a place to stay here and some good BBQ with your name on it! :)

  6. Amanda says

    You could absolutely use my house as a pit stop! On fact, you could use my New Jersey house, and then when you headed north, you could use my parents Maine house! Perfect!

  7. says

    2nd day in a row having this awesome breakfast:
    Two slices toast (egglish english muffin style),
    sprinkled with feta cheese,
    topped with over medium eggs, spinach and tomatoes.
    dash of salt and pepper.

    I live in San Diego, so u would have to run S first, but there is a couch w/ ur name on it if u do!!

  8. says

    I LURVE me some green bean fries!!! Now I wish I had green beans at home.

    Great giveaway! I’d love to try it out, never heard of this brand before.

  9. Megan says

    1. I had Kashi GoLean mixed with protein powder and topped with almond milk, homemade raspberry jam and maple almond butter. Great combo
    2. If you happen to run by Blacksburg VA!

  10. says

    Breakfast: 2 egg sandwich on sandwich thin with cheese and pepper mayo and the obligatory cup of tea.
    I’m hoping to be moving to Columbus, OH (interview on Tues.) and you can totally crash at my place if that becomes a reality for either of us! :)

  11. christine says

    I had toast too! I have it every day it’s quick and easy and with two kiddos i need something quick and easy :)

  12. stacey says

    I had greek yogurt for breakfast this morning. Had to keep it light because I was headed to yoga and yoga and a full belly do not work for me!

  13. Danielle says

    yummmmm I had Quaker Oatmeal Squares with soy milk for breakfast!

    What’s going on with that video? It’s a little weird, but I like how they both sound really winded while singing :) I’m digging this run across the country idea, though, check dc/va pit stop.

  14. says

    I had toast with PB and string cheese. Because I’m original.

    But seriously, if you want a place to stay in NEPA we have 3 gorgeous hotels. ledges.com, thesettlersinn.com and sayermansion.com email me and I’ll set you up! Or you can hang at my place with my little redheaded girl. 😉

  15. says

    steel cut oats when its done cooking I add an egg and salsa and a sprinkle of cheese… and a cup of coffee. and if Redondo Beach is along your path my couch is your bed!

  16. Dani says

    I’ll answer both :)

    1. What did you have for breakfast?
    A variation of OIAJ – cream of wheat in a juuuust about empty jar of my own almond butter (which reminds me I need to make more)

    2. Can I stay at your house as a pit stop when I run across the country this summer?

  17. says

    Breakfast for me this morning was a green smoothie.
    Here’s what was is in it:
    4 strawberries
    1/2 of a banana
    lots of spinach
    3/4 cup almond milk
    1 tbsp chia seeds
    tiny little bit of all natural peanut butter (can’t live without it)

  18. Laurel C says

    today I ran 7 miles, and then came home and had a Jazz apple, a serving of oat bran, coffee, and a container of plain Siggi’s yogurt! it was perfect!

  19. says

    Have you seen Running America? Never seen it but heard they run from San Francisco to New York. Help you prep for your run maybe!

    1. Toasted bagel thin with PB+J, coffee
    2. For sure! If you don’t mind a full house :) You’d have to detour to the Bay Area though, might add in a few hundred extra miles

  20. Tina says

    Breakfast was oatmeal with Trader Joes Dried Berry Mix, Golden Raisins, Almond Slices and Cinnamon. The Dried Berry Mix from TJ’s actually has dried STRAWBERRIES! Once the hot water hits the mix it rehydrates the berries and they are so good. I’ve heard about the Chia seeds from your blog but can not seem to locate them! Maybe I’m just blind in the grocery store. :(

  21. Cari says

    For breakfast I had a blood orange chobani yogurt with cereal and cinnamon mixed in and a nice mug of coffee :).

    And of course you can stay at my house!

  22. MrsCrystal says

    Breakfast: Water w/ Apple Cider Vinegar, an apple, and an hour later a baby jar of pecans

    And yes, stop here in Texas!

  23. says

    I had Greek yogurt with chia seeds and homemade granola.

    If you plan on running through Norman, OK, you can stop at my house. I’ll make you some cookies. How does oatmeal double chocolate chip with flax seed sound?

  24. Meg says

    1. I had creamy buckwheat for breakfast with half a mashed banana, some strawberries, a slash of almond milk, 1T of flax & 1T of chia seeds mixed in!
    2. Of course! Although I live in Schenectady, NY so my guess is if you pass through you’d just keep running . . .!

  25. says

    for breakfast i had 2 slices of homemade zucchini bread…i could have eaten the entire loaf.

    and yes, you can stay with me. we’re in colorado near vail…ill cheer u on!

  26. says

    My breakfast routine rotates between these three: green smoothie concoction, overnight oats, or scrambled eggs with veggies. Today, I went with the green smoothie. So delicious.

    You are more than welcome to end your cross-country adventure in D.C. I absolutely love that commercial, especially because I’m in a long distance relationship.

  27. Abby says

    I had toast with honey for breakfast.

    You’re welcome to stop by my house on your run, but I live in Sacramento and it’s really HOT here during the summer.

  28. Anna says

    1. I got home from a pre-work 12 mile run to find my husband taking freshly baked cinnamon scones out of the oven…I knew I married him for a reason!

    2. My home is open…depending on when, I’ll either be in northern Indiana or southeast Michigan!

  29. says

    I had peanut butter Cheerios for breakfast today with unsweetened vanilla almond milk! That powder sounds fab, I hope I win!
    And yes, you can totally crash at my place when you run across country – NH is lovely in the late summer/fall! haha!

  30. Amy says

    Yes!!! You can come stay at my house if I can put in just a few miles with you!! I live in Punxsutawney with Groundhog Phil so you could give him a shout out while you were here!!

  31. Jennifer says

    I had granola with strawberries and vanilla rice milk! I live in SF so it’s not really on the way across the country but you could definitely stop here :)

  32. says

    1. I ate Chobani yogurt with a 1/2 cup of Kashi cereal on top. It’s my new favorite breakfast.
    2. I LOVED the commercial. A STRONG woman, what’s not to love? You are welcome to make a pit stop at my house. I live near Pensacola, FL. Is that anywhere near Ben’s hometown?

  33. Hannah M. says

    This morning I had 2 bananas for breakfast (nursing a bit of a hangover, and that’s all I could handle).

    North Carolina is a great running state! (But HOT in the summer!) Come on over!

  34. Dynamics says

    I am an egg person, hate oatmeal. I think there are enough bloggers/fans to get you across the country. I bet they would feed you good tooo!

  35. says

    1. What did you have for breakfast? Overnight oats w/ So Delicious Almond Milk + Greek Yogurt and chia seeds

    2. Can I stay at your house as a pit stop when I run across the country this summer? Yes!

  36. abby r says

    i had blueberry greek yogurt but wasn’t pleased :-( i think i will pick up some bagels this weekend. depending when you run, i will either be in pa and wv but you’re welcome to stay!

  37. Leigh says

    I had steel cut oats with peanut butter and brown sugar. Delicious! And you can run to me…I live in Maine!

  38. Beth says

    I had a banana mashed in oatmeal + milk + coffee for breakfast.

    And I know you said to answer one of the questions…but yes, of course you can stay at my house on your cross country run!

  39. says

    I had oatmeal for brekkie and it was yummy! And you can absolutely stay at my house during your Forrest Gump trek :) Running through Annapolis, MD is beautiful!

  40. Kristen says

    Yum, I had toast too! I had one piece with olive oil margarine and the other with TJ’s cookie spread. I also had a banana and an iced coffee with vanilla soy milk :)

    Also, while you would probably like my kitty cat, my dog would probably try to eat you so you wouldn’t WANT to stay at my house haha!

  41. Amanda G. says

    I had a whole wheat waffle with almond butter, banana slices, and cinnamon on top! And sure you could stay at my house! haha

  42. Ambika S. says

    1. smoothie made with oats+almond butter+frozen kale+frozen berries+ almond milk
    2. of course! i’m all the way on the opposite side of the country too :)

  43. TiffanyG. says

    1. A few sips of half & half hot chocolate and supreme coffee before my 5k run at 7:30 this morning, followed by some water.

    2. After the run, had a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balance Bar.

  44. Michelle says

    I had a yogurt and coffee and left over chicken casserole. Ew. That sounds nasty thinking about it now. And if you can manage to run up to my elevation (I live on the side of a mountain-8500 ft.) you can most certainly crash when you run through CO. :)

  45. says

    That coconut chia mix sounds really interesting. I could never run across country, I think it’d be cool to run in each state eventually.
    1) For breakfast I have overnight oats made with blueberry chobani and some frozen mixed berries (not as good as I wanted them to be).
    2) If you really want to run through Connecticut, you’re more than welcome to stay at my place. I’ll even treat you to my favorite fro-yo place 😉 since I’m always looking for excuses to go myself.

  46. Sara says

    1. Cereal w/ banana and sunflower seed butter! Mmm.
    2. Of course! But only if you are okay with a loud and cranky cat.

  47. says

    Peanut butter oatmeal and watermelon Yum!
    You’re welcome here, but we’re pretty far north in Vermont (almost in Canada) :)

  48. Connie says

    EAS Lean 15 vanilla smooth w/FF Lactaid Milk (I guess it’s really non-milk…) banana & blueberries – yum! Of course I can be a pit-stop for the cross-country run too!

  49. Kristabel says

    I had pumpkin bread with like a gallon of chocolate soy milk. I am trying to use my oven as much as possible before I shut it down for the summer.

  50. Sherri says

    I’m in Connecticut (40 min train from NYC) and I have a spare room with a bed that’s comfier than the one my hubby and I sleep in. I just checked and yup, it’s got your name on it!

  51. Jen says

    I had almonds and chocolate pretzels for breakfast. I’m PMSing, what do you want from me? Of course you can come stay at my house! But I live in the hill section of Burlington, VT, so you might not want to run there. I do all the time and it makes you feel like you’re dying.

  52. says

    I had a whole wheat English muffin with a hard boiled egg and strawberries!
    I was going to offer my house as well which is in CT…but you’d probably rather stay at Sherri’s since you’d have to share a room with a 3 year old or a one year old!
    Sherri…can I come stay in your comfy bed?

  53. TeresaD says

    Two scrambled eggs and sprouted grain toast with homemade almond butter.
    I’m new ( 2months) to this whole clean-eating thing, so I’m still a bit of an extremest. 😉
    Yes. I live in Austin, TX and have a spare bedroom. And a massage chair.

  54. Meagan says

    I had a deep chocolate vitatop microwaved for 55 seconds with a scoop of peanut butter melted on top with a little bit of whipped cream! Oh yea, and a good ole’ cup of joe! Yes, I live by the beach in NJ!

  55. Stephanie says

    1. Two eggs with steamed spinach, parm, and marinara sauce on top.

    2. Only if I could go the rest of the way with you, albeit very, very slowly!

  56. Erin says

    I had oatmeal with peaches for breakfast. And I’ll have a nice pit stop waiting for you here in Colorado!

  57. Adriana says

    Had some oatmeal for breakfast with a small veggie egg white scramble. My dog and I would happily greet you in NYC – he might lick you to death though.

  58. Jessica says

    For breakfast, I had oatmeal with chia seeds, flax, and pineapple. And heck yes, you can stay with me here in Iowa.

  59. Heather says

    1 hardboiled egg before my morning workout, and a bowl of Uncle Sam’s/ GoLean Original mix with almond milk after my workout. I’m a huge believer in multiple breakfasts!

  60. says

    For breakfast I had toast with strawberry jelly, a banana, and a pineapple Chobani.

    I live in rainy old Washington, but I do have a guest bedroom. You can stay there as long as you don’t mind many pestering pets… Like 3 attention whore cats and two hyper puppies.

  61. says

    Kind of ironic, but I had chai spiced overnight oats…I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk and chai mix (the liquid stuff) to make them and I added in chia seeds. I’d love to give chai flavored chia stuff a try :)

    And yes, you can pit stop here…but a warning…Texas is crazy hot in the summer so you might not like that idea.

  62. Nan says

    I had two pieces of toast with a mountain of sunflower seed butter on each! Plus a mug of black tea… and a green tea latte from Starbucks right before class – it was one of those mornings. And YES you can stop at my house in CT!

  63. says

    This morning for breakfast I had oatmeal with almond milk, strawberry Spirutein powder, and a banana.

    Of course you can stay with us while you’re on your cross–America running tour. If you’re by Michigan in May-August, stop on by! I’ll have the watermelon waiting for you on the front porch!

  64. Ashley h says

    Toasted English muffin with peanut butter on top + coffee + apple with cinnamon.

    Yes, you can stay, as long as we can eat and drink! :)

  65. jenn says

    i had a homemade protein bar and greek yogurt with honey. You’re more than welcome to stay at my house when you need a pit stop in cleveland 😉

  66. says

    I start off with a glass of hot lemon water and then have some greek yogurt with coffee. I live in Houston so if you run this direction, you have a place to stay but I must warn you, it’s ridiculously hot and humid in the summer!

  67. Kaelin says

    I had waffles w/PB2 and berries on top for breakfast, one of my favs!

    Yes! I live in Southern Iowa, a perfect stop midway through your run ;)!

  68. Jen Geatz says

    I had a slice of low-fat banana nut bread from Caribou coffee.

    If you run through North Dakota…you can stay at my house!!

  69. says

    1. Eggs (2 whole, 1 white) with bell peppers and asparagus w/1 piece of Udi’s toast.
    2. That’s awesome! You can stay w/us in WI and I’ll run with you.

    Thanks 😀

  70. Patty says

    I had an egg white + cheese sandwich (on asiago peppercorn bread) with a cup of green tea!

    And you can DEFINITELY stay at my place! I’m east coast :)

  71. Ashley says

    1. For breakfast I had coffee and Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal with frozen blueberries and almond milk (and bites of my daughter’s banana)

    2. Of course you can stay at my house – New Jersey right outside of Manhattan

  72. says

    Again, CRAP for moving to Canada. Oh well, I’ll answer anyway- breakfast was an English muffin topped with almond butter and a sliced pear on the side. Great meal before my Bosu class!

  73. laura says

    1. I had Belvita crackers for breakfast….I love the blueberry ones and they are super filling.

    2. Sure thing…..Ill have watermelon and cherries in stock for you! =]

  74. says

    1. Forgot to eat breakfast this morning, so I just had coffee. I had an order to deliver and didn’t take anything with me.

    2. Would love for you to stay, but I am deep in Texas!!

  75. Missie says

    I’ve been eating oatmeal for breakfast with a spoonful of nutella. If you ever need to stay in New Jersey my door is always open. Well, actually it’s always locked ’cause it’s Jersey, but I’ll open it for you.

  76. says

    Breakfast: Trader Joes Greek Yogurt, Fiber One 80 calorie cereal & blueberries.
    Stay with me when you run across our Country?!?: SURE, I am way up here in Washington, so you can Start here or END here!!

    Have a great Holiday weekend!!

  77. Erin says

    1. Cottage cheese, toast, greek yogurt and no less than 5 Truvia packets
    2. Yes :) But only if you accompany me for self serve frozen yogurt!

  78. Amy says

    Today I had a mix of Cheerios and Uncle Sam cereal with a banana and almond milk.

    I’m 10 min outside DC so would love to have you stay! It is hot in the summer but running past the memorials and monuments is so nice.

  79. Ashley A says

    Today I had peanut butter and honey and toast with strawberries on the side for breakfast.

    You’d be welcome to stay at my house, but my husband and I live in a 1 bedroom apt. Hope the couch or an air mattress would be ok 😉

  80. says

    1. Woke up late, so hand lunch instead. Salmon, chicken, brown rice and 2 eggs over-easy .. yum! :)

    2. Sure you could, but I live very close to your area (SGV) haha so not sure how that’d work!

  81. says

    I had Cream of Wheat Healthy Grain (made with water) mixed with 2 splendas for breakfast. I know, I know…Cream of Wheat sounds so old school but the Healthy Grain has 150cal and 7g protein and actually tastes good AND keeps me full for a while (as opposed to oatmeal which is like activating a hungry beast).

  82. Marija says

    this morning was some delicious banana bread oatmeal, with a banana, and a scoop of peanut butter!

    and yes! I’m in Chicago! Come stay (only if you can cook up some green bean fries) :)

  83. says

    I had a granola bar for breakfast….not my best but hey, I was running behind.

    And yes, if you can manage to run across the Pacific Ocean I will gladly open my doors for you! Good luck!

  84. says

    I had a 1/4 cup of Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats with about a teaspoon of honey and a small handful of dried cherries for breakfast.

    And you are welcome to stay at my apartment, but living in San Diego you really wouldn’t get very far on your cross country trip.

  85. says

    I’m not hugely big on “breakfast” foods, so I had a 97% fat free hot dog on a whole wheat bun. Not my healthiest breakfast, but it was SO what I wanted :)

  86. Debra says

    Today for breakfast I had cottage cheese with grapes and half an apple. My house would be perfect for your cross country run since I live along Interstate 40.

  87. Elizabeth says

    For breakfast I had: 1 extra large green smoothie with 1 banana, lots of spinach, half of a green apple, and 1/4 cup of muscle milk. Pour into a bowl and added 1/4 cup of TJ unfrosted shredded wheat and some raisins. YUMMY!! I would love for you stay in OHIO, so cold and wet though, best part is the flatness however!

  88. Megan S. says

    1. I had oatmeal w/ almond butter and banana this morning! and 2. I would definitely let you crash at my house, just let me know when you get closer to Kentucky :)

  89. Danielle J says

    1) Kath’s “doughy” overnight oats aka oats soaked in a blender in the fridge overnight and then blended in the morning with banana and pb2. Nom :)
    2) Sure! I’m in DC so you’ll probably be pretty sweaty by then!

  90. says

    1. Yogurt bowl with Oikos vanilla, banana, blueberries, and PB. Really wanted pumpkin but couldn’t find the flippin’ can opener.
    2. Of course. I live in the middle of nowhere, but you can stop by any time.

  91. Maura says

    1 – This morning I have McCann’s instant irish oatmeal (made with 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup almond milk) with 1/2 scoop of sun warrior chocolate vegan protein powder, 1/2 a banana, cinnamon, and sprinkled with flax seed!

  92. Maura says

    1 – This morning I have McCann’s instant irish oatmeal (made with 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup almond milk) with 1/2 scoop of sun warrior chocolate vegan protein powder, 1/2 a banana, cinnamon, and sprinkled with flax seed!

    and come on by NJ!! :)

  93. sally kate says

    my breakfast was tragic because i ran my long run for this week and ran out of time for a proper breakfast (i do NOT consider a pre run banana and a kid sized granola bar at mile 5 breakfast) :( so technically nothing, unless you consider that i eat my first snack of the day at 10:15… I live in colorado and yes you can most definitly use my house as a pit stop!

  94. Katie M. says

    I had fresh juice, an egg and English Muffin. And you’d be more than welcome to stay on your run!

  95. Leah says

    I had fage yogurt and an americano. I live in Alaska; if you manage to run up here I’ll even give you the master bedroom (okay, it’s a one bedroom apartment, but I’ll take the couch).

  96. Megan W. says

    I had two scrambled eggs w/ a Fiber One English Muffin “buttered” with Coconut Oil instead of butter – suprisingly good!

    I live right outside DC, so it the run comes this way, you are welcome to stay! :)

  97. Heather says

    VegaOne Nutritional Shake and oatmeal w/blueberries, dried cranberries, walnuts and cinnamon. Yes, if you head through Tampa, Florida, you are welcome to make a pit stop at our place.

  98. lindsay says

    unfortunately, today’s breakfast was a magic bar … so i’ve been trying to get back on track since about 8AM! i did follow up with overnight oats, so that’s good :)

  99. Johnna says

    1. This morning I had oatmeal with almond/coconut milk, strawberry jelly, coconut oil, a drizzle of maple agave syrup, touch of vanilla, cinnamon, allspice and blackberries. Same breakfast I had Monday through Wednesday of this week.

    2. If you’d like to stay at the only place where the Mississippi River runs East to West, stop on by! We’ve got some great running and biking trails and we’re the home of John Deere!

  100. Amy says

    I had toast this morning…then leftover pizza!

    Of course you could stay. I’m in Indiana. We have a mini farm with dairy goats, cows, pigs, dogs, chickens, cats, and 5 kids. We could keep you hopping!

  101. says

    New reader here, I’ve been enjoying some of the food you’ve been preparing.
    I had vanilla greek yogurt with about a cup of strawberries and a tablespoon of honey.
    You can use my house as a stop after I clear it with my wife. Although there are easier places to run to than the Pocono mountains in Pa :)

  102. says

    Plain greek yogurt with a pear, chia seeds and quinoa. We’ve got a room for you as long as you like 5 year olds and don’t mind babysitting for an hour or two while I go for a run myself.

  103. says

    I had a pb&j sandwich with strawberry jelly (i woke up late..)
    and if you survive running through the texas heat in the middle of summer you will have definitely earned a stay at my house! haha

  104. Maggie says

    breakfast today was SO good and i would like to eat it again. maybe for dinner. oatmeal with PB and frozen blueberries. somehow that combo just works out so well! and of course you can stay at my house, seattle area rocks!

  105. Amy says

    I had a vega shake with coconut water, blueberries, peaches and chard…yum!

    Sure you can stay with us although you would probably have to share a room with one of my kids!! 😉

  106. Kelly says

    Yes! I’m in Maryland, so during your pit stop you can enjoy some delicious Blue Crabs straight outta the Chesapeake Bay!

  107. says

    I had oatmeal for breakfast topped with barney butter and berries.
    You could stay at my house if you decided to run California as I’m just slightly to your North.

  108. April A. A. says

    I had Chocolate cream of wheat with 1/2 cup of NF Milk and a bottle of water, and sure you could come by and campout. I have two little ones under 3 so it’s kinda chaotic but your more than welcome.

  109. says

    1) I ate oatmeal. Breakfast of Champions (it really is, I think!).

    2) If you stop by Albuquerque, you are more than welcome to enjoy some green chile and margaritas at our house.

  110. says

    Bfast this morning was an awesome protein smoothie followed by a banana and greek yogurt. If you would like to detour north on your journey you are always welcome at my pad in Wyoming.

  111. Debbie says

    I was wondering if you have heard of “Newton” shoes? If so, what do you think of them?
    Breakfast today was 2 hard boiled eggs and a chicken apple sausage. If you want to stay in beautiful White Bear Lake, Minnesota I’d love to have you :)

    • says

      Yes, I’ve heard of them! I am a fan of transitioning to minimalist shoes if you are an efficient runner, but you can’t just switch overnight. It’s a transition. Buuuut, they’re expensive!

      • Debbie says

        I am a pretty inefficient runner! Just starting…my first 5K on Saturday! I’ve gotten some pretty nasty shin splints, probably my technique.

  112. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

    Mmmm …. food looks good.

    Love the green beans. A polka dot plate makes it all much better! That is cute.

    Fun Easter Monica …. can’t wait to see your mom’s food table!

  113. Carolyn says

    looks good. I had a yogurt with strawberries. I feel like you could mix that into so many great breakfasts!

  114. Sarah says

    I had a delicious bowl of oatmeal with a banana, strawberries, raspberries, and a bit of crunchy cereal on top! And you are more than welcome to stay with us in D.C.!

  115. says

    I had apple, a glass of milk, and an Amy’s broccoli cheese pocket (at least it’s organic junk food, right?). And you could, but I do not recommend running in Texas in the summer for most people – it’s HOOOOOT here!

  116. says

    I had oatmeal this morning, and the treadmill suggests I have more food tomorrow (major cramps).

    I didn’t read all 200+ comments, but you’re more than welcome to stay at my place in New Mexico…I might even run with you to the edge of the State!!

  117. says

    Breakfast was Trader Joe’s vanilla bean greek yogurt, banana, and I splurged and got a green tea latte from Starbucks.

    That sounds like a crazy product but incredibly enticing, too! I’ll have to keep my eyes out for it. Thanks!

  118. says

    Breakfast was coffee and a bowl of cereal . . . and of course you can stay at my house, any time. Love Achiva, and I absolutely love that commercial!

  119. Rebecca says

    I had an egg, turkey bacon, and oatmeal for breakfast. Yeah can stay at my house during your cross country run! I have a cat and Texas is too hot to not have access to central AC

  120. says

    I had a banana and protein powder mixed with crystal light. I was in a hurry. And I live in Michigan and you sure can stay here on your way through.

  121. Julie S says

    I had a breakfast sammie this moring–Egg Beaters, Laughing Cow, and a “sausage” patty on a sandwich thin. Hmmm…I think it’s time for a snack.

  122. april says

    i had banana oatmeal before my run this morning…and yes, you’re more than welcome to stop by my house on your run across america, but i live in pasadena — not far from the OC! :)

  123. sally says

    I had a bowl of Fage 0% greek yogurt with superfinely chopped walnuts and a teaspoon of brown sugar, 3 clementines and 2 cups of coffee. (oh and there was a spoonful of natural peanut butter right outta the jar incident just minutes after breakfast was over).

  124. Aimee M says

    I had three egg whites with salsa and a kiwi on the side.

    My house can be your last stop if you run Pacific to Atlantic and end in southern Rhode Island!

  125. Andrea A. says

    1. English muffin with peanut butter and a banana.
    2. If you make it to Hoosier country, you’re more than welcome to surf my couch!

  126. Mary says

    hmm breakfast this morning were eggs with a piece of lithuanian toast (so good) with hummus on top! and OF COURSE, but I don’t think you would like sleeping on the floor in my dorm 😉

  127. ali says

    For bFast I had a smoothie with protein powder, a banana, PB and vanilla Activia (I need to eat but I don’t so much like the taste) :) PB Until today I have never put PB in my smoothies- I have been missing out!
    If you run through ND, you can stay with me and I’ll join ya for a few miles!

  128. Jennifer Cullum says

    you can totally stay here. I live on the South shore of MA.
    for Breakfast I had oatmeal with Chia seeds.

  129. Andrea says

    Let’s see…I have a big bowl of salad for breakfast every morning, if you can believe that! Love getting my day started with a solid serving of veges.

    Of course you can stop by! My fine roommates and myself in Salt Lake City, Utah would be thrilled to have you. :)

  130. Michelle says

    First off, YES come to NH and spend the day at the beach. It is wonderful fun, although I am pretty sure your Pacific Ocean water is far warmer than my NH Atlantic Ocean water (it’s frigid even in August). Running across the country sounds so fun to me; perhaps we can meet in the middle have some yummies and be on our way.

    Bfast this morning was oatmeal with vanilla with 1 chopped up Pink Lady apple with cinnamon – oh and maple syrup mixed in too. Oh boy is that yummy. Hope I win the coconut chia mix sounds interesting! :-)

  131. says

    You can stay w me when you run through Hicksville, Tx. (obviously not the real name, but it’s country up in here!). I will totally kick one of my kids to the curb and give you her room. I would love to meet a Monican in person! 😉

  132. says

    On days that I run I usually have a protein shake. After running for some reason I’m not usually hungry. On days that I don’t run I like a bowl of oatmeal with frozen cherries, vanilla and cinnamon. I also like blueberry pancakes from time to time.

    You can absolutely stay at my house when you run across the country. I live in the NW suburbs of Chicago so you’re covered there! :)

  133. says

    I have been addicted to making green smoothies lately! Spinach, vanilla protein powder, flax meal, chia seeds, milk & coconut water, banana… mix it up! If I had a hard workout in the morning I will add oatmeal for some extra calories to hold me over. Delish!

  134. says

    p.s. Feel free to go north and pass through OR on your run! I’ll do some miles with you! I’ll supply some awesome fuel too!

  135. says

    1. A donut. I’m ashamed. (but it was yummy)

    2. Of course. I’m pretty much in the middle of the coasts, so it would be a great place to stay.

  136. Carissa says

    I had apple cinnamon baked oatmeal for breakfast! And yes you can stay here…Orlando. We have cute cats!

  137. Emma says

    I had Kashi with chia seeds, raspberries and almond milk, with a grapefruit on the side! Right now I am in VA but since my hubs is in the military, you will be welcome wherever we are at the time :) (I’ll even leave a Reese’s egg on your pillow!)

  138. says

    I had an oatmeal raisin ClifBar for breakfast. I like the white chocolate macadamia ones better….they are ridiculous! Yes, Monica, of course you can stay at our house! We are in Phx. Just make sure you leave soon, because it’s going to be hotter than b@l!s here pretty soon! :-)

  139. Jess says

    I just had Special K vanilla almond with almond milk. Obviously I love almonds. Anyway, you can definitely stay at my place on your cross country run, I live in Central Mass so you would be almost done!

  140. says

    If you’re running through San Antonio, feel free to hang out at my house, but I think you’ll want to stay away from Texas if you’re running during the summer… it’s too freaking HOT!!!

  141. Allyson says

    I had a poptart with a bowl of fruit for breakfast. If you are running past Arkansas you are welcome to stay with me, hubby, and adorable 17 month old baby boy. Then you will come back home and stop taking your BC. Ha ha!

  142. K Brady says

    Today I had toast w/ pb and banana slices for breakfast. We are out of eggs — so it was a last minute effort to throw something together on the way out the door!

    I love that you posted that commercial — I think it is SO cute!

  143. Tricia says

    1. steel cut oats with banana, walnuts, pecans, cocoa powder, chia & flaxseed and coffee. 2. heck yes! I’m near Annapolis, MD

  144. Courtney Spencer says

    You can stay with me in Eugene. I will even kick my kids out and you can chillax in there room. And we can run Pre’s trail together and I can show you some photos my Dad a former photographer took of all our famous Oregon runners;-)

  145. says

    1. Breakfast was a hardy 2 eggs and 2 bacon. Yum!

    1.I’m in SLC, Utah and of course you are welcome to stay at our tiny townhouse. We’ve for a futon and a couch!

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