Rock N Roll New Orleans Recap and BEIGNETS

Hello from New Orleans!!! This place is the best for eating and running and I’m having a great time. Let me fill you in on the all the food and my RnR New Orleans Marathon Recap…

Yesterday I carb loaded at a hole in the wall with some Jambalaya. The service and food were just mediocre so I won’t mention the place. But, this was my first Jambalaya experience and I liked it!Jambalaya

Then, we went to the world famous Cafe Du Mondecafe du monde

I LOVED the beignets! LOVED. The fresh donuts come in an order of 3 covered in powdered sugar and are served warm. Heaven.beignets

This is in the top 5 foods I’ve ever eaten. Possibly #1, but I need to review my list. Boom. beignets

Then, we had a little teeny bit of fun on Bourbon Street Winking smile20130223_235302 (800x600)

I carb loaded some more with some beverages and a banana. IMG_20130223_231158 (800x800)

Rock N Roll New Orleans Marathon Recap / Review

Now for the race – I ended up running the Rock N Roll New Orleans full marathon. It was a last minute decision I made at the expo this weekend. My friend Dave from the #INGClassof2013 was throwing around going for a PR and I offered to pace him to a 4:20 marathon. He took me up on the offer and it was decided.  (You can switch from the half/full/full/half beforehand for RnR races or at the expo for a fee.)RnR New Orleans Marathon

Race morning I met Team Refuel member Jeremy team refuel runners

Right now in my life I’m into having oatmeal before races.20130224_062954 (600x800)

I met reader Ciry this morning and saw a lot of other readers along the course. Hello Sarah! Jackie, did you get your PR?!

pre race RnR New Orleans Marathon

Chandra and I in the VIP area where I was 20 feet from Kara Goucher. Die.

RnR New Orleans Marathon

(She’s sitting the yellow jacket!) Yes, I’m sorry I’m a creeper.

im a creeper

The race was awesome!!! The course was super flat (#1 reason I offered to pace Dave) and it was great running around NOLA. rock n roll new orleans course

rock n roll new orleans course

And Dave got his new PR in the full 4:20:38!!!rock n roll marathon results

I think I’m going to get a job as a pacer because it was super fun to help someone hit a running goal. I only had to say 2 bad words to him to keep him going, the rest of the time I was positive and encouraging Smile He might report differently, but who you gonna believe?

post new orleans marathon

rock n roll marathon results

After the race I hung out with two of the most impressive runners ever – Dave and Marathon Man! These guys will run more races by May then I’ll run in my life.clydesdalerunnr and marathon man

Okay – time to explore the city!

Question: What was the best thing you’ve eaten this weekend?


  1. ashlee says

    I’m so sad I missed you, but happy you are loving NOLA. Hope to see you back here next year, maybe I’ll be brave enough to attempt the full then!

    I personally love Charbroiled Oysters!!

  2. says

    Congratulations to Dave on his PR. What a great friend you are to help him get it! Best thing I ate this weekend was some warm brownies and ice cream. I am indulging a bit too much lately trying to get through an injury. Oh well, life is short!

  3. says

    I still hold that you’re a machine these days! You look adorable in every picture and I also think you should come out East to pace me for a half or a full! :)

  4. Erin says

    Your arms are looking great, can you post about what arm moves/ strength training you are doing in addition to running?

  5. Angie says

    Go to The Central Grocery and get a muffalata sandwich. It’s Italian meats with an olive spread. Delicious! So much good food there. Lucky that my in laws send us lots of food from NOLA!

  6. Jaclyn says

    Looks like you are having a blast in NOLA! How do you just switch it up to a full marathon and not get hurt? You must have legs and knees of steel.

  7. Carol says

    Hi! I’m the girl who said hello to you in my car along with my husband and 2 kids. Thanks for coming up to us to say hello and for being so friendly! So glad you enjoyed the city, the race, and the food. I had a great time today and hit a PR!

      • Carol Landry says

        This was only my second half marathon. I PR’d by two minutes. 2:12:07. Contemplating running a full marathon at either the end of this year or beginning of next. Summertime in Louisiana really messes with training so I have to be careful. Hope you have a safe trip home!

  8. says

    Oh, the day I can decided on a dime to run a marathon. Go you! I’ve been doing a lot of interval running, but not really any distance. Need to jump on that. Enjoy the rest of your trip. It’s a really fun city!

  9. Gillian says

    Ended my 20 mile run at Yogurtland! I think it tasted especially good after that effort. Congrats on RnR NOLA! I’d love to have you pace me to a 3:59:59 :) Love your purple jacket in that last pic, you look great!

  10. april says

    i have never been to new orleans, but it’s on my bucket list. i’m glad you had a great race and have the opportunity to explore such a fun city!

    the best thing i ate this weekend was tons of fresh sashimi last night! =)

  11. Jackie says

    PEed by 1:46 and it was my first sub 2:00 half. I made sure to thank the random lady in the polka dotted shorts who pulled me through. She was really confused… It was a great race!

  12. Kristi says

    Before you head out of town, treat yourself to breakfast at Oceana (corner of Conti and Bourbon). French toast was to delicious!

    If you’re in town for another day or two, visit Lucy’s on Tchoupitoulas. The mango salsa is awesome…the trio, really. Then let me know if you have other places like that in SoCal. It seems like it belongs there more than NOLA, but since I’ve never been to SoCal I’m just guessing. (However I’m thinking ill move there since your mentioned having an avocado tree! A.maze!)

  13. says

    quick question I’m asking all you marathon-er’s – do you wear sunglasses and if so are they running sunglasses? I have my first 1/2 next month (gulp!) and I hate squinting and running and yet every pair of running glasses I try on look so…manly. I know its not all about how you look when running but well it’s all about how you look when running!! advice? CONGRATS btw, god I hope to do a full someday!

  14. Virginia says

    I saw you today at the race. I just ran the half but I recognized you from Skinny Runner’s blog. I would have said something but it was mile 10 and I was pushing for a PR and practically dying. I live (and went to college) about 3 hours away from NOLA, and we would take road trips in the middle of the night to get beignets. Ahhhh to have that freedom (and metabolism) again!

  15. says

    Had a great Chinese dinner with friends in Hong Kong; we ran the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 42, 21, 10 km) earlier in the morning. Great food, even more fabulous company.

  16. Jackie K says

    Got my PR! I thanked the random lady who I followed in the chutes. She was a little confused. I called her my rabbit, but really, she was just a stranger running even splits at the pace I needed. (Now I sound super creepy. In my defense there were no pace groups, so I improvised) NOLA was my first sub 2:00 half. Considering recent knee issues that forced me to the half instead of the full, I am reasonably pleased. Glad to hear you had a great pacing experience!

  17. says

    WooHoo – way to go on the full (as a pacer even!!).
    Beignets from Cafe du Monde are high on my list of favorite foods ever.
    This weekend I made my first gumbo – in honor of the New Orleans marathon (or cause it sounded good with all of the snow here!).

  18. says

    I don’t know if I could trust myself to be a pacer. That’s a lot of responsibility, good job!

    I ate a ton of delicious food this weekend. On Saturday a delicious batch of cupcakes (for the kids. I opted for a few Girl Scout cookies! haha!) and we had BBQed pork chops and baked potatoes with a fresh salad and homemade honey beer bread. That bread is SO easy and so delicious.

  19. says

    I went to ikea for the first time and had their chocolate overload cake. It was fantastic and I plan on stopping at every ikea I ever see just got that cake. Glad you had a fun race! Enjoy NOLA and grab some oysters at acme!

  20. says

    How about you get a BQ, and then pace me to my BQ post baby?? That would be awesome. I could even pay for your entry….and let you shack up with me. I can’t pay for a flight though, so we’ll need to look for another “sponsor”. Hahaha.

  21. says

    That must feel so wonderful to be able to just BOOM up it to a full and pace a friend so perfectly! So totally cool that you are able to make something like that happen. Way to go!

  22. Hanner Nanner says

    1) I had an awesome salad for dinner Saturday, with my new man. So far he’s being really supportive of my desire to clean up my eating again and reach my goals. It’s great to have that kind of support.
    2) You are absolutely amazeballs. For serious. One day I’d love for you to pace me. When I no longer have pneumonia and have lost 40lb and can do faster than a 15 minute mile. Yeah, I know most people can WALK at that pace.. not this girl, not anymore. Le sigh.

  23. says

    Looks like a blast! And the beignets at café du monde are a must :). I think the best thing I ate over the weekend was this awesome “rainbow” flatbread (pesto, carrots, purple potatoes, sundried tomatoes, kale, green peppers, carmelized red onion, mushrooms, little bit of cheese) and a local oatmeal stout on a date with my boyfriend last night– yum!

  24. Molly says

    my mom ran this race also! i was wondering if i would see any bloggers there but sadly I missed you all. Hope you enjoyed new orleans!

  25. Molly says

    the best thing i ate over the weekend was chargrilled oysters from Drago’s over at the bottom of the Hilton (by Harrah’s) in New Orleans! It was THE BEST thing i’ve EVER eaten! So delicious!

  26. Erin says

    Saw you on the course around mile 8 or 9. I have been behind in reading your blog or else I would have known you were going to be in NOLA. I hope you had a good time and that you got some good hospitality from Louisianians!

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