Team REFUEL with Chocolate Milk Online


Hello and Happy Monday! I got into Orange County about 9pm last night. I thought I was going to be exhausted, but I got a second wind and somehow had the energy to stay up for the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. OMG. Let’s discuss! Fail of America = I forgot my MotoActv at Kristin’s house. She text me during my layover and said she found it and would mail … [Read more...]

Friday Fun at Fitbloggin


I’m having so much fun at Fitbloggin!!! But there is a ton of stuff packed into one weekend so I’m keeping this post short and picture heavy. I’ll elaborate tomorrow, feel free to ask questions in the comments so I know which direction to take things. Lunch at Fitbloggin Friday: At 2pm I led a discussion with Cynthia of It All Changes on Oversharing and Blogging.  “Hello, my … [Read more...]

Orange County Fitbloggin Meet Up


Today was the first meet up for the OC Fitbloggin group. Anyone who blogs or reads blogs was welcome to a local meet up of healthy living bloggers Since I originally organized the event I decided it should be at my favorite place in the world… Yogurtland! Not just because I’m selfish, but also because I want to share the Yogurtlove with everyone I can. Luckily, everyone else … [Read more...]

Orange County Fitbloggers


Hello from Orange County, California! I came back from Fitbloggin’ still high from all the fun, new friends and learning. Then, Roni sent out an email about Fitbloggin Local – an opportunity for bloggers throughout the US to make their own local groups to meet up and be friends. Super cool, right?! After a quick twitter vote, some fellow OC bloggers and I have decided to make … [Read more...]

Banana Smores


This afternoon I packed up all my awesome swag from Fitbloggin … and said good-bye to this lovely view. But, it wasn’t all sad – our friends Matt and Kristin came to pick us up. They and we used to hang out with them all the time when we lived out here. We are staying with them tonight   The first order of business – lunch! We started with the cheesy crab dip. This is … [Read more...]

Blogging 101 at Fitbloggin Conference


Hello, I started my day with a 6 mile run with Tina and Theodora. Then, I rushed back to my hotel room to shower and get ready for my Fitbloggin presentation Blogging 101. Click here for my presentation. It’s not amazing, but beats a handful of post-its, which was my original idea. Roni and I didn’t think too many people were going to attend this session because I am … [Read more...]

The Most Important Thing


I totally crashed and burned after this afternoon’s Fitbloggin sessions. I went to my room during our short break and actually fell asleep for 15 minutes (totally unlike me). I didn’t feel like putting on my fancy cocktail dress for social hour. I considered not even going, but I decided that it didn’t matter how I looked or how tired I felt. The most important thing is that I … [Read more...]

Fitbloggin Friday but for real


Hello from Fitbloggin! After a long night of traveling I arrived in Baltimore, MD. First on the agenda was taking the shuttle to the hotel. We ran into Tina right away and carpooled carvanned. Then, we checked into our room. The hotel didn’t have a king bed room ready so we opted for the quicker choice – 2 fulls.But the view totally makes up for that   My office for the … [Read more...]

Back on Track Plan and Fitblog and Operation Beautiful Flashmob!


There was so much to write about this morning I couldn’t fit it all in one post! In order to “get back on track” I wrote up a plan… (source) Monica’s Back on Track Plan for the Week of 5/15/2011: Running Workouts: Monday - Run 6 miles and abs Tuesday - Body Blast or TKB depending on what time I have to work Wednesday - Body Blast or 3 with Speed Thursday - Run 8 … [Read more...]

Fitbloggin Friday with Yum Yucky


Hello Friends How’s your Friday? I was really craving a sandwich for lunch, so I made sure to get “real” bread from Costco. Sometimes a sandwich thin doesn’t cut it, ya know? Having a real bread sandwich isn’t what got me ten extra pounds. Eating ten pounds of ice cream did. I paired it with carrots, fruit and some stolen baked Cheetos from Ben’s plate We dipped the … [Read more...]

Fitbloggin Friday–Tina from Carrots n’ Cake


I woke myself up before 2am to watch the Royal Wedding. It was fun to “watch” it with my twitter friends. But, after 3 hours of sleep I am afraid I’m going to be a mess for my 2nd day at my new job! Guess the iced coffee will be flowing! Truthfully, a little huge part of me wanted to be a princess. Guess that dream is crushed. But Kate Middleton looked amazing. I loved every … [Read more...]

Fitbloggin Friday–Breakfast!


Morning Is everyone else happy it’s Friday?! Since I was out of town Monday and Tuesday I have a lot of blog/writing stuff to do before the weekend (sorry if I neglected your emails – I’m on it!). But, before getting to work I have to get in a 10 miler! Since I am now coaching a recreational running group (that does not really contribute to my  personal training) I need … [Read more...]

Fitbloggin Friday–Jack Sh*t Getting Fit


Hello and Happy Friday! I woke up today and realized that since I have a group run tomorrow morning, then am getting a root canal – my long run needs to be today if I’m going to get it in! And yes, Vinnie – I want to get it in. I mean the run – sickos! Today is Fitbloggin Friday and we’re talking with Jack Sh*t Getting Fit. He’s funny, he has funny pics. Read his blog. 1. … [Read more...]

5 Miles and Fitbloggin Friday – MizFit


Hello! I woke up and decided to do my 5K Friday run before I could get distracted by emails or Twitter. It totally worked! Since I didn’t stall my run I ended up doing 5 miles instead of 3 because I felt good Breakfast: At this point I don’t know if I keep eating Bagel Thin French Toast because I love it or because I have lost all creativity when it comes to making … [Read more...]

Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch

I have a fun new series starting today, but first lunch Remember the other day when Vegas barfed on my comforter? Well, I cleaned it up as much as I could and have been using a back-up one. But, the back up comforter is way too warm so I knew I had to wash the barf one asap. Today I finally headed  to the Laundromat to wash the barf away. (I say barf too much in this … [Read more...]