RunDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Results and Recap

I ran the Wine and Dine Half Marathon in Orlando this weekend!

disney world wine and dine race results and recap

The race is part of the RunDisney race series, but this one is unique for a few reasons:

  • It starts at 10PM
  • After the race, in addition to the usual snack box you are handed wine (or beer).
  • The race coincides with the Food Festival at Epcot so runners and spectators can follow the race a tour of food from around the world.
  • You get to run through the Walt Disney World Parks at night.
  • The race has a more ‘fun, enjoy it!” kind of atmosphere than a lot of other half marathons with a ‘get outta my way’ feel.

One of the best things about Disneyworld and Disneyland races is that the majority of runners are there to have fun and enjoy the race. That means a lot of people dress up. There are also a lot of run/walkers that are trying long distance running for the first time. I love when running welcomes everyone to come play!

runeatrepeat and skinnyrunner disney wine and dine race

I only did one thing in training for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon:

12 weeks of internet research to find a costume to run in.

I finally settled on Jesse from Toy Story and I’m so glad I went with her. It was a complete hit! The entire race people were yelling “GO JESSE!!!!!!” or “GOOD JOB JESSES!!!!”

20131109_213838 (600x800)

It made me feel so good. So, I ran a lot faster than I planned.

Before the race I met a lot of readers! This was exciting because there are so many people I love when people I know say ‘hello!’, it makes it feel like it’s a small world Winking smile

Betsy ran her first half marathon at Wine and Dine!

20131109_205348 (600x800)

I started the race with my friends, but they stopped at the Bear picture line and I wanted to skip that one and we never found each other after that.

SkinnyRunner, Run Gia, Sarah Fit and Race Pace Jess were all in on the fun.

20131109_210412 (800x600)

I missed running with Meals and Miles , but we didn’t start together and never found each other during the race. She’s my OG FL friend and we really need to hit up another Triple D when I come out next time – Meghann, you in?

The one negative about this race: There are thousands of runners that have to go to the bathroom. This is standard, but the race is 67% women and that usually makes pee stops take a bit longer. So the porta lines were very very long and not moving quickly.

20131109_211236 (800x600)

Time to line up at the start!

20131109_213712 (800x600)

The course starts near ESPN Wide World of Sports and goes to Animal Kingdom, MGM and Epcot studios. It’s very cool to run in the dark with the lights and decorations and music pumping.

But since it is dark you can’t enjoy all the sights that you might see during the day. Cons – it’s dark and you can’t see all the rides and attractions very clear. Pros – Disney at night is pretty and romantical.

It is a flat, fast course. However, since it’s at night there are challenges to running fast – fuel, rest. Plus the majority of people run this for fun so if you are in a later corral you may be dodging walkers.

wine and dine half marathon review and resultswine and dine half marathon review and resultswine and dine half marathon review and results

Disney races have character stops where you can take a picture with their characters. They have a professional photographer, but you can also hand your camera to a Disney cast member and they’ll take it with yours.

wine and dine half marathon disney pictures incredibles

I have one mission for this race: Take a picture with my boyfriend Woody. Boom.

wine and dine half marathon disney pictures

My favorite part of the course is probably the crazy Christmas lights street from the Osborne Family light spectacle.

disney world wine and dine race results and recap

I know it’s cheesy, but running around Disney is magical. When we turned the corner and saw this I had to stop and take a picture. I am a big Disney fan and love all the touches and surprises they incorporate into races and theme parks.

disney world wine and dine race results and recap

The end near Epcot is awesome! The crowds are super loud. The lights are exciting. It was a great finish line!

epcot at night

I brought my Garmin this time (‘member I forgot it last weekend at NYCM). But I didn’t wear it to the race because I don’t know how to turn on the light (srsly) and I figured I’d be stopping for pictures. But I still had a great time – 1:53:30.

Once I crossed I got my medal, food box and a glass of wine! Yes.

20131110_001353 (600x800)

I ‘ran’ into Kristin from StuftMama and Kelly from According to Kelly at the finish too. Kelly is the girl behind Sparkle Athletic and helped me with my costume! I’ll share more on that later.

IMG_20131110_001827 (768x768)

After the race it was time for the after party. First we hit up the NB party and then walked around Epcot tasting the world. My phone died so no pics. The only thing to note was the warm chocolate pudding, but it didn’t change my life. It was from Ireland.

bloggers at rundisney race

Overall: Blast in a glass race! It’s more of a fun fun race then competitive PR race – not because of the course, but because of everything: the people, characters, location, night time and post-race party.

I had SO MUCH FUN. I would do it again for sure.

disney half marathon medal wine and dine

Question: If you had to eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’d pick Eggaly or Watermeland where ever it’s okay to eat eggs and watermelon all darn day.

Disclaimer: New Balance invited me to attend this and other race weekend events. I do not work for them. All opinions are my own.


  1. says

    Disney races are such a blast! The Tower of Terror 10 miler was my first race over a 5k and I felt so at ease.

    If I had to eat one type of food for the rest of my life it would be Italian. It’s a tough choice, but I am sticking with that one. However, the Hawaiian food booth was my favorite at the festival this year.

  2. Kathy says

    Love the costume and side note, your arms look amazing, very fit! Only one food? Gotta be peanut butter. That race looks like so much fun, making me want to register for a Disney race

  3. says

    I think I might choose cereal. Or macaroni and cheese. So bad but sooo good!

    Love the costume! But technically, wouldn’t Buzz be your boyfriend? :)

  4. says

    That run looks like it would be so much fun! I think I would definitely love to run around Disney at night.
    If I could eat one food forever it would be sushi!

  5. Charlotte says

    Congratulations on a great race, I love the costume!! I just feel the need to defend Meghann here a second, because it kind of seemed like she was thrown under the bus in your post (implying she was taking pictures and not running fast). She (like me!) just did Ironman Florida last weekend. I cannot imagine even THINKING about doing a race the weekend after an Ironman, much less a half marathon. I guess I’m just defensive because the lactic acid still hasn’t left my body from that whopper of a race! :) I thought you could have at least mentioned her IM finish to your readers, instead of acting like she just wasn’t taking it seriously.

    • says

      Oh no I wasn’t throwing her under the bus at all. I know she just did an Ironman – she is AMAZING!!! I agree with you – I was super impressed she was racing this weekend – I’d be in bed for weeks. Meghann is an even bigger Disney fan than I am and I know she was stopping at a lot more characters – my comment had nothing to do with running pace.

  6. says

    All the entertainment along the way definitely helped to keep you motivated! I had a great first half and even managed to walk around Epcot for a bit after.

  7. Susan says

    Looks like too much fun. When is the sign up for next year?? I would to do a Disney half. Can you run and not have a sponsor or be a blogger??

  8. april says

    ahh the disney wine & dine half looks SO fun! i love the idea of running a half in costume and stopping to take fun pics along the way… oh, and the wine at the finish line doesn’t sound bad either. 😉

    i agree with you – i’d choose eggs and avocado!

  9. says

    Thanks for sharing! I’m so jealous, I’ve always wanted to participate in ANY of the Disney runs (CA or FL)! It’s on my running to-do list! Love the pics and sometimes its nice to just run for FUN :)

  10. says

    I can’t believe that race started at 10 pm! That’s crazy, but looks like tons of fun. I would love to do that race too. I love your costume too:)

  11. Gillian says

    Your costume is super cute! It looks like a fun race. I totally want to do a Disney race someday (maybe WDW in 2015) as I am also a big Disney fan :) I was Snow White in a musical and have been Jasmine and Pocahantas for parties/parades when I worked for a costume shop in high school. Would be tough to decide who to be.

  12. says

    Congrats! I really want to do Disney Wine & Dine. My first half was Disney Princess – it really was magical. I loved that it was such a great first race for me. I was so proud of finishing and my time – I actually just pulled my medal from my door to look at it. 7 half-marathons and three years later, I would cry if I ran that time again haha.

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