Sunday Set Up Quesadillas

Happy Sunday! Since I did the tri yesterday I was going to skip my run this weekend, but woke up wanting to pound out a few. I ran 8 easy and walked 2 back home. I passed this grocery store on the way and decided to grab my craving of the morning – blueberries. 20120729_083608

Eaten during the last mile stroll Smileimage

When I got home I immediately made breakfast. Do not pass Go, do not take a shower like a normal person.

I’m going to eat quesadillas for breakfast and dinner for the next week. My mom says I go through “phases” of loving a food until I get sick of it or cause a worldwide deficit. IMG_6437 (800x533)

This was an egg and cheese quesadilla – salty, cheesey, wonderful.IMG_6444 (800x533)

Ben finished off the coffee cake pastry from 85* Bakery. It looked like this on the outside:IMG_6337 (800x600)

I knew it had red bean paste on the inside, but forgot it had mochi. Surprise!IMG_6449 (800x533)

After some impromptu travel arrangements (!) we headed to my mom’s for a visit.

I brought the dogs this fun puppy trail mix that was in my swag bag from the iTry. I think they’re into it.IMG_6450 (800x600)

And now I’m eating Matt’s gummy vitamins like they’re candy (which they basically are).IMG_6452 (800x600)

Sunday Set Up:

Exercise plans:

  • M: Speed
  • T: Recovery
  • W: Strength / Yoga
  • TH: tempo
  • F: Strength / Yoga
  • S:LR


  • S: I think at my mom’s
  • M: Tofu stir-fry
  • T: Leftovers
  • W: Sweet potatoes and beans
  • TH: Veggie burgers / Turkey
  • F: Pizza?

Search Me Sunday – the internet searches that brought unsuspecting visitors to RER this week:

“snoop dogg l.b.c” – Yep, I am his right hand LB woman.

“welcome crying” – ?

“how to run on your period” – The same as off your period, only more bitchy.

“i thought we we friend” – Nope. I’m on my period, see above.

“sweaty freckles” – This should be my nickname!

“weird bagel breakfast” – What’s so weird about it?

“man covered in mayo” – I kinda want to see an image for this.

“bedazzled alcohol bottles” – Fancy!

“knot on my buttocks” – I bet you got this from all that bedazzled alcohol…

Now I’m hanging out with Bailey…image

and some spiked lemonade. Good times.image

Share your weekend highlights!


  1. says

    I never think to carry cash or card with me when I go for a run. Probably a good thing, since there are so many coffee houses nearby!

    I do the exact same thing with food. I go through phases where I could eat the same thing at every meal for weeks. Then I tire of it and move on.

  2. says

    I eat my kid’s gummy vitamins too. I can’t help it – they’re delicious.

    I eat the same food all the time. Every single day. Then I get sick of them and move on…then I come back to them. Some of my favs are pb french toast, bagelwichs, overnight oats, and salad with strawberries and blueberries.

  3. says

    When I get home from working out, breakfast definitely takes priority over shower – I can be smelly for a while, being hungry is unacceptable.

    And I use kids gummy vitamins – pretty much the only way to get me to take a multivitamin. :-)

  4. Ida says

    I go through food phases too. it makes meal planning so easy!
    I’m excited to see where you guys are traveling to.

  5. Britt says

    Search me Sunday…hilarious. I too go through food phases. The Quesadilla secret? Cut them perfectly with your pizza wheel! My
    last one was a pulled pork, mozzarella, basil and tomato quesa. Yummy.

  6. says

    Dang girl, great job for busting out those 8 miles after your tri on Saturday. You are wayyy to awesome :) Loveee the blueberries. Seriously can’t get enough of them. Just had an amazing blueberry protein smoothie for breakfast. It was one of those breakfasts that if you could savor the last bite you would.

  7. Laura says

    Awesome job on the TRI!!! Keep up the cycling and you’ll be standing up in no time! Yesterday my hubby and I mountain biked the monarch crest trail in colorado- 37 miles of awesomeness, 11 of those miles above 11,000 ft along the continental divide-yikes! I love how you talked about doing stuff that’s “scary” because I am often scared when I mountain bike. I do it becuase I like to push myself and it helps me be less of a ‘scaredy cat.’ I fell off my bike twice in technical rock sections, but kept on moving. So fun!

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