Beach to Beacon 10k Race Recap

Here is my Beach to Beacon 10k Recap! Excuse the delay I made a video while running the race and could not fix some of it so the video is still weird, but I’m rollin’ with it.

cabot cheese van pre race (450x800)

Beach to Beacon 10k is a race started by US Olympic Marathon Goal Medalist Joan Benoit-Samuelson. It is the largest road race in Maine with 6,000 runners! And it’s really difficult to get into – it sold out in under 5 minutes this year! Luckily, Cape Elizabeth residents get first dibs and 600 spots are open for them the day before registration opens for the general public.

IMG_2733 (800x533)

Benoit-Samuelson is a native of Cape Elizabeth and founded this race 16 years ago. She actually trained for the Olympics on part of the course – isn’t that awesome?!

beach to beacon race

The race also raises money for a local charity each year. This year’s beneficiary, The Opportunity Alliance, will receive $30,000 from the TD Charitable foundation.

Oh, and some of the BEST runners in the world are invited to race this 10k. The line-up was amazing and included a lot of Olympians from around the world, including US runners Deena Kastor and Meb Keflezighi.

monica meets deena kastor at beach to beacon (450x800)

I ran the race with the Cabot Fit Team.

cabot fit team at beach to beacon (800x450)

The other members of the team included:

There was pre-race coffee, water, oranges and bananas. Porta-potty lines were long, but like usual. beach to beacon start line food (800x450)

The starting line before the crowds started coming…

beach to beacon start line (800x450)

I left the start to hit the bathrooms and came back to this – thousands of people ready to run! There were corrals but it was difficult to get into some of them. I lined up between the 8 and 9 minute mile corrals.

beach to beacon corral start line (800x450)

The course: Rolling hills. There wasn’t one big hill that killed, but two close together around mile 5 that were challenging. It was a very pretty course too! Very green. Supportive crowds. Good aid stations. The last stretch of the course was a little narrow and windy which made for a few bump-ins.

Beach to Beacon 10k Finish Line:

beach to beacon 10k road race finish line (800x450)

I have never done video while running before (hence the sideways FAIL) and decided to try and figure it out just as I crossed the starting line. So, I didn’t start my watch until a few paces past the start.

10K Official time: 49:36

beach to beacon race results (800x450)

This is also my new 10k PR since I’ve only run one other 10k in my life a million years ago!

Race Winners:

Women’s winner: Joyce Chepkirui from Kenya in 31:23.2

Men’s winner: Micah Kogo from Kenya in 28:03.3

Deena Kastor placed 1st in the Master’s division with 32:28.3

Meb K placed 5th, Ryan Hall placed 10

beach to beacon 10k race recap (800x450)

beach to beacon food tent (800x450)

Anne and I went to check out the beacon!

fannetastic food and rer at beach to beacon (800x450)

beach to beacon coast (800x450)

the beacon from beach to beacon 10k (800x450)

While we were taking pictures I noticed Meb run by! I freaked out to the girls and waited for him to run back around. I have a clip of him coming back in my video below! <- That is the reason I am still posting the video despite the flaws.

beach to beacon 10k with meb k (800x450)

The one negative of the race was that it’s a point to point course so you have to take a shuttle back to the start where you parked. The shuttle lines were VERY long. Luckily, volunteers were walking up and down the lines handing out ice cream!!!

beach to beacon line to shuttle (800x450)

Post-race eats! After the race I was on a mission to eat lobster. I had a Maine lobster salad…. ahhhh so good.

lobster salad in maine (800x450)

Here is my video. It’s a bit awkward because I need a new phone and need to learn how to shoot while running. But, it’s worth it because Meb waved to me.

Overall: I give the entire experience ten runner’s toes way UP! I had a blast. I met celebrities. I ate lobster. I fell in love with Maine. The end.

Question: Meb was super friendly so it was easy, but what are you supposed to say to celebrities when you meet them?

“I’m a big fan!!” or “IloveyouwillyoumarrymeCanIhavealockofyourhairComelivewithmeplease.”


  1. Annie says

    Dam girl you are speedy! I can’t even run a sub hour 10K! But I guess I shouldn’t be annoyed, hey, I can run a bloomin’ half marathon, who cares about speed!?

  2. Stephanie says

    Whoo-hoo! Thanks for your spectacular review of my home’s amazing 10K!! Congrats on the PR, too!!! If you can believe it, the spectators were scarce compared against years’ past…I think it was because the weather was less than perfect!

  3. says

    That race sounds AMAZE-ING! I would have loved to talk Meb!! I met Jenny Fletcher and and Ben Collins (Pro-Triathletes) before the Garmin Marathon and they were so down to earth. Loved it! Missed out on Scott Jurek though. Was totally bummed!

  4. says

    What a fun sounding race- I’d love to it! I love the lighthouse there, so it’d be fun to run something associated with it. It’s great you got to meet so many great runners as well!!

  5. says

    The view is beautiful!

    Since Meb lives in SD, we’d randomly see him running in some of our (and apparently his!) favorite running spots. He’s super nice and always smiled, waved back and said “hello” when we (I) fangirled.

  6. april says

    ok, you’ve convinced me… visiting maine is officially on my bucket list! that’s so awesome that you met meb! =)

  7. Kristin says

    That lighthouse you are standing in front of is where my husband and I got engaged 9 years ago. Ahhh…memories. :)

  8. says

    Just found your blog today, I started the race between 8 and 9 min/mile and finished in 49:25 so as I was reading this I thought, we must have been very close during the race and sure enough I came over the finish line in your video!!! Thanks for capturing my finish!! :)
    Great recap and great job at the race.

  9. says

    That hashtag is exactly what I would say if I ever met you and/or Skinny Runner!

    I met Kara Goucher at a race expo this year. She was SO nice. Took picture, signed autographs and when the “helper lady” was trying to move us along Kara stopped her and made her take another picture with us because she wasn’t sure if she was looking at the camera or not when the first one was taken!

  10. says

    I met Ryan Hall a couple years ago, and I think I said something about how I was impressed with how he stands up for what he believes regardless of the negative feedback he gets. Basically I figure I might get one chance to meet just about anyone, and I want to make the most of it by 1) encouraging them, 2) making them better, and 3) making them smile.

    Or course, it did take my mom prompting me to go chat with him or I think I would have just been star-struck :-)

  11. Sarah G. says

    Wow, those lighthouse pictures look like postcards! Beautiful!! Looks like a fun race, minus the crazy shuttle lines.

  12. says

    Who is the little lucky lady that was running with Meb?? I mean I’m sure his warm up CRAWL is faster than my run, but what I’ve gotta be honest I would have jumped right in on that one!

    • Carmie says

      That was Alexi Pappas! She came in 10th for Women (right after Deena) and it was her first 10K road race! She is young but already one of my running heroes! You should google her! What a great video! Meb!!

  13. says

    I’ve lived in the area (NH) so long and heard so much about this race, but have never run it. So many people in my club run it! I want to do it next year for sure! Loved all your pictures, the Maine Coast is so beautiful!

  14. says

    Great recap, it sounds like you had an amazing time!
    I think it says a little something about me, though, that I read the title as “Beach to BACON”…

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