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I have something very cool going on for February… I was asked to answer a reader question in Runner’s World magazine! It’s in the February issue which is on stands now (the March issue is out too so check to make sure you have the right one).

runners world february issue with runeatrepeat (800x600)

I’m still taking it easy from the race so I did a few miles to shake out and stretch. But, I do have a great tempo run for ya if you are into that sorta thing.

runners world february issue tempo run (800x600)

Your tempo pace depends on YOU. Your tempo run should be at a “comfortably hard” pace, something that makes you huff and puff a bit, but you can maintain for a while (in this case 20 minutes). It’s not a sprint because you need to keep that pace for longer than just 100 meters. It’s faster than your usual shake out pace.

If you don’t run 10ks or have any idea of your half marathon pace use the effort scale to judge. Your tempo run might put you at a 6 on the scale, the sprints would put you at an 8 or so.



My advice was not for a specific distance race, but just to keep in shape and burn calories during the winter season. If you are training for a race and want to do tempo or speed work look up training plans that have a day or two of faster running incorporated.

Just the tip: You can do a workout similar to a tempo run with any cardio = push yourself on the bike, elliptical, stairmaster… for 10-15 minutes after warming up.

Other resources:

RW Find Your Tempo

What is a Tempo Run

Know Your Tempo

In other news… I am digging the heck out of this Bruno Mars song right now.

Young Wild Girls

Question: What song are you digging today?


  1. says

    Paramore “Still Into You”
    Fall Out Boy “My Songs Knows…”

    I tried to do a fast mile today and ran it to those songs. For some reason “I’m on fire!” makes me want to run faster.

    Congratulations on the magazine!

  2. april says

    congrats on the question in runner’s world! you’re going to get famous on us 😉

    i have liked bruno mars’ music for a while now, but i’m definitely crushing on him after his super bowl performance. he’s so talented (and cute!).

  3. Laury says

    I luv Bruno Mars. He is soulful and he doesn’t need auto tune to sound good. Right now my favorite song is “Love Don’t Die” by The Fray. It’s from their new album, Helios, which should be released at the end of February.

  4. says

    Love Bruno Mars! I did 400’s for my last marathon training and I’m doing them again for this cycle of training. I think they help make you a faster runner.

  5. Kelly says

    I haven’t read it yet , just caught up on Dec and Jan!
    So happy for you that you are in RW!
    I wish I had read it already so I could have had the reaction of Meranda.

  6. says

    That’s awesome!! You rock Monica!! Unfortunately I had to stop my subscription to RW this year due to needing to save some money!! Congrats girl!!

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