Blueberry Pie Smoothie for National Pie Day

Happy Thursday! It is really foggy up in here this morning!

foggy morning

Last night I took my shark fin hair to hang out with some friends and Jesus.

crazy red hair dont care (282x502)

We take turns bringing dinner. Next week is my turn – what should I bring?

chicken tortilla soup dinner (669x502)

I started my day with a walk in my new PINK Mizunos (these are the Hitogamis). They are new to me so I just took them for a walk to get a feel for them before I potentially use them for a run. I do this with most new running shoes.

 pink running shoes (376x502)

Today is National Pie Day

So, I had pie for breakfast! Yep, that’s how we roll up in here.

im not even sorry

Specifically, I made my Blueberry Pie Smoothie. It’s healthy and easy and delicious, just like I like it.

Bonus: Cat ear action in this picture.

smoothie for national pie day blueberry and yogurt (669x502)

my pie kitty

Blueberries were on sale this week so I stocked up!

blueberries for national pie day smoothie recipe (669x502)

Tip: Adding a few tablespoons of oats to your smoothie give a nice hearty texture.

oats in your smoothie (376x502)

So smooth.

blueberry pie smoothie (376x502)

Truth: I’m more of a cake person than a pie person but I don’t have a recipe for a cake smoothie. If I had to pick  pie I’d go with some kinda Oreo Chocolate pie that only exists in my head.

Question: Is Cheesecake Pie or Cake or in a category of it’s own?


  1. says

    Those shoes are cute! I’ve been looking at different Mizunos because I love my Evo Levitas, but the others I’ve tried all have such stiff toeboxes, and I like a little stretch in mine. Do you like the Hitogamis so far?

  2. says

    woah….I actually considered putting a handful of oats in my shake this morning, but figured it wouldn’t shake well (no blender at work). I may have to be creative on that one.

      • says

        Thanks!! I took some of my oats and ran them through my chopper (I use it normally to make oat flour) and gave it a pulse or two just to break down the edges and make the oats smaller in size to absorb fluid easier and faster.

        I liked the thicker consistency to the shake!! Especially since I have to use water, it was a nice change!

  3. Shannon B. says

    Thanks…I had to go get my blueberry yogurt and eat it early because of your smoothie picture.
    Hmmm…that is a chin scratcher? Cheesecake is made in more of a pie pan, but has the word cake in it. I would say class all its own.

  4. Cortney says

    Im definitely a cake girl…but Hungry Runner Girl makes an AMAZING Oreo ice cream pie. I’ve made it twice, it’s so hard to only have one piece!

  5. Kelly Schroder says

    Hi there. Do you have the recipe for that chicken tortilla soup that’s pictured??? I don’t see it in your recipe files…

  6. Jen says

    I am definitely a cake person! I have been wondering about the Fitbit. I have a few extended family members that love theirs.

  7. Claudia says

    I know a cupcakeshop in vienna (austira) they make cupshakes (adding a cupcake to a shake)…something you won’t know how many calories they have! xD

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