Thoughts from my Long Run

Happy Saturday! I woke up bright and early to get in a long run. Check out my instagram feed for a quick lil video of my morning.

You know I am not one to do a legit long run or race recap where I go through each mile. And I’m assuming you don’t have time for that?

Anyway. I tried to remember some of my random thoughts to share with the class.

My brain on a long run:

Mile 1: La di da… running running

Mile 3: There is seriously no one out right now! Just me. Hope I don’t get kidnapped…

Mile 6: Scare the crap out of a woman who is on the phone. I said “Good Morning!” two times but she was super into her call.

Mile 8: See a police officer walking a blood hound, three other officers follow a ways back and two police cars drive alongside them. Freak out and think there is a bomb.  Get less freaked out when I remember I’m in Irvine.

nuun and waterbottle on a run (800x450)

Mile 9.5: Refill my water bottle. Eat Sports beans. Brought along an extra Nuun for later in the run.

Mile 12: Waffles.

Mile 14: Sex.

Mile 16: Can I switch my races to half marathons instead of fulls? <- Think this at some point on every long run.

Mile 17: No seriously, I’m going to check.

Mile 18: 18 is almost 20, I bet I can stop.

Mile 20: Time to eat.

20 mile run on the garmin (450x800)

thinking on long run marathon training

thinking on long run marathon training

eggs after a run (800x450)

shots but of wheatgrass (450x800)


chocolate cookie in the car (450x800)

The rest of the day will be spent relaxin’ and eatin’. Just like I like it Winking smile

relaxing with procompression (450x800)

Question: If you had to pick one shot which would you choose: Vodka OR Wheatgrass?


  1. says

    I love it! Your mind sounds pretty much exactly like mine on a long run. You’d think with all that time to think that we’d end up with some deep thoughts by the end of a long run. But nope, usually not. :)

  2. april says

    yay for 20 miles! my PDR is 13.1 miles, so 20 seems like a LOT (although i’d love to train for a full in the future).

    wow, that cookie sounds delicious! hope you enjoy relaxin’ and eatin’ today… you earned it! =)

  3. says

    I cannot stomach vodka, or any hard liquor for that matter, because we (my super dope crew) were so cool in high school and totally blew out our livers early. Now that I am wise and 24, I know I was stupid, but I made it out alive. It’s not so bad, though. I get to spend those extra calories I’d otherwise spend on drinking on sugar. Cake > alcohol any day.

  4. says

    You’re such an inspiration to me! Even though I’ve run two half marathons, I feel this reluctance to ever push myself past 6 miles. I really need to work on getting into those double digits because I can’t even imagine the pride you must have in yourself for accomplishing that!

  5. says

    Great training run. 20 miles in 3 hours is strong and that’s where you need to be to keep you breezing those sub 4 marathons. Are you gonna run Snow Valley Xterra Half with me a week from Sunday?. It is a great warm-up for Mt Baldy in 6 weeks. I ran/walk 15 miles in 2:52. A fat burning long run.

    • Gillian says

      Snow Valley looks like a fun race. Good weekend getaway to the woods anyway. What’s the course profile?

      • says

        You know I’m a spaz and haven’t checked yet… but I was thinking about checking this morning because with the altitude and the course I might need to look up a short cut! You thinking about doing it?

        • Gillian says

          We have never been to the Big Bear area so would be a good reason to check it out. My husband can mountain bike around while I run and then maybe ice bath in Big Bear lake. May even make a weekend out of it. Gotta check out the site for details

  6. says

    Jack Daniels Whiskey 😛
    For your long runs, do you run the entire time? I hope this isn’t too silly of a question; I’ve only been running 6 months and the most miles I’ve logged at one time was 5, so I’m very curious about the pacing involved in long runs.

  7. says

    neither! both sounds uurrgghhh. i can never remember my thoughts during my LSD, it’s all vivid etc during the run but once i stop, everything kinda disappears.

  8. Amy says

    I saw 2 police officers and a search dog too! I was around Woodbridge at the north lake! Completely odd for Irvine!

  9. says

    “Mile 8: See a police officer walking a blood hound, three other officers follow a ways back and two police cars drive alongside them. Freak out and think there is a bomb. Get less freaked out when I remember I’m in Irvine.”

    Bahaha! Made me laugh out loud 😀

  10. Sarah G. says

    Love this long run recap!!! I did a 13-mile solo long run this weekend and definitely thought about getting kidnapped and what my escape plan would be if someone came out of the woods more than once during the run.

    I would pick wheatgrass – just because I’ve never tried it and vodka makes me gag.

  11. Amanda says

    On my long run Sunday I tried to figure out why Nicholas Cage was a “thing” at one point. I wasn’t able, but it took up several miles. I also plan emergency bathroom stops because that is more of a concern for me than being kidnapped. My husband says I am hard to deal with and my kidnappers would just drop me off at home, then I’d be pissed they interrupted my run.

  12. says

    Oh my gosh, that video cracked me up! I can’t wait to show it to my husband. I don’t “long run” per say since half marathons are my game but I do get some thinkin’ in while I’m out here and keep telling myself “I need to remember this when I’m done” but I rarely remember.

  13. Rebecca says

    Take a shot of wheat grass and mix it with coconut water! Cuts the lawn-like taste and gives you some extra hydration :)

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