This morning I ran the Fontana Half Marathon. It’s billed as the fastest half in the world and last year (for me anyways), it was!

But this year I crashed and burned. IMG_1717 (800x600)

I didn’t expect to PR again this year for a lot reasons:

I haven’t been running well lately.

I’ve gained some weight since last year.

I haven’t been training (just running how I want).

My mental game has been HORRIBLE for months.

But, I was going to show up and give a good ol’ try.

However, my body had other plans. I started out okay, I didn’t feel great and wasn’t sure what I had in me today.

Then, I started to feel sick around mile 6. I got this really weird stomach ache in my upper abdomen before the start. It came back during the race. It’s weird in that it’s high up under my rib cage and kind of makes me nauseas and feel like I want to barf.

Long story short I didn’t run a good race. I couldn’t hold on to a decent pace after we hit flat ground and just faded. It wasn’t a good race. Because it’s a downhill course my time was till good – 1:45:55, but I didn’t feel good about how I did. And I fell apart mentally. IMG_1710 (800x600)

I even sat down on one of those chairs right after I crossed the finish line because I felt so sick.IMG_1725 (800x600)

Chandra, on the other hand – did amazing!IMG_1728 (800x600)

I don’t want to hear, “A for Effort” or feel sorry for myself. I’m going to use it as a learning experience. IMG_1730 (600x800)

Notes from Fontana:

I’m not in shape to run the pace I started at.

I need to hydrate better – before and during.

I need to train for a race if I want to PR. <- how obvious, right?

I need to work on my thoughts during a race (and runs). I need to work on how to keep myself positive and pushing.

Okay. Noted.

It’s done.IMG_1711 (600x800)

And I’m glad it’s done.

I’m not running another race until August tomorrow. Crap.IMG_1719 (800x600)

After the race Chandra and I refueled with chocolate milk.IMG_1733 (800x600)

Funny enough, the girl behind us just did the race and was getting chocolate milk too!IMG_1734 (800x600)

Tomorrow I’ll be running the RnR SD half marathon because Refuel Chocolate Milk is super awesome and provided me with a bib. Also, because I told Skinny Runner I’d be her partner in crime for this event.

But, my stomach still hurts and my quads are probably trashed. So I’m going to cut myself a lot of slack and just enjoy the race. I’ve heard GREAT things about RnR San Diego. Tomorrow I’m going to focus on the sights, sounds and fun of a run.


  1. says

    Congrats on finishing the Fontana Half! That is still an awesome time (Sub 2-hr)! I hope your stomach doesn’t bother you for tomorrow’s race. A couple of my friends are participating in the SD R&R Half also!

    Good Luck to you all!!


  2. Karoline says

    Hey, congrats on committing to and finishing the race. Good thoughts to keep in mind about mental games and training. I also find it funny that you took a picture of the girl’s grocercies behind you…have fun tomorrow:D

  3. Jennifer says

    Good luck today…I am so sorry that you felt so sick! Your time, though, was fantastic…I can’ t even dream of getting as good a time feeling perfectly fine!

  4. says

    I feel like I’m in the exact same situation. I’ve gain a little weight back, but mostly I’m not there mentally. I’m supposed to be training for the San Fran half at the end of July and I just can’t get my butt in gear!

    I’m jealous of you getting to run San Diego. That was our 1st choice but I couldn’t get this week for vacation at work. So San Fran it is, which will be fun, but scary and hilly!

  5. says

    Some races you just say, “Hey I finished” and then as twisted-minded runner (that we all are) we make a list of learning moments. But let’s face it, 90% of the US population would be simply happy to have finished.

    Congrats for being warped enough to make your list :) Run on! LEssons learned, and most importantly….

    Have fun in SD

  6. says

    I thought you might be running SD…woman, you need to be careful. I think you’re putting way too much stress on your body and it’s responding by you not wanting to do your runs, not being into it, feeling bad, etc. I’m being very serious. Call me lets chat?

  7. says

    This may sound silly, but I’ve always been somewhat confused when runners mention doing a training plan for a race of a distance they’ve already run (like training for a marathon when he or she has already run marathons). I’ve always thought of training plans being for working up to a certain distance that you’ve never run before, but I guess that’s not always the case. Is it more of a time-improvement kind of thing in these instances?

    • Suzanne says

      When you get to the end of the training plan for the marathon or the half marathon you’re running a lot of miles, and that’s just not easy to maintain (unless you’re Skinny Runner). What I do it keep a base mileage and get a few runs in a week. Then, when you’re ready to start training for a new race, you start from wherever you are in the training program. Or, if you want to start incorporating speedwork to improve your time, you work on that during the training plan. Once the race is over, you take a break, readjust, and plan for the next one. Or do one the next day…whichever. :)

  8. says

    Thank you thank you thank you for being so honest about when you struggle–it just made my day better because now I don’t have to feel like shit for being the only one struggling with weight and exercise lately!

  9. says

    I tanked at Fontana last year- my body and legs were like “what the eff is this downhill crap?” I was more sore after that race than any I have ever run! I love the idea, but I don’t think it’s for everyone. Good luck tomorrow and then take it easy!

  10. says

    I know the feeling of nauseousness in the upper stomach …it’s awful and I have no idea where it comes from …so annoying!!!!! But all that matters is you FINISHED! It may not have been the best run but you did still run 13.1 miles and that’s better than sitting on your bum :)

  11. says

    Your crappy race day still kills my only slight sub 2hr PR. However, I know how that feels, my run today just sucked. I guess some days are like that no matter what and we have to hope (and maybe train) for better ones next time.
    So in that case… I hope your stomach/side start to feel better and that you have a better time running the race tomorrow. 2 back to back, look at you dominating:)

  12. Jen says

    I ran Fontana as well and had a bad run too. I had the same type of stomach issues, yuck, and was so glad when it was over. It is so disheartening having a bad race but it kind of made me feel better knowing I was not alone!

  13. Nicole says

    Thanks for the blog post – I’m in the same mental and physical struggle as you are with a marathon I have in two weeks (RnR Seattle). I’ve been running like crap, my weight is up, and my mental focus on competing isn’t there.

    Thanks for writing honestly about how you’re feeling.

  14. Suzanne says

    I know that stomach pain very well. I can’t tell what triggers it though. I had an endoscopy and a couple other tests a few weeks ago to try to figure it out. I’m on an acid medication, so maybe you were having some reflux? Or, maybe some food just didn’t agree with you?
    Is it that spot right between your ribs at the bottom of your sternum? The spot that all the race medals seem to hit? Ugh, that hurts.
    I had a race recently where I couldn’t wear my heart rate monitor as planned because it hits right there and was irritating it.

    Great job though on pushing through and running a great time! I totally, 100% feel your pain on this one!

  15. Nicole Leonard says

    I’m in one of your pics…sort of. :) In the pic of you and Chandra, my husband is the bald guy leaning over to kiss me behind you (right shoulder). And my sister’s fiance is holding the bright pink sign on the right side of said photo. Small world… I read SkinnyRunner’s blog and just happened to click through to yours – and saw that you ran Fontana on Saturday too. It was my first half. I didn’t do nearly as well as you, though! Congrats!!!

    Totally different topic… Do you normally take Immodium before a race? I noticed you had some in a baggie in a pic. I usually run at night and don’t ever have tummy troubles. But morning runs (and most – if not ALL – races are in the AM) cause me to have some *ahem* digestive issues. And if I’m not careful with the Gu and Gatorade, I’m in deep doo-doo. 😉 TMI?

    • says

      Ha! Very funny about the picture!!

      I don’t normally take Imodium before races, but my stomach had been hurting from Fontana and I packed it just in case for RnR SD. I had to take some recently before my last leg of the Reach the Beach Relay because I had issues.

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