Meatless Monday–How to Make a Bunny Cake and Running in Orange County

Hello! How’s it going?

My morning started a lot earlier than usual since I was leading that hike/walk I mentioned. It’s an annual wellness retreat that I’ve helped with for the past two years. They asked me to come back and lead the walking/running portion of the exercise classes.

So, I was there before the sun this morning.

early morning dana point run (800x600)

I actually was really nervous about leading the group! It’s been a long time since I’ve done group fitness. Ah! Luckily it went okay (I hope they thought so too). Everyone seemed to have a good time. But, who can complain when you’re here, right…

running in orange county dana point (800x600)

After I was done I ran a couple of miles down by the water to say hello to the Pacific Ocean.

running in dana point (800x600)

run stop in dana point (450x800)

And I came home to see Vegas slept in, per usual…

sleeping cat at 11am (600x800)

i love meatless monday

Easter Recipes – How to Make a Bunny Cake

Today is Meatless Monday! But, I hope you’re okay eating bunny – because that’s what’s on the menu.

how to make bunny cake for easter

I have been making a Bunny Cake for Easter for years now. In the past I’ve made it before the holiday so I can share it with you, but today I thought I’d just share the How To Make A Bunny Cake Recipe post so you can try it for your Easter get together. It’s really easy!!

how to make an easter bunny cake tutorialhow to make an easter bunny cake

How To Make A Bunny Cake Tutorial

(Don’t forget to make the ears r it looks like a guinea pig!)

how to make a bunny cake


eating bunny cake

Another super easy Spring recipe –

Bird’s Nests Recipe

birds nest recipe for easter

Question: What’s on your Easter menu?


  1. says

    Someday I might tackle this bunny cake. In the meantime I will make my tried and true rum cake (grandmas recipe).

    I am not catholic but spend Easter every year with my dear friend sue. She is Italian and so we have pasta in addition to the more traditional ham.

    Yep lasagna. Bring it! :)

  2. says

    What a beautiful hike! I am shaming myself for not getting over to the coast more for outdoor adventures. What’s the point of living next to the ocean if you don’t visit it now and then?

    The bunny cake is adorable, and I would absolutely inhale those birds nest treats. Yum!

  3. says

    We will most likely be having some type of fish on Easter Sunday because we spend the Friday and Saturday before fishing and lounging on the boat. Okay, mostly I lounge, but we always catch Easter dinner and this time of year in Florida it’s usually red snapper or sheephead, yummy!

  4. says

    I made your birds nests last year with some nutella in the middle and they were deeeee-lish. I don’t know whats on the menu this year but what I do know is that the second that easter M&Ms go on sale I will tackle anyone and everyone that gets in my way.

  5. says

    your bunny cake is adorable! I would love to make one but I feel like mine would be one of those expectation versus reality pins on pinterest! I SUCK at anything remotely creative. Gorgeous view for the run too!! And I’m sure your group went awesome!

  6. Charlotte says

    I would have loved to be in your hiking group. I’m sure it was fun for participants as well as a good workout. That bunny cake is too cute to eat.

  7. Linda says

    HEY!! Where are you? I haven’t received an email since early April!!! Okay, I’ll subscribe again. There. I really miss your posts, Monican. Come back!!

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