Hi, my name is Monica and I’m writing from southern California.

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I created “Run Eat Repeat”  four  five years ago to document my diet, healthy recipes and training for my first marathon.

I love running, but I also LOVE eating and unfortunately I eat more than I run (and that’s a lot!). So despite all the miles, I couldn’t lose weight. Not cool metabolism, not cool. 

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Weight loss is a priority to me, but so are health and happiness! I am dedicated to finding healthy foods that are delicious too.

So instead of dieting I use Intuitive Eating to lose weight, keep it off and not drive myself crazy in the process. It’s a big challenge to try and eat intuitively when you’re training for races – which is why RunEatRepeat is such a great way to document my food and training journey to keep me honest. monica at commerce 5k About

I am a certified Personal Trainer and  coach an entry level 10K running group in Orange County, CA

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I also recently got certified to teach Zumba, which doesn’t feel like exercise at all!zumba cert About

Monica in a nutshell: – Red headed Mexican girl from Southern CA willing to embarrass herself on the internet daily right here for your viewing pleasure.

Loves: Running, Eating, chickpeas, ice cream, jokes

Doesn’t Love: Falling in public, gum in her hair, negative horoscopes or dogs that bite

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I started this blog to document my weight loss journey – you can read my diet story here.

I also started RER to document training for my first full marathon. Since then, I have ran 7  marathons and am currently training for #8!

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Feel free to comment or email me with questions at runeatrepeat@gmail.comIMG 5358 800x533 400x266 About

Welcome to “Run Eat Repeat”!

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And you can see more pictures of my weight story here.

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This year I am running 13 half marathons for 2013! Follow along in my journey.

Nice to meet ya!