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The other day someone asked in the comments how many calories and grams of sugar are in a serving of watermelon. Off the top of my head I knew it was about 50 calories per cup, but wasn’t sure about the sugar.

According to Calorie King there are 9.4g of sugar in 1 cup of watermelon:


For reference, 1 cup of apple has 57 calories and 11.3 grams of sugar.image

But, what’s more relevant to my situation is – how many calories are in a Whole Watermelon?

Again thanks to Calorie King, we can estimate there are 1355 calories in one 9 pound watermelon*. image

Good. So, I can burn off one of these suckers with 2 six mile runs and a walk. Totally worth it. IMG_4878 (800x600) 

Actually CK has a feature that tells you what activity you’d have to do and for how long to burn off the food you’re looking up:


*Although, I try to buy the BIGGEST H2O melon from Costco so the ones I get are probably bigger.IMG_0852 (800x600)

The moral of the story is…

Eating a whole watermelon is unnecessary a lot of calories in one go so you should probably leave it to the experts like me and this guy…

A reader sent me this video today. I know I’ve seen it before though… Like when I look in a mirror.


  1. says

    …AND I’m sure you’re taking into account (as I do) all that beneficial, hydrating water you’re consuming as you enjoy that watermelon! It’s good for you! (<—-what I tell myself as I eat half of one in a sitting.)

  2. says

    Ohhhh my fish thank you do much for doing this research! I have always wondered but aired on the side of blissful ignorance when It comes to watermelon, I probably go through one every 4 days, bc I assumed it was nothing but water! Good to know 😉 great meme

  3. says

    I think there are many other foods that are so much worse to each too much of! You could start a new fad diet where you eat one large watermelon per day, nothing else!

  4. says

    I’m going to play devil’s advocate for a second :) Don’t kill me for saying this (although I am allergic to watermelon so maybe it’s because I just can’t fathom the magic), but I think if I were going to eat that many calories I’d want something with less sugar and more nutrients. I know it’s not like you eat one a day every day and there are FAR FAR worse things people could consume, but that much sugar just makes me nervous. What are your thoughts on the natural sugar angle?

  5. Noel says

    I love watermelon! I used the technique from your video to carve one this evening. I can’t believe how much easier and quicker your technique is than my old one. Thank you for posting it!

  6. Ida says

    I once read that Kenyan runners use watermelon to rehydrate, and some studies say it’s even better than water.
    “Water-rich fruit and vegetables act like a two-in-one meal and drink, providing the mineral salts, natural sugars, amino acids and vitamins that are lost in exercise. The research, carried out at the University of Aberdeen Medical School, found this combination helped hydrate people more effectively than water or even sports drinks.Top of the list are watermelons, which are 92 per cent water, eight per cent sugar and contain essential rehydration salts calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.”

    Read more:

  7. says

    Do you and SR coordinate posts????!!!! Coz she just put up something on fruits – what’s good/better and what’s not-so-good (not that the fruit is “bad”…if you’ve a choice, pick something else or have less of it).

  8. Rebecca says

    Thanks for this post! I was wondering too since I’ve been eating a ton of watermelon lately, and ate a whole one in one day last week.

  9. Shannon says

    The video…it’s crazy. I can’t see it without laughing. Since I’m at work laughing at the screen, I might need to shut it down.
    Thanks for sharing!! You watermelon yourself enjoy every slurpy bite and have a great Watermelon Wednesday!

  10. says

    I miss watermelon, it’s totally worth the calories and sugar. It’s a freaking watermelon, people. Just wish my system wasn’t so damn sensitive about everything.

  11. says

    Hahaha! LMAO! Tha’s awesome! Thanks for answering my question…you went ALL out!!! That’s great!! You made my day. :) I swim about three days a week for 90 minutes. I’ll call those my watermelon days….

  12. Amethistshines says

    I’m keeping summer alive even now!!! Ate a whole watermellon throughout today and my daughter just had a small bowl of it. I did let my dogs have small pieces. LOL!!!

  13. BrianAlex says

    I’m sure it actually depends mainly on how sweet the melon is. I have had watermelons that have very little sugar content and others that are quite sweet. My guess is that there is a range that AVERAGES about 50 cal. per cup. A really sweet one might be 90 (?) but who eats just a cup? Let’s say you have a slice that is 4 cups of really sweet delicious melon. I bet it is more like 400 cal. Brian

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