Pile on the Miles–Check in 1

I made it to NYC!


Buuuuut, I FORGOT MY GARMIN. <- Major fail of America. I don’t even know what to say for myself. I took it off after my run yesterday morning and put it by the door table, not back in my runner bin.

Anyway. I am in New York for the Marathon and have some fun plans with friends before all those miles!

Pile on the Miles Goals

Today is November 1st! And Captain Obvious is in the building.

Since the first is on a Friday we’ll have two check-ins for the first part of Pile on the Miles.

pile on the miles 2013 logo

Set your November Goal today! Then, we’ll do your weekly goals on Sunday.

Any POTM participant who leaves a comment with their November goals on this post will be entered to win 1 of 3 boxes of Quest Protein bars (variety pack). The company will ship worldwide – so EVERYONE can play on this one!

quest bars

I LOVE Quest bars, so I’m super excited to share this one! (I’m eating one right now in the hotel room.)

quest bar in hotel (450x800)

Don’t forget to update twitter with #POTM2013 when you need some accountability!

Question: What is your goal for November?

It can be mileage, time based or frequency (‘I want to workout 3 times a week.’)

*Please do NOT compare your goals to others. Do you.

Contest closes 11/4/13 at 9am PST

Disclaimer: Quest is providing this prize. All opinions are my own.


  1. says

    My November goal is to get in 100 miles this month. I live in the midwest so when it turns cold I usually slow my running down as I don’t like running on treadmills and I’m a wimp when it comes to running in the cold. So I’m hoping to keep my mileage up with this goal so I can keep in shape for a spring marathon.

  2. Stephanie says

    I want to run 100+ miles. This should easily happen if I complete my other goal: do ALL of my marathon training runs this month. I’ve missed a couple here and there, but I really want to just bust it out since I’m now 2 months out!

  3. Caryn says

    My Pile on the Miles goal for the month of November is 35 miles. I just started getting moving again, and I am really hopeful that this challenge keeps me going!

  4. Ashley Morse says

    My goal for November is 114!! Totally doable if I hit all my training runs. My first marathon is a little over two months away…crunch time!

  5. Amanda says

    My goal for November is 80 miles which means running 3 times during the week and a longer run on the weekends. I’m kick starting the month off with a 5k race tomorrow morning!!

  6. Heather M. says

    My November goal is 60 miles! I have two trips this month, so I’m trying to be realistic with how many runs I can get it!

  7. Chiara says

    My goal for the month is 70 miles! This month I am starting training for my first half marathon in February and first marathon in May!

  8. Melissa Shirey says

    My November goal is 75 miles. I need to get back into the routine of running and this challenge is a great way to start!!! Hoping to pull a 10 miler out of my butt this Sunday~ I haven’t run since my half 2 weeks ago :(

  9. Maria G says

    My goal for the week is simple, because I have a marathon of sorts tomorrow (I’m doing a cooking marathon for Endure for Kindness, benefiting Random Acts, so I’m cooking for two other families and myself – the longer I cook, the more money I raise, in theory). I want to do every run in the Turkey Trot Training schedule and resume Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution, which worked very well for me in the past. We’ll see how it works out, because my job is very random when it comes to deadlines and it can throw off my schedule pretty easily.

  10. Jennifer says

    My November goal is to run 100+ miles. I just finished my first full marathon and want to keep up with the level of fitness I worked so hard to achieve.

  11. Anne Marie says

    My goal for the month is 100 miles! Coming back from an injury I know I need to add “slowly” so my “B” goal is to get my avg mile time down to 8:15.

  12. KimA says

    Ok, my goal is just 50 miles but I just finished a half marathon and last time I did one I quit running for 3 months!

  13. says

    I am just getting back into running so I am using this as my motivator and to be accountable. I do body pump 3x a week so my running/walking goal is: 4 days a week/ 4 miles a day….16 miles per week.

  14. says

    my goal is to walk/run 100 miles

    Decided to take this morning off since I was out in the cold, wet weather last night trick-r-treating, and put in some serious miles (well if you are with a 6 yr old, they aren’t too serious) in 3 hours.

  15. Morgan Mak says

    My November goal is to run 120 miles…starting with a rainy Friday morning run (thank goodness for the motivation :o)

  16. says

    My goal for the week is 25 miles. Goal for November is to run at least 3 times a week … not less than 3 mile at a time. My semi goal for November is to run the RnR Las Vegas Half Marathon in UNDER 2:20. There I said it… It’s a definite GOAL. Hey Monica… check out the Garmin booth at NYC Marathon Expo. They should have the brand new 220 and 620 watches. Pricey … but they look AWESOME!!

  17. Emily says

    i want 93 miles (average of 3.1 per day)– not setting it for 3.1 per day but just as an overall goal, somedays longer, some shorter and maybe some not at all. I have been not running focused for about 8 months due to an injury then the FL summer heat but I am wanting to get back to my half/full shape. AND i am going to try to not beat myself up about getting my ‘milage’ back…

  18. Ashlee says

    My November goal is to rock my frist 5K since having my son in July! I wasn’t allowed to run during my pregnancy (doc’s orders) so it’s been a struggle getting back into it.

  19. Amanda Weston says

    My goal is to finish Wine & Dine next week, so at least 13.1 miles in November. For the rest of the month, I’d like to keep up 3/wk workouts, at least 10 miles per week.

  20. Randa says

    My November goal is to run 30 miles. I typically only run 1-2 times/week and do circuit training 3-4 days per week. So, while 30 miles pales in comparison to what some of the rest of you are planning to do, it is an ambitious goal for me!

  21. Lori Sjolund says

    My goal is at least 50 miles. I am trying to take it easy and recover from some lingering shin-splints so we will see how it goes!

  22. Danielle says

    My goal for November is to finally break the 30 min mark on my 5K time- which translates into actually training right up to the race which is something that I fall off of way too often on the “easy” races.

  23. Krissy O'Neal says

    My goal for November is to follow my workout plan daily! For the first time in a long time I am not actually training for any runs, so to keep myself in shape I will be hitting the gym 5 days a week and then hitting the road for at least one outdoor run a week (probably an easy 5 mile run)

  24. GretchenP says

    oh no i hope i didn’t screw this up but my goal was 200 miles.. that’s to hit my fitbit walking goal of 5 miles per day and run 10 miles a week. guess i’m aiming high but super psyched! 😉

  25. christine says

    My November goal is to do 100+ miles. Even though the mornings are cold my goal is to get my butt out the door!

  26. Ali says

    I need some “off” time but I know I know I need to keep up the fitness. So, my goal is work out (DO SOMETHING) 5 days per week.

  27. Laura says

    My goal is 140 miles/35 per week. A secondary goal would be to run everyday, even if just a mile. Of course, the weather is not cooperating this morning, with 45 mph wind gusts. Hopefully, it will be better this evening, or I may have to hit the treadmill :-)

  28. Steph F. says

    My Nov. goal is 80 miles, though I’m hopeful that I can rehab this ITBS once and for all and maybe hit even more miles when I’m healthier again!

  29. Ashley says

    I already forgot what mileage goal I set for myself, but really, I just want to get back out running on a regular basis. My baby girl is 2 months old now, I’ve been cleared for exercise, so it’s time to whip these legs back into shape and start planning for some racing in 2014!

  30. ElizabethRahee says

    My mileage goal for November is 140 total. My other goals include: continuing my running streak by running every day in November and running a new 5K PR at my city’s local Turkey Trot on the 24th.

  31. Mary says

    My goal for November is 70 miles. It will be a tough one as it tends to get pretty cold and snowy here in November and I am not a huge treadmill fan–but I am aiming high!

  32. Ali q says

    My pile on the miles goal is to incorporate at least two days of speed work into my fitness routine, in hopes to increase my pace!

  33. says

    My November goal is to join my local triathlon club and get some swim lessons in with them. I’m also shoring up my Half Ironman winter training plan today so I can start that Monday. Getting into my half Ironman training is my big November goal!

  34. says

    My goal is 60 miles of running this month! BUT as a caveat I actually want to run LESS days with MORE miles each run. So I want to do only 3-4 days of running instead of 5-6 a week:)

  35. says

    My November goal is to get in 50 miles. I just finished two halfs and Ragnar in the last six weeks so I am giving my body a bit of a break.

  36. Kat says

    MY November goal is 150 miles, doable if I stick to all my planned runs, I have a couple races as well so hopefully it works out :)

  37. says

    My November goal is to run 30 miles, including my second ever 5K. I know this doesn’t seem like a lot but I am a terrible runner so it seems like a pile to me!

  38. Mari says

    My November goal is mainly to get my backside back out there regularly, but I’d like to build up my mileage to be ready to dive into London marathon training and the annual Marcothon come December, and also race a 15K in December.

    I have not tracked my mileage in forever though, so I’m not sure what to aim for. 60 miles should be totally doable though, especially including walking, as I do walk a lot.

  39. Jess says

    My goal is to get over 50 miles. I’m not a very fast or good runner, but I’m hoping this will help keep me motivated to run during the winter so I will be ready for some races next spring!

  40. Laura B says

    November starts my training schedule for my spring marathon, so I want to do lots of running and also recovery walking, basically lots of time on my feet! Between walking and running I hope to reach 150 miles this month!

  41. nicole says

    Goal for November is to run at least 3 days a week. I’ve been slcking on my running lately with work and CPA studying

  42. Anna says

    My goal for November is to run or walk 90 miles. I love being outside in the late afternoon/early evenings at this time of year, so I’m hoping to surpass my goal.

  43. Leah says

    My goal is to run 120 miles and cross train on Sundays on either the elliptical or bike! I am good keeping strength training in my routine but I need to stop neglecting my cross-training.

  44. Jackie says

    75 miles is my running goal. I would also like to fit in one strength training and one swim :) I’ve always focused on running and want to mix it up a bit.

  45. Sarah says

    Just getting back into running, my goal is to run 3 times a week and hit at least 50 miles at the end of the month. Hope to get back into yoga too!

  46. Beth says

    My goal is to PR at the RNR Savannah Half Next Saturday! Then Rest and eat Clean(er). Those Quest bars may help….

  47. Liz says

    1. Eat healthier. 2. Drink mas agua. 3. Work on strength and stretching 2 – 3x per week. 4. Rock the Philly Marathon. 5. Have fun :)

  48. says

    75 miles, including a marathon in 8 days. That will keep my monthly average right on track (yes, I am a reeeeeally low mileage runner but it works for me).
    (Count me out of the quest bars, though- peanut allergy)

  49. Rosie says

    My November goal is to start prepping for my first half marathon! I want to be smart with the mileage and certain to stretch!
    Would love to try a yummy quest bar, the cookie dough looks amazing

  50. Jessica Watts says

    My goal for November is 75 miles…I have a half marathon on November 24 that will hopefully help me reach that goal.

  51. Heather says

    My November goal is 80 miles…hoping to surpass it! Having a half and a few shorter races throughout the month should help. :)

  52. says

    My November goal is 27.5 miles. That’s 2.75 miles three times a week (twice a week the week of Thanksgiving because if I know myself, and I think I do, that Wednesday on is going to be a major eating/slacking off fest. I might end up doing more than that the closer I get to my 5K!

  53. Jenny says

    It gets really cold where I live, so my goal is to make sure I brave the cold weather and run half or more of my November miles outside!!

  54. Honore MacCoy-Patty says

    Shooting for 50 miles this month and hoping the Seattle rain doesn’t force me to do it on the treadmill!

  55. says

    I’m getting back to running after recovering from an emergency C section (yuck), so I want to try to do at least 30 minutes 3 times a week, hopefully more though!

  56. Anna says

    My November goal is at least 80 miles! One long run on the weekends (training for a half) and 4 other days of 3-4 miles.

  57. Alison says

    My goals for November are to work out at least 5 times per week and to run at least 50 miles.
    Good luck on Sunday! :) (sorry about your Garmin …)

  58. says

    Happy November! My goal is 120 minutes a day to allow for my favorite activities not just running. It’s also to hold myself accountable for my PT exercises :( Injuries suck and sometimes I just want to throw in the towel.

  59. Alicia says

    My November goal is 100 miles. I’ll really have to push myself to get there and I’m running my 5th half marathon this month. I think this contest will be a fun way to encourage me to get out there more often! And I got the first 3 done this morning 97 more to go!!

  60. Nicole says

    My November goal is to finish out my 10k training program and start on the half marathon training. 50 miles this month at least 3 to 4 days a week of running. Good luck!!

  61. says

    I’m just coming back from a stress fracture in my foot, so my goal for November is to build my time and distance slowly and safely. In that vein I’m shooting to run about three times a week for an average of 30 minutes. I hope by the end of the month if I stick with this plan I will be able to start running longer distances again.

  62. Tricia says

    My November goal is 70 miles – I just completed my first half marathon this past Sunday, and am lightening the load a bit this month to recover.

  63. Allison says

    My November goal is 30 miles. We are moving this month–lots of stuff to do and lots of stress. I appreciate this challenge to keep me accountable to keep moving throughout a busy season!

  64. says

    My November goal is to run 110 miles! I have some other goals (blogilates calendar and a puchup/situp/squat/pullup app)- but those aren’t really related to POTM.

    Also- my goal is to not miss a training run, especially the Staurday long runs. We have a marathon in March, and I want to keep my training motivation up throughout the cold holiday season!

  65. says

    My goal is to run at least 50 miles. A new gym opened up near me and I love it! I like taking the classes (TRX, spinning, boot camp, etc.), but of course running isn’t a class. So, I would like to continue running and maintain my abilities because I will be running a half marathon in the Spring. Good luck at the NYC Marathon :)

  66. Morgan says

    I plan on walking every weekday morning so I would like to hit at least 32 walking miles and I am currently following the C25K training plan so I would like to hit at least 30 running miles…so my overall goal is at the minimum 60 miles.

  67. says

    My November goal is 50 miles! That would be more miles than I’ve ever done in a month. I have a half coming up next week, so I hope I can get all of those in!

  68. Runnerrrgirl says

    I hope just to run again in November. Pulled hamstring is NO fun. The mental part is worse. Appt with PT Tuesday! (Ray of sunshine

  69. Elizabeth says

    My November goal is 40 miles total. I’m coming back from a running injury, so that’ll be a great goal for me to achieve!

  70. MandaBean says

    My November goal is to run 150 miles!
    I look forward to the accountability, camaraderie & encouragement as we all try to reach our goals this month! Good luck everyone!

  71. Rachel says

    This month I will be hitting the middle of training for my first marathon. I’m looking to run 80 miles this month…it’s definitely daunting but I’m ready for the challenge.

  72. says

    Am I correct that it does not have to be just running? I am training for a triathlon so I have some miles swimming and biking as well. If I am assuming correctly my November goal would be to train for a total of at least 65 hours. Thanks for the fun challenge to participate in!

  73. Mariah says

    I want to run 100 miles! I’m running my first marathon in December and my training has not been going as planned, so hopefully this month will go well and I’ll be ready (or as ready as I can be) for my marathon!

  74. Tracy Mahaffey says

    My goal for November is at least 100 miles. I also want to be in the gym strength training 4 times a week.

  75. TG says

    My goal is to run 50 miles in November. I just finished the couch to 5K in October and ran my first 5K in over two years, so this is a big step up in mileage for me.

  76. Elizabeth says

    I want to fall back in love with running (I fell off the wagon for a while) and run 3 times a week (hopefully 40 miles for the month of November). I’ve got a half in March so I need to get my ass in GEAR!

  77. says

    My goal is a combo deal: I want to knock out 100 miles running (treadmill and outside), and 25 walking to recover. I used to use incline walking on the treadmill as a great recovery workout and a way to stretch out sore legs but haven’t been lately.

  78. Susie M says

    My November goal is 150 miles! I usually average about 20-25 miles per week, so I wanted to really challenge myself to see if I could do closer to 40 a week. But since I have my first half marathon tomorrow, my first week in Nov is going to be a little less mileage than normal, so I’m going to count any miles I walk for exercise as well!

    Thanks for creating such a great challenge and for writing such a motivational blog – I love to read everyday! Good luck tomorrow!

  79. Erin S says

    Crap – I can’t remember what exactly I put in the sigh-up form!! My plan is to run at least 78 miles and walk at least 16 miles, so I’m guessing I made it a round 100 miles total to aim for.

  80. sarah says

    My total goal is 300 miles, but this includes walking, running AND cycling.

    Running will probably only be about 60 of that.

  81. Angela W says

    Ok here I go…my goal for November is 150 miles! Eeek! I want to work on my endurance this month & my speed next month. Bring on November 😀

  82. says

    I’m on marathon and injury recovery, so my goal for November is just to hit 100 miles. This should allow my body to recover so I can hit it hard around Feb-March for another full marathon in April.

  83. Ashley says

    My goal is 40 miles a week so 120 miles for the month! Training for my first half in 2 years on Dec 7th and I have a 15k next weekend…

  84. Emily says

    My goal for November is to walk/run 100 miles. I’ve fallen off the workout bandwagon lately and I’m hoping this challenge will help me get back on track!

  85. Tasha says

    My goal is to run for 50 minutes straight at least once a week during November. I just had a baby 6 weeks ago so I am building up my endurance as I could not run due to pelvic pain during the last 3 months of my pregnancy. This is to help me get my body back and to start training for a 10 k in February (I live in Canada and it is going to be a very challenging run because of the cold).

  86. Megan Evans says

    My goals for November are to run 35 miles and do Jillian Michaels Shred Level 3 DVD 8 times. I get to start on that goal with a bang tomorrow as my husband and I are participating in the Warrior Dash! Can’t wait :)

  87. Melloney says

    With having to taper for a half at the end of November, I want to set a workout 5 times a week goal instead of miles.

    • says

      I am revising my goal… hopefully I can still do that LOL. I am going to still keep my goal of running 80 miles, but will add on an additional 20 miles of walking my dogs to total 100 miles in November (no excuses!). Yay! Can’t wait to get started tonight.

  88. Rebecca says

    My November goal is 30 miles — just one mile a day! :) I would shoot for more except I am also doing a 30 day yoga challenge at my yoga studio this month, and I didn’t want to make myself too crazy trying to keep up with both goals.

  89. says

    My goal is 25 miles for November! And I’m not counting crossfit running! SO, I’ll have to plan out some running on the side. I’ve been wanting to fit in more running into my life and now is as good a time as ever!

  90. Stephanie says

    My November goal is 100 miles…..but I’d really like for it to be closer to 150! With my schedule though, that might be stretching myself a little to thin, so we’ll shoot for 100 :)

    I also want to work on my speed- being able to stick with 12:00 min/mile consistently would be ideal!

  91. Sarah says

    My goal is to run 60 miles in November. The aim is 15 miles per week. I live in Canada, and although there is no snow today…there will be by Monday, so these will all be treadmill miles :S

  92. Lindsey A. says

    My goal is to do the Fitness magazine’s 30 day strength challenge, complete Motivation Rhonda’s November challenge and restart my 8 week running plan after a recent head injury. Thanks for the motivation!

  93. Rachael says

    My goal is to hit 100 miles mostly running with a few miles of cycling in there. I’d like to do more miles on the bike but I just got it and don’t want to get overzealous considering I can’t even clip in or out properly yet…ack.

  94. Leslie says

    I’m tip-toeing around some health issues, so I have taken the past three weeks off running :( But I am feeling a little better and am hoping to start again slowly, with 2-3 runs per week!

  95. Jenny says

    My November goal is 80 miles. I’ve got my first half marathon (Route 66 here in Tulsa) later in the month, so my second goal is to run that whole thing without walking.

  96. Aimee says

    Just signed up for POTM 2013! And I love Quest bars, so this works out well :)

    November goal: to continue recovering from my first marathon and slowly build back up to ~20 miles a week.

  97. Katie M says

    My November goals are to run 60 miles and get a big PR during my Thanksgiving half! Looking to shave almost 30 minutes off of my time (previous half marathons have been done as walk/run with long bathroom waits and too much walking during and now looking to do mostly running!) which would be AWESOME.

  98. says

    I’m aiming for 100 miles this month!

    PS: How ever will you survive without your Garmin tomorrow?? lol! (What in the world did we do before technology?)

  99. Courtney says

    The main goal this month is staying active! I work in retail, so my schedule is going to be really wonky. I’m aiming for 50 running/walking miles this month. I can do this!

  100. Michelle says

    I decided to take a month off running after running the chicago marathon. Since I’m not running next week my goal will be to take walks on my lunch break. Just because I can’t run doesn’t mean I shouldn’t stay active.

  101. Nichole says

    My goal is to run 40 miles this month. I have signed up for two 5 milers and I hope to run the whole thing without stopping to walk!

  102. says

    Run my first half marathon on Sunday, Nov 3. I’d also like to log 50 miles for the month. I hate cold, so I’ll need to figure out what my winter system will be (this is my first time around as a “runner”).

  103. Kaitlin says

    I’m coming back from IT band issues (ugh)… so my goal is to slowly build back up to running 3x a week. By the end of November, i’d love to be back to 20+ miles per week. Fingers crossed for a incident free recovery!

  104. says

    My November goal is 100 miles between walking and running. I’m done training for the season, so my miles are a little lower than normal, but this will keep me moving :)

  105. Raimie says

    I finished my first half in October, and I loved it- however, cold weather in Ohio is about to be my enemy in maintaining my gains! I’d like to continue running 3x week, at least 15 miles a week!

  106. Meagan Madere says

    My November goal is to run at LEAST 100 miles. All throughout the summer I was able to run as much as I wanted (not being in school) so I would always get in the 100’s. Since starting graduate school, I’m always busy and really trying to stay on my game… which is why I registered for a Half in December to keep myself accountable for running! October I was only able to run 75 miles (didn’t help that I had to take a weak and a half off due to my right calf) and that just doesn’t cut it for me! Plus, it’s that time of the year where all I want to do is eat all the delicious food in the entire world so I’ll really need to pile on those miles 😉

  107. Abbie says

    My November goal is to run 50 miles. I want to accomplish this by running at least 2 days a week. My ultimate goal is to get to a 10K in January.

  108. Annie says

    My goal is 70 miles for the month. And I want to include one day a week of speed training to prepare for my first ever race (10k) in December!

  109. Marie Hoy says

    Two goals: 1. Over the course of the month, run a total of 26.1 miles. 2. By November 30, run a mile in 8:30.

  110. Jenn says

    My goal is 14 miles per week running, broken down to a minimum of two weekdays runs at 2-3 miles each, plus a long run of 6+ miles on Saturday or Sunday. Additionally, I will swim 1-2x/week and bike once a week (20+ miles).

    This week I’ll fall a little short of the running goal bc of a seemingly-impending foot injury. I took yesterday off, but my long run is full-steam ahead tomorrow morning at a 10K. Other goals met.

  111. Jill says

    My goal is to exercise 4x’s a week for at least thirty minutes each time…it is small but a start to get me back on track.

  112. Sarah says

    My goal is 60 miles of running this month – I’m traveling a lot for work in November so hopefully I can keep it up!

  113. Tiffany Smith says

    I forget what I said on the POTM form, but despite what that says, my November goal is 85 miles walking and running!

  114. Bridget says

    I’m at the peak of marathon training (Rocket City Marathon Dec 14) and plan to put in 250 miles for November!

  115. says

    I’m trying to ease back in after a 6 month hiatus from running and some foot injury issues. Looking to do a minimum of 43 miles this month; an easy 3 tomorrow, and then 10 miles per week until the end of the month (probably split over 3 runs).

  116. says

    My November goal is 120 miles. I did 136 this month which is my highest ever! But I want to make my goal, so I’m setting it lower than what I think I will actually hit.

  117. Lisa says

    I mainly just want to keep moving. Ran my second half marathon in late September and running was basically non existent in most of October. Need to keep moving. Set a goal for 80 miles in November. I think it’s doable…if this cold would go away.

  118. says

    I’m really excited to participate this year! After having to take last month off working out for health reasons, I’m excited to have a new goal/be accountable to get back on track. My goal is 100 miles :)

  119. Nancy says

    Rehabbing a tight horrible IT band, so probably won’t reach my goal of 80 miles for the month of November but still looking to cross train!

  120. melissa says

    my goal is to complete all my training runs on my calendar for a january half: 67 miles for november, 16 miles this week :)

  121. Alisha Abbott says

    My goal is 100 miles in November! I love reading everyone’s goals and getting motivation for the month from the rest of the POTM community!

  122. Suegene Wagner says

    1. 40 miles (rehabbing the stupid ankle, calf and IT band….tri-fecta) – run/walk/swim/crawl.
    2. Gym/weights 2x a week.

  123. says

    I can’t remember if I set my goal at 60 or 65, but somewhere in there! I’m at 12-15 miles/week now, so steadily adding mileage should put me at 20 miles/week by December.

    I also have my first trail race (6 miles) next weekend and I want to finish feeling strong!

  124. says

    My November goal is 100 miles — including walking, running, and spinning. (For spin, I am counting one hour class as 4 miles — I probably spin the equivalent of 20 but 4 seems like a nice fair number).

    This morning, I taught a one-hour spin class, so I’m at 4 miles! I want to get a FitBit or something to track walking. It will be cool to see what I’m at. Love this challenge — and I love the bit about “doing you”

  125. Allie says

    I need to start doing longer runs because I’ll be training for Boston starting in January. I’m going to go with 100 November miles!

  126. Jessi says

    I want to cover 134 miles in November. 80 miles will be running and 54 will be walking the dog. We’ll both stay in shape!

  127. says

    My goal for November is to get in 45 miles walking/running. I’m hoping to get back to running, slowly, from an injury this spring. I feel this goal is reachable while still allowing time on the bike, elliptical and with weights. Have fun at the marathon this weekend!

  128. Robin says

    My November goal is 65 miles. Or 3 x per week running, 2 personal training days, and 3 fitness classes.

    P.S. Love the quest you have the chocolate chip cookie dough is to die for…

  129. Lisa W says

    My goal is 30 miles since I can’t run these days and I have been seriously slack lately in working out due to various injuries.

  130. says

    My November goal is 105 miles. I want those to all be running miles. Fingers crossed since I only have one half marathon in November and the weather could start getting sketchier. Must. Stay. The. Course.

  131. Eunice says

    My November goal is to run 80 miles, and I want to incorporate speed workouts (fartleks, intervals, whatever) at least a couple of times because I’ve never really done them before. I want to challenge myself!

  132. Amanda says

    My November goal is 60 Miles. I’m a wimp when it comes to running outside in the Wisconsin cold, so I’m looking forward to having to stay accountable this month. :)

  133. Erin says

    My November goal is to run my first race (tomorrow) and follow that up with another 5k on Thanksgiving Day. In total, I want to run 35 miles in November, which will be the most miles I’ve run in a month ever!

  134. april says

    i had to take time off from running for health reasons, so my goal is to try yoga at least once a week and go on daily walks.

  135. Lauren S says

    I’m aiming for 3 runs a week with a few other workouts sprinkled in. I’m hoping to knock this cold and finally run tomorrow morning.

  136. says

    I originally put my goal at 100 for November but honestly, as long as I workout to the best of my current fitness ability I will be thrilled. I’m so dedicated right now and it feels great!

  137. Chelsea Carnine says

    My Pile on the Miles goal for the month is 50 miles.
    I’ve also added some other goals for the month…
    No fast food, no coffee/lattes, counting my calories, and a sit-up challenge. I hope I can achieve all of my goals :)

  138. says

    Alright… here we go! My goal is 110 miles for November and a 1:52:00 half marathon either in Philly Nov. 17 or Gloucester, Mass. Dec. 8. It’s been an off-and-on year for running in my world, so 110 would be my peak month. My current half marathon PR is 1:52:03, so I’m aiming to shave off those last three seconds before gunning for 1:50.

  139. says

    My goal is 60 miles, with a tentative goal of walking 2 miles a day. I can’t run until I get cleared by a podiatrist thanks to a chronic injury, but my doc said I need to keep up my cardio anyway, and this is a perfect challenge for it!

  140. Erin Manning says

    My pile in the miles goal is 60 miles. I just ran my first half-marathon in October with a time of 2:06 and not a lot of training. I want to get under 2 hours for my next one, so I really need to add on mileage! My goal is only 2 miles a day so I definitely think it is doable, but I’ve never run that much before! I’m ready for this!

  141. Danielle A says

    My November goal is to run at least 65 miles and PR at one of the three races I’m running this month! Oh, and to have lots of fun running too!

  142. Shannon in Tustin says

    forgot your garmin for a race???

    My goal is to run 3x a week. Nursing a foot injury right now and really don’t want to do any more damage. Just maintain my current fitness level. Since I went GF, I’m doing better on foods and over-indulging less. :)

  143. Bethanny says

    My goal for November is 60 miles. This will be tough since I have been battling some knee pain for the past 2 weeks. Hopefully it will be better soon so I can get back out there!

  144. says

    Mentioned this on my blog! Yay for pile on the miles. I’ll be shooting for 60 miles this month.

    Sorry you forgot your Garmin! Ahh I hated when I forgot mine when I ran my FIRST marathon, but in some ways it can be really nice :)

  145. Meredith says

    My goal is to do 90 miles … Mostly running, but some biking too. Of course, I won’t be upset if I do more miles than that 😉

  146. Brittany says

    My goal for November is to log 40 miles. I am looking to complete the C25K program along with JM’s 30 Day Shred this month!

  147. Anna says

    POTM2013 goal! Run 70+ miles this november!! that’s about 15 miles up from the last two months, which shouldn’t be bad since my half marathon is this month! AHH. can’t believe it.

  148. Frannie says

    November goal is 8 miles a week, along with 3 other cross-training activities. Coming off an injury so I am trying to be smart about this. If I can safely run more each week then I give myself bonus points :)

  149. Tiffany says

    I heard about this challenge over at Carrots’n’Cake! My goal for November is to run 80 miles, plus go to a weekly kickboxing class and do a power lifting class twice a week. Buff city here I come! Bring it on November!!

    PS Good luck in the NYCM! It is one of the best!

  150. says

    My goal is 100 miles in November, so roughly 25 a week. I’m doing 4 shake-out miles tomorrow and a 10 mile race Saturday. I’m excited for daylight savings time so I can get in more then 3-4 miles before work again!

  151. Meredith says

    My goal is to run 120 miles in November, or 1200 minutes. That’s about 30 miles per week (Thank you again, Captain Obvious), which I will divide up into 4 runs per week: 4 5-milers & 1 long run of about 10. One of those mid-week runs will be speed work & one will be a temop run. I will also be trading out some of the 5-milers for 50 mins of cross-training cardio to help avoid injury. (I struggle with plantar fasciitis.)

  152. Robin says

    My goal is to run and/or walk 100 miles. I ran the Marine Corps Marathon Sunday, so I will start with walking while I recover, but I will be running again soon. Good luck with the race!

  153. Sarah B. says

    My November goal is 45 miles. Doesn’t seem like much compared to many of the goals I read above, but gotta start somewhere!! :-)

  154. Tracy says

    My goal is to find the perfect combination of shoes/inserts … Still have not found a pair that does not give me blisters, and run as much as my feet allow

  155. Patty T says

    My goal is to run 3-4 times per week for the entire month of November. I’ve really been slacking and I have a relay I have to run on 12/8!

  156. says

    I been struggling with what I want my goals to be in November! Keep and excel sheet of my runs and I have been slacking off big time after I ran my 10k in mid October. When I was in full training mode I ran 48.86 miles in the month of September and only 33.64 in October. I think my goal is going to be beat 48.86 miles (50 miles) in running for a month. I also want to find a half marathon to sign up for early spring!

  157. Erin says

    november goal is 25+ miles this month. i finshed my first half a few weeks ago and want to take it easy on the running so i can concentrate on other things (like getting my stregnth back!) but don’t want to lose the base i worked so hard for. this challenge came at the perfect time for me, i probably wouldnt run at all this cold/dark month without it!

  158. Kiki Marie says

    POTM NoVeMbEr GoaL: 10 miles per week, weather I am walking, jogging, or running them!! Got to get them in and got to get them done! Truly I want to surpass this, so lets get going!

  159. Kari says

    My goal is to run at least 3 times per week and keep up with my PT prescribed hip exercises to avoid knee and IT band pain.

  160. Carol says

    I originally said 60 miles this month but I am changing my goal to strength training 3 days a week, running 3 days, and one day of rest. Stretching all days, of course. Just coming off an injury and stretching is daily priority for me now.

  161. Erika says

    November goals:

    Exercise at least 5x a week
    Run 35 miles — I’m not a huge runner so 35 is a lot for me
    Drink lots of water!

  162. Elyse says

    I used to be an avid runner, but after an injury I fell off the band wagon. So to get started again I thought that I would set a goal for 45 miles for the month of November to get back into the swing of things. I also made the goal that I will weight lift at least 3 times a week.

  163. Amy says

    I struggled with a stress fracture in my foot this summer and couldn’t run, so I’m finally back out there! My goal for November is to get a double digit run in-I’m hoping for 10 this Sunday!

  164. Jennifer Staebler says

    My goal is to run 75 miles this month! I love running (or walking) in the cool fall weather and looking at all the pretty leaves!

  165. Ali says

    My November goal is to run 100 miles. 25 miles a week. I sure hope I can hold my self accountable for all those miles!

    Good luck at NYCM this weekend!!

  166. Stephanie says

    My goal is to run/walk 15 miles per week. So I guess for the month I’ll say that’s 60 miles. It’s funny, when I did this last year, I was training for a mid-January marathon, so my goal based on training was MUCH higher!

  167. Angie says

    I honestly can’t remember everything I put into your goal form (ha) except that I want to do 15,000 steps per day! I probably also put that I don’t want to be injured so I need to stretch and also run 3-4 miles 3-4 times a week! Yayyyyyyyy!

  168. Lara Ryan says

    I want to get in at least 3 solid runs this week. It’s getting more difficult with the mornings so dark and COLD!

  169. says

    Welcome to NY!! I will be handing out water at mile 16 and as a ginger I notice all things ginger so I may scream your name don’t be scared I am harmless LOL

  170. Julie says

    My goal for November is to run 90 miles. This is pushing it just enough past my usual mileage to be achievable but challenging. Thanks for the motivation!

  171. says

    My November goal is 60 miles – I’m signed up for one 4 mile Turkey Trot, but also have some holiday travel plans so I want to make sure I keep up some regular running!

  172. says

    I’m recovering from a running injury now, so my new November goal is to try one new fitness class per week (while rebuilding mileage)! First up – barre! :)

  173. Bethany says

    I’m nursing a knee injury right now, so my goal is an easy one mile walk four days a week. Anything to keep me off the couch!!

  174. Robyn says

    My November goal is 125 running miles! I have come so far in the past 3 months with both my running goals and my weight loss goals (having lost 25 pounds), so this is an excellent opportunity to continue with both!

  175. Christina says

    100 miles in November!

    Since my back injury at the end of April this year, I’ve been discovering new workouts and running has really taken a back seat. But I ran the Army 10 Miler this October – my first race since my injury – and it was pain free and completely reminded me about why running was my first love!

    November is the perfect month to kick training back into high gear and remind myself that I’m lucky to be moving and have my health :)

    Great program, Monica!

  176. Lea Ann says

    Here’s my November 1 check in. My goal is small, only 35 miles, but I know we’re each on our own journey and I shouldn’t compare, right! I’m excited about making progress.

  177. Alexis says

    Vaguely wishing this was for September/October, as I was training for, and just ran!! my first marathon on the 27th (MCM!!!!!!!!!) Sad I didn’t see you there, but glad you enjoyed it. You’re right, slightly hillier than expected, though the course last year was worse I hear.

    My goal for November: crank up my weekly mileage again (missing my training already!) without injuring myself. So let’s just say 40 miles :).

  178. Caitlin says

    I want to attend Body Pump twice a week for the entire month of November. And when I said attend I mean actually show up and participate.

  179. says

    My November goal is not only to continue working out consistently, but I am aiming for 35 miles! This is realistic for me, and I’m ready to DO IT!!!

  180. says

    My November goal is to run 65 miles.

    I ran 55 miles in September, 57 miles in October, and considered making 60 miles a goal for November. But then I remembered cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, sweet potato delight, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and caramel chocolate cheesecake. And that there are only 6 of us. So I added an extra 5 miles cause I run for good food.

  181. Holli says

    My goal is to run at least 15 miles each week and walk my dogs for an additional 10…. for a monthly total of 100 miles!

  182. Lea says

    I am so happy to have found POTM2013. I just finished training for and completing my first marathon. This is just what I needed to make sure I don’t stop dead in my tracks.
    My goal is to run 85 miles this month.

  183. says

    Ha ha! I just signed up and put my goal as 20 miles this month, and after reading all these goals, it doesn’t seem like much! But since Monica said not to compare to others, I will be happy with my 20 :) Which I would not normally do, esp/ in winter months, so still a good goal! Fun challenge!

  184. Silvia says

    My goal for number is to run for 50 minutes, 4 days per week and complete week 2 of the next phase of my training plan. Got in a great run this morning so I’m off to a good start!

  185. tiffany says

    my goal is 80 miles for the month…whether it’s running or elliptical-ing. and to get some strength training in at least twice a week!

  186. Courtney Smith says

    Hey! Yesssss!!!! So excited for this challenge.

    I am aiming to run 20 miles a week OR complete 4 workouts a week after I’m done with the Vegas-RnR half on Nov. 17! The 4 workouts/week will probably consist of yoga, walks and/or hikes :)

    Good luck everyone!

  187. says

    Ooh, I adore Quest bars too!

    OK, Pile on the Miles Goal is…pile on the minutes. I just found out that I fractured my foot and can’t run the Philly marathon. So I’m going to pile on the time I spend at the gym doing what I can. Like the elliptical, the bike and lifting weights…focus on what I can do, instead of what I can’t.

  188. Julie says

    My plan for November is 150 miles. Gonna be rough, I’m nursing an almost-injury from Running two back to back ultra relays last weekend and the weekend before, and have a no-running ultimatum from my internal medicine doctor, coach, and physiotherapist, until Monday. SO, I’m going to walk 2 miles tonight and 5 miles tomorrow.

  189. Alisha says

    My monthly goal is to do at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise 5 days a week. I’d also like to do some strength training.

  190. says

    November: Run 80 miles. Swim 2x week. (There are surely miles involved in the swimming but who knows how many?!) Off to build the month’s activity schedule based on this public commitment!

  191. says

    I’m scheduled to start a half-marathon training plan this month, so right now I’m base building and running around 15-17 miles per week. I have a 5k tomorrow to kick off my November mileage (and to see how speedy I can be!) so I’m going to make my goal at least 50 miles this month.

  192. Key says

    I want to run 4 times a week and work towards longer runs for a 10k/half-marathon – 70 miles this month! excited!

  193. Tara says

    My November goal is to total around 100 miles, running and cycling. I just started another half marathon training cycle and really want to hit every training run (no matter the horrendous Midwest weather) and ACTUALLY DO the cross training sessions on my bike!

  194. says

    My first goal is to run/ walk/elliptical/bike 115 miles for the month. My second goal is to run a 10k at the end of it (Dec. 10!) :)

    Also, do yoga at least once a week. My muscles need it!

  195. Karin Denison says

    1) Walk 20 focussed min per day
    2) Run 5 days week/min 3 miles run
    3) PR my Thanksgiving 4-miler — under 31.24

  196. Kirsten says

    My goal for November is 70 miles. This would be awesome for me! P.S. I LOVE the idea of the challenge and everything it stands for. GREAT idea!!! BRING ON THE MILES! :) IM PUMPED!

  197. Hallie says

    My goal is to run/walk 120miles in November! Starting training for my next half this month and have a 10 Turkey Trot set-up! Can’t wait!

  198. Randa says

    My November goal is to run 50 miles, I haven’t been running recently just lifting so I would like to get back into running!

  199. says

    I am looking forward to run more! After finishing my first marathon in Berlin this year, I took it easy in October. Now I can’t wait to get back at it!

  200. Linda says

    My goal is not to backslide. I made some pretty good progress on weight loss during the summer months. Now that it’s no longer very warm, there’s always that nagging thought to stay in and stay warm. Maybe I need to move to So. Cal., too!!

  201. Sarah says

    My goal for POTM is to run 120 miles. I am normally around 100 miles a month, so I think this goal is totally doable.