Toast to the Red Carpet Live


I attended the Toast To The Red Carpet Live event in Hollywood today. We didn’t hit any traffic so I arrived over an hour early! It was a little weird so I decided to walk up Sunset and get some coffee. I didn’t end up getting coffee, but did enjoy the sights. The event was a 2 part-er. We started at the studio where the red carpet show was being filmed. It was only a few … [Read more...]

Double Dole Day


This morning I woke up hoping to be 100% better. I went out for the group run and felt okay. The cold air felt good probably because I had a fever of 101. Note to self: it’s dangerous to run with someone who has a camera and a vendetta. Not my best angle Meghann. For living on opposite coasts I see these girls a lot! Then, I checked my temp and downed some dayquill … [Read more...]

Dole Healthy Lifestyle Blogger Summit


I am attending the Dole Healthy Lifestyle Summit until Friday and am currently blogging from the fanciest hotel I’ve ever stomped into! Dole herded me and a few other bloggers together to talk food, recipes and healthy living in Westlake Village for a few days. This is no joke – the hotel room is bigger than my life condo! If this was House Hunters I would make a comment … [Read more...]

Work Out with Bob Harper


I went down to Santa Monica to hang out with my ol’ friend Bob Harper today. (You know ‘cause we hung out Saturday too.) Bob was a little freaked out to see this red-headed stalker again totally remembered me from Blogher and said “Hi!” as soon as he saw me. That made me happy. Okay actually, Anthem Blue Cross invited me to this event to learn about how our health connects … [Read more...]

My First Blogher in San Diego


I’m at my first Blogher Conference!!! I didn’t do any packing until today so Ben had time to come meet me for lunch before I left to San Diego. I had the usual because I know I’ll miss it over the weekend (The usual = Everything but the kitchen sink salad, carbs that miss the camera and too many seltzer waters.) Then I was headed on my way! Blogher 2011 is in San Diego … [Read more...]

Be Fit and Pain Free Event


Hello! I was scheduled to do some kind of work out at the event I attended this morning, but I wasn’t sure what. So, I fueled up with an egg sandwich before heading out. The inside had laughing cow cheese and polka dot ketchup   Plus a jug of iced coffee for the long drive to LA! I keep forgetting I live in Orange County until I try to go somewhere in Los Angeles and … [Read more...]