Meatless Monday–It’s Been a Long Drought

Last week I heard a story on NPR about how the drought is going to affect the price of food – specifically, meat. You can read / listen here:

Meat Producers and Consumers Hurt by Drought

Nutshell: The drought is hurting crops, but not the usual fruits and veggies that we eat – it’s hurting the crops that livestock eat. This is going to increase the price of meat over the next year.

So, this sounds like a great time to switch to Meatless Monday! Good thing I being vegetarian is easy for me (night time snacking on the other hand…)!

I picked up this Nasoya Sprouted Tofu from coupons the company sent me last week. Back in the day I used to make stir frys at least once a week – they’re my favorite! Not sure why I’ve been slacking, but I’m glad it’s back.IMG_6483 (800x533)

My stir fry method is always the same:

Heat pan with coconut oil

Add garlic and onions (didn’t have onions today, boo)

Add tofu, sauce and veggies. Stir.Fry.

I served this up with brown rice and a sprinkling of almonds. IMG_6489 (800x533)

Ben loves my stir frys, which is kinda a bad thing I’d rather have all the leftovers to myself Winking smileIMG_6486 (800x533)

  Music Monday – On Topic?

Talking about a drought reminds me of this super old Bubba Sparxxx song from back in the day when I was just a little jig:

Now I must shut down the computer to eat dark chocolate and watch the Olympics, Breaking Bad and Real Housewives of NJ! So much good TV Smile


  1. says

    Stir-frys are great, and relatively easy too!
    I laughed when you said Ben likes them so you don’t get leftovers. I sometimes secretly love that my husband is vegan. That means he doesn’t eat my chocolate!

    • says

      I should have pressed it, but didn’t so it’s a little softer than I’d like. They sell blocks that are not packed in water and I think you can skip the pressing for those (at TJ’s).

  2. says

    Glad I’m a vegetarian! I have yet to try tofu though…

    That Bubba Sparks songs brings back memories! There’s a Hell Run race near us, and at the end there’s a Coolio concert! It’s that funny? The ony Coolio song I remember is Gangsta’s Paradise.

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    Way to go on meatless Monday! Maybe I should try something similar. Tonight I have a lentil loaf ready to be cooked! I’m super excited because it’s my first lentil loaf. I hope it’s super delicious!!!

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    I was a vegan for a few years and then switched to being a vegetarian and now I occasionally eat fish, which makes me a pescatarian. So many labels! I think I’m going through a phase though right now, and will probably soon switch back to being a disciplined vegetarian. I’m super glad that I don’t eat red meat or chicken anymore because, truth be told, I always felt really guilty. Meatless Monday? I’m so there!

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    I’ve made an attempt at doing Meatless Mondays for a couple months now. Most weeks are successful, as I tend to have a bit of an aversion to red meat and the thought of undercooking chicken freaks me out, but the past couple of weeks I’ve had fish. I don’t know why I never think to make stir-fry. It’s always so quick and flavorful, and I never miss meat in it. I’ll add it to next week’s meal rotation–thanks!

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