Healthy Business Travel–Outdoors Part II

This is Part II of my Healthy Business Travel blog series. You can see Part I here <- And please tell me you watched my travel vlog because I A.) made a fool of myself in public on that park bench because I almost fell trying to jump over it being funny and B.) had SR and Tina be my videographers on location around the world.

running out of teepee (450x800)

Full disclosure – I signed on to do these travel posts with National Car Rental a few months back knowing my travel schedule is ridic this year. These are resources I use and wanted to pass on to help you. I travel through life on foot and thought I could share my tips on this topic. Enjoy!

Running or walking is one of the easiest exercises to maintain while you’re traveling. All you need is some sidewalk or a safe road or trail. I personally have been running or walking on vacation for years and years – this is from my road trip across the US from 4 years ago!running in salt lake city

But, there are still a few deterrents to running out of town so here are some tips/tools to help you get out there.

Running Out of Town Tips and Resources

1. Running Apps – These apps will help you know where to run and track how much you ran.



Map My Run

If you don’t have a magic phone check out Google Maps before you leave. Make sure to use the “walking” option so you get a pedestrian friendly route.

Or just ask the hotel’s front desk! When I was in San Francisco in April I checked the map but was still a little unclear. So, before I left I asked the front desk and they pulled out a paper map that I could have. Then, the concierge drew right on it the exact route I should take to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was perfect!

running across the golden gate bridge

2.  Races – Before you go check these race sign-up sites to find out if there is a race in the city you’re visiting. When I visited Santa Rosa last year I was super bummed that there was a race Saturday morning that I missed! I could have ran it if I just checked before I left. #Fail

Check these race listing sites before you go:

3. Plan for it – Pack your exercise gear. Then, carve out a realistic time before you are on your trip that will be set aside for running or walking.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, something a nice walk is enough to get your heart pumping and combat the stress of travel.

4. Refuel after your exercise. Most markets and corner stores will have some healthy refueling options. Good choices have a 4:1 carbs to protein ratio. Some options: chocolate milk, turkey sandwich, some protein bars.

Since trekking from CA to NY is such a long trip I packed chicken jerky and trail mix in my purse (things that won’t spoil). Diet DP is optional Smile

turkey jerky and soda

Most airports have fruit and yogurt options too – but they’re pricey so try to pack what you can before depending on that.

A question I get a lot is, “Can you take yogurt through airport security?”

Technically no since it would probably be considered a ‘gel’ and should be kept to 2 oz. (this is open to discretion though). But I have gotten it through before not realizing I packed it as part of my lunch. I have also gotten stopped for a jar of nut butter and hot sauce (coming back from Panama). And I once stood at the security line for five minutes as they discussed whether or not to let me through with oatmeal. Now I take packets and make it with hot water when I get through.

 oatmeal at the aiport

Moral of the story –  pack things that are ‘safe’ to get through security so you’re not starving on the other side!

Ultimately, you can enjoy your travels while staying active – it’s just a matter of Prepare, Plan and Action:

Prepare – Pack your exercise gear.

Plan – Ask the hotel concierge or research where you’ll run or walk.

Make it happen – Carve out some time in your trip to exercise just like you would make time to visit a museum or take a tour.

For more tips and tricks follow #HealthyBizTravel on twitter.

Question: Do you have a favorite app you use to track your activity?

I have a few apps, but I love just using a map and/or asking someone local.

This post was sponsored by National Rent A Car all opinions are my own.


  1. says

    I did see the vlog and thought it was cool! Which program did you use for it?

    I mainly use because I am planning for a race in the 50 states. I have 21 done already.

    I don’t use a running app because I use my Garmin 10. I will start using Map My Run mainly because so many people are using it (except me) and you can join to be a member of the Run Happy/Brooks group.

  2. says

    I’m doing my first run in another country this weekend…I’m nervous and excited! I’m not using a running app or music because I want to enjoy it..and remain aware of my surroundings, but it should definitely be fun! I have my running gear packed, but I’m not sure how much I should bring!

  3. Katie D. says

    Not related to the post, but check out this website! My husband loves manatees too, so I sent him this link during a stressful day at work.

    I even adopted him a manatee for our anniversary! We are the proud parents of Loreili who lives at Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park, which we visit when we see my grandparents. It is a little weird that our manatee is older than us, but we are still the parents :)

  4. says

    Great post! And yes, I did see your travel vlog! Very well done! You have great presence on camera.

    Love the tip to ask the hotel where to run. I don’t travel much, but have a terrible sense of direction and get lost easily. For a recent trip to Disney World, I was too afraid to venture on my own, so I stuck to the running path around our hotel. It was only .9 miles, so that got boring quick.
    Great idea to check to see if any local races are going on while you are there. I’ll definitely keep that in mind!

  5. Krista says

    I used mapmyrun for the first time last weekend and my phone died!! I was SO lost and it was raining. I remember thinking ‘anyone else would probably be crying right now, should I be?’
    I ended up jumping a fence.. and finding my way to a bus stop where a very kind lady paid my fare to get me home!
    But the app was cool if you’re phone has enough charge!! hahaha

  6. Mason says

    I can’t believe you couldn’t get Strava, MapMyRun, Garmin, Nike+, et al. to sponsor this post. You could’ve doubled your money.

  7. says

    This is my favorite thing to do while traveling, and in my opinion, the best way to get to know a new city is to run through it. I did this last summer through Europe during my trip to the Olympics and it was FABULOUS! Those are some of my absolute favorite memories. I’m headed to Spain in October for work, which means I’ll have to miss Rock n Roll San Jose :( I’m super bummed about that, but not about to turn down a trip to Spain! I was looking for local races while there, but haven’t had any luck finding any. There is a half in Mallorca, but it’s the weekend after we’re there :( Bummer #2.

  8. Kelly says

    I use RunKeeper but am having trouble with it saying I am running sub 8s then >20 minute miles. Neither are true. Anyone else having this issue or a better app?

  9. says

    I usually stick with walking when I’m traveling. If it’s faster to just walk and not be stuck in traffic, I’m all about it.
    I usually take my Dad along because he has a good sense of direction :)

  10. says

    I use Runtastic and I love it. I’ve also tried the Nike running app…but you could not check the route while runnig with the Nike app! If you could see the map while running with the Nike app it would be the perfect running app because it has some extras I miss by Runtastic!
    I think I’ll try some more…there are so many running apps out there!

  11. says

    Love this post! I use mapmyrun and usually google beforehand to find local running trails and read reviews. That way I know where I’m running is safe, and what to look out for (busy intersections, no restrooms, etc). Usually if traveling for fun I like to make sightseeing the workout though! Cycling, walking, hiking, and snorkeling tours (depending on destination) are awesome ways to see a city and get in exercise without feeling like you’re missing out on vacation time! I like to look at is as cross-training 😉

  12. says

    I accidentally took yogurt through security at the airport yesterday. I had purposely put it in my bag but forgot to eat it before hitting the security line. I’m glad it made it through because I was hungry!

    I second asking your hotel for running routes. I’ve always received a great response and very helpful tips on where to run.

  13. april says

    great tips! i just got home from my family vacation last night and was surprised by how easy it was to get my packed lunch and dinner through airport security. it saved me TONS of money, plus i was able to enjoy healthy options during my long flights =)

  14. says

    Love this!! Normally when I travel it’s for vacations that are pretty spread apart, so I don’t worry too much about exercise and I usually indulge more than I would at home. I don’t typically gain weight just because we walk so much to explore new places, but I’ve often thought about how disruptive traveling constantly for work could be. Healthy options might not always be available and you have to be diligent about getting in exercise. Thanks for the tips!!
    Also, most hotels these days have pretty decent fitness centers if strength training is your thing.

  15. says

    I once got through security with syrup in my purse, no questions asked! (Bringing waffles to the airport for breakfast is totally normal, right?)

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