Marathon Training 21 Mile Run

Okay. We have to talk. I’ve been lying to you, but more importantly I’ve been lying to myself….

don't lie

Last weekend I said I max out at 20 miles for a long run. I can’t run more than 20 miles outside of an actual race.

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I don’t really like super crazy long runs so I planned on doing a back to back longish run (my preference for training) this weekend. But, I only had time for 9 miles yesterday. So, I knew I had to do a long run today and I decided to push my ‘limit’ and shoot for 21 miles.

Pre-run: Crap, this is a bad sign. How the hell does someone mess up a frozen waffle?!

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All right, let’s go.

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I ran a route I haven’t done in a long time to keep it interesting. It was great except I forgot the route doesn’t have a ton of water fountains. I went 6 miles out and 6 back to stop at home and refill.

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I did it. I’m glad I pushed myself, but I still would 86% prefer to do two back to back runs over one super long distance.

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Post run I got a bag of ice for an ice bath. Vegas checked it out.

running blog run ice bath (600x800)

When I first tried coconut water (a long time ago now) I didn’t like it. Now I love it!

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Yesterday I hit up the mall because I had a gift card that’s been burning a hole in my pocket. More on this pink top and other randomness soon.

pink top from golden tote (450x800)

What do you do are a 21 mile RUN?!

Eat, obviously.

#RunEatRepeat #boom

face plant into food

Check out my 10 Tips to Survive your Long Run!

10 tips for marathon training

Question: What are you eating?


  1. Laura P says

    I only like the chocolate coconut water.

    I haven’t eaten much today yet…..but I plan to go to town on some tacos for dinner!

  2. Amy says

    How did you learn to like it? I know it is so good for you, but can’t stand the taste! I have even tried the flavored and can’t swallow it!

    You inspire me! I want to run a marathon so bad…I am beginning a 10miler training this week. Always stop at 7 miles. I love your blog because I know I can do it!

    • says

      I didn’t like any of them for the longest time, but I tried the TJ’s brand super cold and thought it was really good! That was my entry one and got me hooked.

  3. says

    My son loves coconut water but I’m still skeptical.

    I burn the first grilled cheese sandwich I make. Every time. I know in advance I better have enough for two sandwiches or someone will be disappointed.

    And I have a love/hate relationship with the ice bath. It works SO well.

    Great job on the 21 miles. That’s awesome.

  4. says

    Unfortunately we don’t have a tub so I can’t take ice baths anymore. #fail I did 15 yesterday and afterwards had the most wonderful brunch with girlfriends! :)

  5. says

    I’m up eating breakfast, drinking my coffee and watching the sunrise before heading out for my long run…I probably could have used those tips earlier but hey, I think I already follow most of them so I should be good! 😉

  6. says

    Congrats! I never even ran more than 18 before any of my marathons, I just couldn’t stomach the thought of running any further if there wasn’t a finisher’s medal involved.

    If you like Zico coconut water try the chocolate flavor- it is the BOMB!

  7. says

    I did B2B “long-ish” runs over the weekend; 13 miles on Saturday and 10 yesterday. And to my surprise, I ate “clean”. I can’t do long runs on my own; company always make it better and time flies when you’re chatting happily away.

  8. Jenn Collins says

    Best post long run meal? Imagine a waffle, perfectly browned and warm. Then cover it with strawberries and strawberry syrup. But don’t stop there. Envision two, no…three scoops of old-fashioned vanilla ice cream on top. And then top those off with dollops of whipped cream. And if you’re extra-fancy, a little chocolate syrup too.

    Also known as: how to eat back 20 miles worth of calories in one sitting.

  9. says

    For something different this weekend, I did a half marathon on a 0.8-mile paved path. I had access to a bubbler (drinking fountain, for all you non-Wisconsonites) and bathroom, both of which I needed, and ended up doing 18 loops or half-loops (depending on whether I needed water). Counting that high was good mental preparation for a marathon, and I was right on race pace. Success!

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