That Time I Broke My Pants on a Run

Hello and Happy Monday!

This morning I set off on an easy 6 miler. I was actually feeling really great, but at the 3 mile turn around point I thought I should stop and stretch. My IT Band is still pretty tight so I figured it was a good time to do a few stretches. I stepped off the trail and before I went into a deep stretch, grabbed my capris to pull them up for better range of motion and heard a “Rrrrrip!”.

I completely ripped open the left leg of my capris!!! Yes.

So, I dug a hole, crawled in it and let myself just die there.

IMG_20130617_075931 (800x800) (800x800)

Then, I realized that I was getting hungry so I pulled myself out of the hole and folded up the bottom of my capris in a tragic attempt to hide my tragic wardrobe malfunction. I ran back home self-consciously staring at the gaping hole at my thigh while trying not to fall.

photoshop the thin filter

Add this to the list of things that would only happen to this Monican.

In other news…

Yesterday was Father’s Day and we made brunch for my dad and Nino. My pops requested sausage and biscuits and I delivered. I made real sausage gravy and everyone was super impressed! Unfortunately, this is the only picture I took all day.

sausage gravy (450x800)

Happy Pops Day to my dad and my brother who has one on the way!


This morning before I set off for the ill-fated run I ate an apple banana from my neighbor’s tree. They are still super delicious and not squishy when they’re black like that, promise.

IMG_20130617_062059 (800x800) (800x800)

In other news…

Bobbi from InHerShoes is doing another online Summer Shred program. If you want a fun list of workouts, healthy weight loss meal suggestions and more check it out.

weight loss program online

The new Red White and Blue Procompression Socks are on sale today and you can get 40% off with code JL4. I am sporting them right now!

Feet up and compression socks – recovery double whammy!

IMAG5127 (450x800) (450x800)

Question: Ever had a wardrobe malfunction?


  1. says

    I got a super cute running top online with a built in bra. I did a Warrior Dash in it and after coming out of the mud pit, my top had come down and I was totally bare on top. Thankfully the mud disguised it a bit! Awkward!

  2. says

    At least it was the side of your leg and not the crotch of your capris! Upside, yes?

    I am actually currently doing Bobbi’s June Summer Shred and I can honestly say it is fantastic! I have lost 5.5 pounds and 4 inches total off my body and we are only at the halfway point!

  3. Rebecca says

    The one wardrobe malfunction I remember the clearest happened to me at a birthday party when I was in middle school. The party had a slip n’ slide and both the straps on my bathing suit snapped during my first trip down the slide. Luckily my suit didn’t fall down and I was able to tie the straps together to make a halter. It was still very embarrassing to my 10 year old self.

  4. says

    Good thing you’re so resourceful and quick thinking to pull up the bottom part to cover the hole! I agree with Deborah though… at least it wasn’t the crotch! 😉

  5. says

    You are not alone Monica! Now just picture this…the rip is on the inside upper thigh area. Not much larger than the size of 2 quarters side by side. I was doing a half but was running extra mileage before the race started to make for a 20 mile day. I went to the portapotty probably about a mile into my pre-mileage and i’m assuming that when i hiked up my capris that is when i ripped them. Ahh but i didn’t start to connect the chafe burn feeling until the first mile of the race itself (which was at this point about 7 miles in) I looked down and saw blood. Oh yes, I had rubbed my chub raw because the seam of the good side was hitting that small fleshy area. I still had 12 miles to run! And my capris were the super tight compression kind so there was no folding over! My endorphins kept the pain at bay. My run sucked! I was slow and cranky. Hobbled to my car afterward and was relieved that i had packed a cooler with cold beverages and an ice pack! That icepack saved me from crying like a baby on the curb.
    In other news I just got my blog up and running (pun intended!). YAY! Thanks for being inspiration for me to finally join the blog party.

  6. Jen says

    When I was in undergrad (read: poor, read: bought clothes from discount stores) I had one pair of black professional-ish pants and I wore them to my school internship one day, despite knowing that they were getting threadbare and needed to be replaced. I bent over to file something and they totally ripped like 4 inches on the inside of the thigh. I worked the rest of the day with a blazer tied around my waist.

    Professional, no? :)

  7. says

    I was so excited last year. I had won a $200 giftcard to Lululemon. I would finally be able to get something at this wonderful store! I got this great pair of purple running capris – ruffles, cute accents, ventilation, pockets for gu. Wonderful! First run out went great and I was in love. I sat on the ground to stretch and when I stood up, the wonderfully soft fabric had a tug and a little hole ripped a pebble in my brand freakin new Lululemon capris!! Right on my a$$!!! I got in the car, drove home cranky and got the sewing kit out (50 minute drive is too long to try to talk them into exchanging them). Luckily you can’t really notice it (mad sewing skillz over here).

    Now, get that needle and thread out girl and hope that the neighbors didn’t see you ;P

  8. says

    Haha, it happens. I was working out and my husband mentioned I had a hole in the back of my capris, he was relaxed a bout it so I didn’t think much. Until I bent over to stretch and realized the whole was in my crotch… hello there girl parts.
    We ran out of that place, and I was not happy with the hubs!

  9. says

    At least it makes for a good story 😉

    And I’m so jealous that you have apple bananas! I ate as many as I could when I was in Hawaii, but I don’t think I can get them anywhere on the east coast :(

  10. says

    In grade 4, I was running from the swings to get in line at the end of recess and my skirt fell down. I was the last one to get in line so all my classmates saw this. Moritified!
    Love the July 4th PC socks! PC needs to make some for Canada Day for us Canadians!

  11. melisa says

    Just ordered my Pro compression socks with the DAD code. Should have waited for the 40% code. Oh well. My worst wardrobe malfunction was on spring break in cancun a million years ago. I was was doing the limbo in cancun in a mini skirt. You can figure out the rest.

  12. says

    Can’t believe your pants ripped like that! Maybe you can send them back to New Balance and get a new pair. :)

    In any case, yet another experience to chalk up in your running memoirs.

  13. says

    OMG too funny! But probably not so much in the moment. I had a GU flask malfunction once where it dripped espresso gel down my entire leg and under the tongue of my shoe in a marathon. Looked like I had quite an ‘accident’.

  14. says

    OMG that is totally something that would happen to me…I can’t say that it has happened on my runs but lately I have been known to wear my pants inside out and backwards if that makes you feel any better lol. I realize it after my run.

  15. says

    At least the rip wasn’t in a worst place…
    Once was son was running in through a water playground and slipped. I rushed over and picked him up. He was soaking wet and I was wearing a white shirt…Thank goodness my hubby had on a jersey over his t-shirt that I could put on!

  16. Amanda says

    No workout malfunction, but about 10 years ago I was at the airport and had just checked my bag when somehow my skirt ripped. I think it had kind of shifted while maneuvering my luggage and then however I stepped stressed the misplaced seam. I think I mostly blocked it from my memory, but I turned the rip from the front to the side and luckily I was able to tie my friend’s long sleeve shirt around me.

  17. says

    I wore a super old pair of capris to a half marathon and ended up with two holes in the inner thighs and some serious chafing. At least yours was on the outside! :)

  18. Sandy says

    When I was about 15 I climbed a fence with barbed wire on top. The barb caught on my pants and ripped them from the butt down to my knee. I was a few blocks from home, and the friend I was with wanted to go to a boys house instead of going home to change my pants first. I was holding my pants closed for a few hours before we made it home.

    • says

      I split my pants in high school and was leading a retreat on campus so I couldn’t leave. I had to find my brother in his classroom, ask to talk to him and then steal his sweatshirt to tie around my waist! The worst.

  19. says

    This totally happened to me like a month ago. I’d just got into Walmart and noticed a hole in the crotchal region of my jeans. I was like wtf! Turns out it was actually the zipper that split. Anyway I had to shop for some essentials and decided oh well it’s Walmart I fit in now haha. Not one of my proudest moments. Now I’m probably on the people of Walmart website. Okay it wasn’t that bad but still 😉

  20. Mia says

    My life is basically a wardrobe malfunction. At least once a week i’ll realize (at the end of the day) something I’m wearing is on backwards and/or inside out. Often i realize i have a button undone, and have no idea how long it’s been like that. Frequent rips in clothing. A few weeks ago i had a gu in shirt explosion during a run… Yeah. I’m a classy lady.

  21. says

    When I first read the title…I thought you had er er er ripped your pants off…you know…another section of the pants! You’re so funny Monica!

  22. says

    Oh my gosh I am so sorry! When I was in 7th grade I had the cool pants that zipped on the side, well the sides busted out or the zipper broke and it went all the way up my leg. I had to staple my pants together because my mom was not answering her phone to bring me new pants! Throughout the day I would be sitting in class and you would see staples popping off. Eventually my English teacher just sat the stapler on my desk and I would replace the staple as they popped off! So embarrassing!

  23. says

    Sorry, your wardrobe malfunction cracks me up! I’ve never had one, but my roommate in college had a hilarious one (for me, not her). We went out one night and she wore pleather pants. They ripped right up the butt-crack seam sometime during the night, but she never noticed until she got home and took them off. I guess that’s what she gets for wearing pleather pants! :)

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