Walk to Sushi and Yogurt

Ben and I went on a date tonight. We really needed it too. He’s been working a ton on a project and I’ve been pre-occupied with school. We have not made any time during the week to just “hang out”. A date was definitely needed.

We didn’t have anything planned so we decided to just stay local and walk to sushi…

IMG 2185 thumb Walk to Sushi and Yogurt

I ordered this roll that was topped with veggies, scallops and salmon. So.good.IMG 2186 thumb Walk to Sushi and Yogurt

Ben kept stealing the veggies and I was like, “WTF? Steal the scallops.” True story. IMG 2187 thumb Walk to Sushi and Yogurt 

And we shared this salmon topped CA roll.There may have been a stolen tempura piece or two too. IMG 2189 thumb Walk to Sushi and Yogurt 

But, it gets better. In addition to amazing sushi, there is a Yogurtland within walking distance from our place! This is like a dream (because I can go there every day) and nightmare (because I can go there everyday) all wrapped in one.IMG 2191 thumb Walk to Sushi and Yogurt 

My favorite part is the toppings. I am not sure what animal that Animal Cookie is though. A monkey sitting up maybe?IMG 2192 thumb Walk to Sushi and Yogurt

Less exciting eats of the day included a snack plate, crackers and random bites of pizza out of the fridge. IMG 2181 thumb Walk to Sushi and Yogurt

The yogurt was on clearance for some reason even though the date is a ways off? I had never tried one of these before and thought it was good. But, I wouldn’t get it at regular price ever. IMG 2183 thumb Walk to Sushi and Yogurt

I’ve got to save those pennies for Yogurtland!

I am super excited to follow my fellow running bloggers in their marathon journey in Chicago tomorrow! Katy and I created the twitter hashtag #cm10blends in support. If you are on twitter use that hashtag to run in support, follow along in support or just keep up on what’s going on icon smile Walk to Sushi and Yogurt

See ya in the morning!

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    Just de-lurking to say that your blog has been such a help to me over the past couple of weeks. Been a reader for about six months and I too am a marathon runner struggling with intuitive eating and bingeing. Following your journey has taught me to stop hating myself so much, and gradually try to ditch my all-or-nothing mentality.

    Thanks for the hash tag: will be following the blends all the way!

    Can’t wait to see you do brilliantly in your own marathon (P.S the animal cookie looks like a snowman to me :D)


  2. says

    I wish I had a yogurt place like that in my neighborhood. Every time I go grocery shopping I pick up a bag of those iced animal cookies, but I put them back because I know I wouldn’t be able to eat them judiciously. But man, they’re tasty.

    I’m glad you and Ben had a fun night out. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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    Muchas gracias (did I say that right? I took french in high school) for the hashtag. I got up this morning and wasn’t sure I wanted to run…ahhh the hassles of putting on my gear!

    But I thought of you and thought of the CM10 runners. I told myself — if they can do 26.2, I can do 3 measly miles. So I did, and it was great.

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