5 Tips for Running Faster

Hello!  Today we’re talking about how to run faster.

But first an observation…

It’s HOT HOT HOT here. It was 99 today and will be 101 tomorrow. I’m not complaining, I’m just sweating. I mean, saying…

image its too hot hot hot hot

Anyway – let’s talk about running FAST. Or, fast-er…

5 Tips To Get Faster Running

Today’s vlog is from your twitter question – how do you get faster?!


Tempo Run without a GPS Watch

My Tempo Run as seen in Runner’s World

I learned about cadence training from Coach Steve. Check him out. And look at his site.

Question: How do you get faster?? Any tips to share?


  1. says

    i’ve definitely been thinking lately that i need to push myself to get faster…do more speed workouts and tempo runs. i’ve definitely seen myself get stronger and faster from incorporating boot camps regularly into my workouts the past 2 years, and training for a marathon helped my endurance and my speed just by pushing myself to new heights in my running.

  2. Sarah says

    I’m following a plan that incorporates HIIT training and strength training to drop a few unwanted lbs- 5 down so far :) I’m hoping that might translate into a faster half marathon time come this fall.
    If that doesn’t work, at least I won’t be as scary in a swimsuit???

  3. Veronica says

    I would say that I agree with some of what you say, to a point. If you want to become faster or be a sprinter, it will become necessary to develop your body in a different way. If you look at the difference between the bodies of sprinters and long distance runners, the key difference is the amount of muscle on the sprinters. They have a completely different body composition than a marathoner. You need a substantial amount of muscle to exert the effort to run very fast. You will never gain that type of speed if you are running for long distances only. In my opinion (what do I know of course :p) long distance runs will never make you as muscularly defined or as speedy as people who run short and fast. When you run for long periods of time, your muscles need to be small to endure the distance, otherwise you will become fatigued. The muscles needed for fast running is comparable to that of a weight lifter.

  4. Anne says

    It’s 40 here… might hit 70 this weekend… I would LOVE it to be 75 and sunny! over 90 and it’s either beach/pool time or I stay inside!

  5. says

    omg! Those are some high temps :(

    I get faster by… running fast. I gained some serious speed this past season by doing just that. I would do shorter, but harder and faster efforts. I also ran intervals, fartleks, and tempos. Basically, I trained with some more structure instead of just “going for a run”.

  6. says

    This is a great post and important with the weather warming as we start preparing for fall marathons. My tip . . . bleachers! Run bleachers as much and as often as possible. It really works the legs out and strengthens the quads and hammys. Do that mixed in with a few track workouts and you will be faster in no time!

  7. says

    I am actually following a 10k plan right now trying to work on increasing my speed before I start marathon training again. It is tough but sometimes you just have to put in the work and get out on the track. Keeping strength and nutrition in the forefront as well. All are very important in getting quicker and staying healthy!

  8. says

    This was a great and informative vlog. I also have to contribute that mentally you can re-train yourself to go faster. I used to just think I was an 11min per mile runner and if I saw splits in the 10s I’d slow down for “fear” of “overdoing it”….So once I allowed myself to push and feel uncomfortable I now have run 10ks and 1/2 marathons in the 9:15-9:30 min per mile pace.

    I would suggest running a set route that you are used to running and just challenge yourself to try and complete it 1 minute faster than the last (or some other set amount of time). Feel yourself get uncomfortable but know you have just X amount of miles to go and try and sustain it.

  9. The Silent Assassin says

    Strides, strides strides! yes…Boom! Run with fast people. Yes! When in rome,.. ugh! brain splatter at 2:07. And then me cleaning up avocado hummus on my monitor at it’s science, gravity, physics and sheeeet. Thanks for the awesome info! Lunch date was fab. Actually, as I was watching the vlog, I had this strange feeling like you were talking to me across a coffee table at Peets. Weird huh?

  10. says

    I run with a friend who faster (ok, way way way faster) than me on his easy run days. Another thing I’ve noticed is that I get faster as my mileage builds up.
    I hope it’s just hot rather than hot and humid on your end – those 2 combos are just uurrrghhh!

  11. Joanne says

    Great reading this blog…I am an injured runner with a broken foot. I have been sitting on the couch for 6 weeks..still no weight bearing for another 10 days at least…I do exercises on the bed. Suggestions of new exercises would be welcome. I have lost 3 pounds over this ordeal…I know it is what we eat. I follow weight watchers and am really careful…I do like my wine so allow myself a glass a day! Improves my mood…keep running…I hear it could by 6 months to a year before I can run again. Did I mention…my sons wedding in 5 weeks…hoping to dance with the handsome groom!

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