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I am born and raised a southern California girl. Given that, I cannot handle weather. I drive like a maniac in the rain. I wear a thick parka, scarf and boots when it’s 62 degrees. And I’m very happy that the weather variations are mild, or less mild.

But, when I realized it was raining this morning and I had already skipped my run yesterday I kinda got excited. I know 61 degrees isn’t that crazy, but running in the rain makes me feel so badazz.image

I remember the first time I ran in the snow in Maryland. I started to smile. I felt like a “real runner” braving the elements. Nothing could stop me! (Until I waved my freezing white flag and called Ben to pick me up.monica in snow

4 miles in the rain. Slow and wet, just like I like it Winking smileIMG_0193 (800x600)

Since 60 degrees is almost in the 50s, which is almost freezing I figured a warm bowl of oatbran would be best. Sure, this will only keep me full for 25 minutes, but it’s already 10am so I’ll have lunch in an hour.IMG_0195 (800x600)

In the mix: oat bran, almond milk, pumpkin, protein powder and PB.

In my Minnie Mouse bowl SmileIMG_0196 (800x600)

This is my favorite marathon video! I’ve shared it before, but want to pass it on to everyone running this weekend Smile

Question: Do you run in bad weather or skip your workout or hit the gym?


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    I hit the gym so I can never use weather as an excuse to not work out. Although if the rain is really just a sprinkling, I love running in that because I know I won’t get overheated!

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    I despise the rain. I’ve lived in the Northwest my whole life. I don’t really enjoy doing anything in the rain so I head to the gym!

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    OMG…that video is hilarious and just what I needed as I sit here and start to stress about my marathon this weekend in Chicago! Good luck in yours!!

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    In love with the Minnie bowl! I’m a gym workout person all the way so luckily the weather doesn’t affect my plans unless we have hurricanes that knock out the gym’s power (hello Irene) or snow days. In that case I bust out the P90X yoga DVD.

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    I live in Michigan so I should be much less of a wimp when it comes to weather – because we have crazy extremes (wind chills below freezing in the winter, “feels like” temperatures over 100 with the heat and humidity in the summer). Should be less a wimp, yes, but not quite there yet, so I hit the gym.

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    I live in Ohio, and our morning temps have been in the low 40s this week. I went running in pants, a tech tee, and an underarmour pullover yesterday. The only part of me that was too warm was my hands, which were in gloves.

    I won’t run outside in the rain.

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    I had to do my last long run in the chilly wet weather last Sunday (10C or 50F). It was the only time I could go so I had to do it. The fact that the weather man is calling for similar temps and precipitation for the half on Sunday I’m glad I did it – and it wasn’t so bad. It’s actually the dark that makes me second guess a workout – I hate running in the dark.

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    I’ve never seen that video! It is awesome!!

    Having lived in both extreme heat and extreme cold, I am pretty proud to say that I haven’t used a treadmill in a very, very long time. Since my hubby is a meteorologist, we like to keep temperature records in our running log along with the miles. My hottest run was 5 miles at 11pm (9/07) in Oklahoma, at 97F. My coldest run was 2.5 miles at noon (1/09) in Alaska, at -50F. That winter we had two solid weeks of -40F or colder. Running was intense. Want to see a photo of what a run at -40 looks like? Pretty darn awesome, right? Sometimes the goal of the run was to see who got the best frosty eyebrows (I usually won).

    My attitude towards running in less than ideal temperatures (hot or cold) is BRING IT MOTHER NATURE. BRING IT ON!! :)

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    While training for the 2010 LA Marathon I lived in the East Bay and refused to step outside to run or anything if it was rainy (which happened a lot). Joke was on me when it was the craziest storm ever on race day! Luckily it was so hilarious+unexpected that it was just really fun. :)

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    I loved that video! Trying not to laugh (or be heard laughing) in an office where you could hear a pin drop isn’t the easiest thing to do!

    I live in Phoenix and it’s brutally hot all summer long, so I just take my workouts to the gym during that time. I’m really looking forward to cooler weather finally so I can start running outside again!

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    Just have to throw in THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!! Couldn’t resist LOL!!
    I was born in southern CA, but moved to Michigan when I was 13, I’ve now lived here longer than I ever lived in CA, so 60 is a perfect day, bring on the capris and flip flops :)

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    Gym or skip unless it was critical I get it done that day. I’m not a big fan of weather. Like, at all.

    My heart stabbed my lungs. LOL!!

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    I love running in [light] rain! My ideal weather: low 60’s with a light breeze and the sun shinning! I’m hoping for that weather this weekend 😀

  14. kim says

    Cracks me up that you said you feel like a badazz for running in the rain, cause thats exactly how I feel. I live in San Diego and there are always tons of people running (same as you I bet) but when its raining theres no one out. I always feel so hardcore!

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    I just run in the rain. It’s not bad at all. In fact last year when it rained for almost two or something weeks straight, I forgot what it was like to not run in the rain, lol. I think I liked it better in a way, ’cause the cool water made my muscles feel better, so no need for an ice bath after >8]. The only problem I have with it is I wear glasses and am blind without them, so navigating with raindrops all on the lense is troublesome. However I do recall on day when it was rainy and really cold/ windy. I ran, and then it started raining. I figured since I was already out I may as well keep going. by the 3 mile I couldn’t feel my legs, they were so cold. Finished about 8.5 miles and got to my door. I couldn’t open the door handle ’cause I was so cold and numb. I used my wrists. I jumped in the shower and couldn’t feel if the water was hot or cold- hell I couldn’t feel anything! Would I do it again? Probably…

  16. susan says

    Learned how to run on a treadmill and have one in my house so I’ve always run inside if it was raining, too hot, too cold, too windy. Definetely a weather wimp. However now that my son is in preschool I have the opportunity to run outside 2 extra times a week. Today I had 6 miles on the schedule and it was 50 degrees and raining. And I ran in it. And yes I felt very badass and I had the entire park to myself. Not a single other person out in the rain.

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    Being in Alberta, Canada we have way more bad weather days then good ones! So I have to suck it up and run in every type of weather, rain, hail, -20 degree winter days… fun times! haha. And of course there are those lovely summer days too :)

  18. Catherine says

    Running on a treadmill makes me want to poke my eyes out from boredom, so even though I am in Michigan, I run in rain, snow, heat – just have to dress for it. Although the Karen (ran in -50 in Alaska) makes me look like a wimp!

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    “Since 60 degrees is almost in the 50s, which is almost freezing” hahahah hilarious!

    I just moved to LA but I grew up near Seattle. This morning traffic was super slow and I was thinking “what is up here” and then I realized that people don’t know how to drive in the rain!! it cracks me up.

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    I was SO happy to hear the rain in the morning. FREE CAR WASH!!! Hell yeah!!! I knew I was right to push off the car washing. Now my car is free of pigeon shit! Yay!

    Uh…workout. Hm. I think it was enough workout wrestling with my stupid umbrella on my way to school today. :-)

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    I normally run in the rain, but after relocating to Chicago from Miami, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to brave the elements, but I sure am going to try! Thanks for sharing the video, it was really funny! And by the way, I was eating ice cream out of that same bowl while reading your blog!

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    I just started reading your blog over the summer and I love it :) I like that you talked about running in the rain today because it’s been raining in NorCal too. I’ve been a wimp though and have retired to running at the gym. I may have to give the rain a try though! Really liked the video you posted too!

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    Oats (Oatbran) also do not keep me full for longer than an hour unless I mix in some Organic Peanut butter. Now then that bowl can keep me full for up to 4 hours :)

  24. Becs in Britain says

    It’s a good job you don’t live over here! Last week we had a ‘heatwave’ and it was around 85, this morning it was just 45 – brrrrr! I hate running in the cold and wet, so when it gets wintry I workout indoors instead – I’m a wuss! x

  25. says

    I run rain or shine outdoors, I don’t however like running in cold rain. It is funny to see the difference in how people feel about temps… 50 degrees here in WI is beautiful running weather, whereas below 30 degrees is cold running weather lol

  26. Tiffany says

    LOVED that video clip! Just what I needed at the end of this crappy day. I can’t wait to repost on fb for all my running buddys. LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  27. says

    I have this same weather mentality. I’m from Florida, so when it dips below 90 we call it Autumn. Below 80, we call it “cold.” Below 70, we call it “freezing.” It’s so warped, but I totally hate the cold weather. And cold, wet weather? Forget it!

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