Tips For Running in HOT Weather

If there is ONE thing you should know about me it’s that I’m a red-headed Mexican.

 red hair bun (800x800)

Therefore, some of my ancestors came from the desert.

Therefore, I love dessert. (?)

Therefore, I have a very spicy temper.

What were we talking about again?

Oh. Running in the heat.

I LOVE California.

rocks in morro bay california travel blog (669x502)

I love it 70% because of the weather, 20% because it’s totally normal to eat kale chips here and 10% because self serve fro-yo has been around forever and is available on every corner.

But even though I LOVE hot, dry desert-y weather – it’s not ideal to run in. The weather is going to be HOT for the LA Marathon. The forecast is predicting 83 degrees.


NOTE: 55 degrees is the ‘ideal’ long distance running temperature! So, it’s important to adjust your goals and be smart about running in the heat.

tips for running in hot weather

5 Tips For Running in the HEAT

1. Stay hydrated! The easiest way to check your hydration is to make sure your pee is light yellow – not dark or orange or blue. If it’s green see a doctor. If you are color blind text me a picture of it and I’ll let you know my thoughts.

milk was a bad choice

2. Dress in light clothes, sweat wicking clothes. Plan your running wear before the race or long run according to the weather. Also – sweat can equal chafing, so lube up!

Britney knows, sometimes less is more…

britney knows whats up

3. Wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

4. Walk through the aid stations to make sure you are getting fluid. Dump a cup of water on your head if you’re extra hot. If you are running solo – plan your route where there are water fountains or places to refill.

walking through aid station

5. Readjust your goals. Slow down. Have patience with your body and realize heat will make the distance more challenging. Running in extreme temperatures is no joke, so be respectful of the distance, your body and the weather.

Seriously. Even the Boston Marathon had a heat advisory in 2012 and let runners defer if they wanted. That year Geoffery Mutai – the defending champ even dropped out at mile 18.

And in 2007 the Chicago Marathon was extremely hot and Runner’s World referred to it as a melt down.

Extreme weather, be it hot or cold can be hard on your body – be smart and safe.

Question: Do you love your home-state?


  1. says

    I live in Florida and it can be unbearable hot for runners. I wear a visor instead of a hat because hats tend to be crazy hot with my long hair. I also run with an enduracool towel around my neck in the summer and it helps immensely, well worth the 15 bucks!

  2. says

    I LOVE my home state of Maryland. We get all 4 seasons and we have mountains, ocean, bay, rivers, forests, plains for farms. It’s a wonderful place and the consistent hills are great for running. Currently I reside in Texas, where running can be horrible about 7 months out of the year due to the heat and/or humidity.

  3. Denise says

    I also live in Florida but due to working 7 a to 7 p I run at 5 am with a friend. I did do a 5 k that started at 8 am, It was so muggy and brutal I thought I would die. I do love it here though I run by the water and sometimes see dolphins early in the morning. Very Cool!

  4. says

    Good luck Sunday and be careful! In NC the humidity is brutal in the warmer months so my runs outside are always early or later in the afternoon

  5. says

    Good luck, missy! Obviously, these are fantastic tips. I hope that you have a great time out there.

    I love, love, love Texas. I never thought that I would leave it ever again to live in another place (I moved to Germany in my early 20s for a few years).

  6. Charlotte says

    Oops… and by the way? Would you ever do a marathon in the land of your forefathers? It’s a beautiful country.

  7. says

    I love California and miss it terribly. I have a half marathon next month in Hawaii and I’m a little worried about the humidity. I’ve been training (somewhat) in a lot colder temps living in the Midwest so I’m hoping I don’t keel over.

  8. Lauren says

    eekkk! LA is going to be my first marathon ever…. and I am not liking the idea of this heat too much!

  9. Laura P says

    I’m a native Californian too, and do love this state. I am running LA as well, my first marathon, and I gotta say this weather is making me nervous!! I seriously picked this one for my first cause I thought early March will be perfect weather! Doh! I will definitely be stopping at every aid station and taking fluids.

  10. Kelly M says

    I pretty much hate my home state of pennsylvania right now because it’s been more like snow hell. I keep harassing my husband to move to California. He’s seems to be budging a little after this horrible winter.

  11. Chris Cossairt says

    Love your hair! Thanks for the running tips even though it won’t be warm here for another 3 months. Good luck this weekend and have fun!

  12. says

    I LOVE running in Washington. Mild temperatures, not too humid, and rain ain’t no thang. I spent some time after my half marathon last July trying to run through Sacramento to keep things limber and moving, and good LORD. You could not pay me enough to run regularly in Cali.

  13. Christie says

    I live in Canada (northern Ontario) and just had to comment to say that I just read this on my way out the door for a run and the windchill here is currently -18C (which is apparently ~ 0F).
    I couldn’t help but laugh at how irrelevant this post is to me right now!
    Enjoy your heat!

  14. says

    Heat is my biggest fear for my first London marathon this year. Obviously it will be nowhere near as hot as you guys get, but I sweat then melt at even a tiny bit of heat and live in shorts year round. Please be cold on 13th April weather…!

  15. Charley says

    I live in singapore where it’s a daily 34c and 90% humidity.

    It’s essential to run before 8 am really and most of the races here start at 530am.

    Agree with the hat though it just gets too sweaty!

  16. says

    i love my hometown, St. Louis. and I love Brooklyn (where I currently reside).

    also have been to cali and love it. i could definitely see myself there sometime down the line! good luck with the race!

  17. Melissa S. says

    I do love living close to Chicago, IL. However, this winter sucks!!!! I am soooo ready for some 40-50 degree temps. I think I will finally be able to get outside this weekend!!! The bike path that I run has been covered in snow/ice all winter and is just now starting to melt!!! Yay!!!!

    Good luck this weekend!!!!

  18. Sarah says

    New York. Love it here! Just waiting for warmer weather :)
    You have the prettiest hair, and I’m super jealous. I love the top pic in this post. Do you run with your hair like that? If so, how (without it falling)?!!

    Good luck at the race!!

  19. Kelly Jo says

    Good Luck this weekend. I live in KY and we have all 4 seasons, but I am so over the winter!!! We have had more snow and ice this year than in years!!!! We shouldn’t have one bug, bee or mosquito if the old saying is true about being a cold rough winter, killing them all out!!!! But I do like changes….in my wardrobe 😉 important things right!

  20. Laura says

    I live in Massachusetts and we are looking to move down south if that tells you how I feel! It’s been super cold here this winter. I am excited that tomorrow the temperature is supposed to be 45. And we are planning a long run since it will be warm!!

  21. Shannon B. says

    I’m ok with my home state of Nebraska. The winter this year has kinda ticked me off, but hopefully soon it will be a nice long spring.

  22. Amber S. says

    As much as I complain about Minnesota winters, I love it here. I feel like we appreciate all of our other seasons so much more because winter is so brutual. Fall and summer here are amazing!

  23. Shannon in Tustin says

    Super Duper LOVE my home state of California! 😀

    When I’m down by the beach, I feel blessed beyond believe to live in such a beautiful place (or 13 miles from it!) 😀

    Good luck on Sunday; take care of yourself.

  24. april says

    good luck this weekend!

    i love my home state of california, too! i feel so lucky to have been born and raised in the LA area. it’s really the best :)

  25. Anel says

    My home state is California, too! I loved that you can get to the mountains, beach, and a city withing hours of each other. I just LOVE all your gifs. You crack me up!!!

  26. Allie says

    You have no idea what I’d give to have to deal with heat right now! It’s been cold almost non-stop in Maryland since Thanksgiving. And I’m talking ice on the ground, too dangerous to run outside cold. It has made training quite unpredictable and difficult :/ I am trying to convince all my friends and family to move somewhere warmer with me!

  27. kurohana says

    if you want hot running weather try the bad water marathon high elevation and over 100 degree weather.

  28. Annemarie/Carmie says

    I love my home state of Maine. It’s been pretty cold and snowy this winter. Fortunately, I joined a fantastic running group and I’ve been outside all winter. It’s easier to stay warm than I thought!
    I’ll be wishing you well this weekend! Enjoy!

  29. Honore MacCoy-Patty says

    Love my home state of CA and Santa Monica where I grew up! Haven’t had to worry much about running I. The heat here in Seattle, but I can run in rain no problem. Great tips – enjoy tomorrow!

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