New York City Marathon Results and Recap

I ran the New York City Marathon! This is my last marathon of the year (I’m pretty sure) and it was the BEST race to cap off an epic year Smile

before the new york city marathon

The day started off at 5:50am with Steve. He was my partner-in-crime for this journey and he’s back on my favorites list.

bus to new york city marathon

The production of getting to the start on Staten Island is part of the journey. We took a bus from the hotel and the excitement started to build!

going to new york city marathon

going to new york city marathon

The New York City Marathon is the biggest marathon in the world with over 45,000 runners! I cannot even imagine all the logistics to make this day happen.

The starting village had thousands of people sitting, peeing, eating, drinking Dunkin Donuts!

new york city marathon starting village

I kept warm in the tent with my ING Class of 2013 teammates Steve and Dave.

ING runners nation new york city marathon

They had food but I brought oatmeal packets and used hot water to make it.

dunkin donuts before marathon

Steve offered me $3.00 and a granola bar to rub his feet, but I refused. Maybe if it was a donut I’d have taken the offer… hey, I can be bought.

tent before new york city marathon

That or he was changing his socks, I forget.

Dunkin Donuts provided coffee and beanies for runners. Monica America Runs on Dunkin.

dunkin donuts at the new york city marathon

Before I knew it the announcer said it was time for my wave to line up! I headed over to my corral – they close 30 minutes before you start so you have to get there in time or you’ll have to go in a later corral.

new york city marathon corralsnew york city marathon corral line up

Since I had time to wait I sat down for a little bit.resting before NYC marathon

Soon it was time to line up to start!! The energy was so intense.

New York City Marathon start line20131103_100308 (800x600)

The New York Marathon starts on the Verrazano Bridge. It’s amazing. Verrazano Bridge New York City Marathon

NYC marathon course

NYC Marathon finished in 3:41:23!

NYC marathon results and recap

I met reader Mandi at the finish line. She got a new PR in New York!!

new york marathon finish line results

Then, it was a long walk to the family reunion area. The race gave out ponchos to keep warm, but I didn’t get one because I was in the wrong line or something. I don’t know.

20131103_135452 (800x450)

I eventually saw Ben who’s been with his college friends in NYC. It was a reunion!

new york city marathon finish results

Overall: The New York City Marathon has the best crowds of any race I’ve ever run. The energy is unbeatable! The course has a few big hills over the bridges (the one at mile 15 killed me). The finish through Central Park is gorgeous with the fall leaves and LOUD from all the supporters!

The victory lap – New York Pizza!

20131103_181738 (800x450)20131103_192010 (800x450)

New York City Marathon Video Recap

Question: Thin crust or Deep dish pizza?


  1. says

    Awesome job! The mile 15 hill ruined me too, ugh! Great job though it’s a harder course than I expected but the crowds were amazing. It was great to be a part of it this year!
    Did you start in wave 1? If so we finished minutes apart- I didn’t get a poncho either and that made me so sad :-(

  2. Gillian says

    Queensboro bridge at 15 was tough. Awesome big city race! Ponchos were only if you didn’t check a bag. If I had known that I would have tossed my sweatshirt at the last second and gotten a poncho at the end. Oh well. Maybe next time 😉

  3. says

    I was talking to my grandmother about NYCM. I have become obsessed with this race and fingers crossed I get it this year. Anyway, she was there the day the Verrazzano bridge opened and told me a story about it. OK, we had a little sentimental moment and I thought I’d share. Great job!


  4. jen says

    the ponchos were for people who chose the “no baggage” option — so they didn’t check baggage through to the finish line, and instead they get to exit quicker and get a cozy poncho to warm up. i did the no baggage option because the long walk to baggage last time i ran the marathon almost killed me! I was so thankful for the poncho this year, since it was so cold and I had to get myself all the way back to Brooklyn post-race without dying.

    i think the nyc marathon crowds were extra wonderful this year! i didn’t train as well as i should have, but they totally revved me up (especially my friend standing at mile 8 with a bag of chocolate covered pretzels in hand)! It’s the best, I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Kimberly says

    Congratulations! You could definitely see the excitement on your face before the race started and even more after the race! New York City is the one city I have always wanted to visit and now since becoming a marathoner it is the one race that could get me to do the training all over again! :)

  6. Stephanie says

    Deep dish since I grew up outside Chicago- but its definitely a treat because its SO filling. One of my close friends, Evyan ran the NYC Marathon yesterday. She tried for a couple years to get in through the lottery so seeing someone fulfill a lifelong dream was so moving to me. :-)

  7. says

    I love that you do video recaps on all your races! I am too nervous to film anything! I really hope that I am able to do this race one day it looks amazing and I have heard nothing be great things about it! I am a thin crust pizza girl myself. I love the cheese and sauce, too much bread just gets in the way :)

  8. says

    OH, I would love the deep dish but the deep dish doesn’t love me…so its better to do thin IF at all.

    The race looks like a lot of fun!!

  9. says

    Awesome job!! Way to end the year with a fantastic race :) I cannot even imagine the energy you feel running that, and just having that crowd support. It seems like each corral is a mini race in itself having their own porta johns and what not!

  10. april says

    ahh so amazing! i watched part of the race coverage on ESPN yesterday and i can’t imagine how awesome it must have been in person! i’m glad you were able to run one of your bucket list marathons! =) congrats on a strong finish.

  11. Laura P says

    Thin crust pizza definitely! Sounds like such an awesome marathon, wish I could go sometime……dare to dream!

  12. says

    Congrats on NYCM! I ran it in 2011 and loved it (partially because I lived there for 3 years and moved two months before running it, so it was a wonderful excuse to come back and see some dear friends. The only race I’ve run that’s comparable (in terms of energy) is the Chicago Marathon. (If you have the chance, do it!)

    Oh, and thin crust all the way! (Though that’s partially because I grew up outside NYC and was introduced to thin crust long before deep dish.)

  13. says

    Congrats! I prefer halfs over fulls (I’ve only done one so far), but you may have convinced me to give them another try. Also, thin crust, for sure. Deep dish makes me way too full and I like to have more than one piece, which I can with thin crust.

  14. Julia H. says

    Congrats! I was actually one of the volunteers at the Mile 16 fluid station, but totally forgot to keep an eye out for you. Argh! Nice job, though :)

  15. says

    Congratulations! This just looks so incredible to run! Sorry you didn’t get a poncho – we saw TONS of them around the City all day, so I assumed every runner got them :(

    I’m from NYC so I love a good Brooklyn-style pizza (big as my face and fold-able).

  16. says

    I absolutely LOVE your recaps! The video gave me chills and a tear in my eye watching all the AMAZING-NESS that is the marathon! I haven’t run a marathon…yet but this just makes me more excited to keep training and working hard!

    Thank you for being such a positive inspiration to us all!!!

  17. says

    Congratulations! I agree this was the BEST RACE! I had a 16 minute PR and will be paying for it for days. Loved the crowds and the city. New York does it right.
    I did get a poncho and they are nice. Fleece on the inside water proof outside. It will come in handy in Seattle.

  18. says

    After a marathon – deep dish for the win! Night I’m going out, thin crust… more room for wine that way 😉 Great job with your last marathon of the year! You’re really giving me the marathon running bug.

  19. says

    Deep dish!!

    Congrats on running NYCM and with such a fantastic time! This is a bucket list race for me and I can’t wait to have the opportunity one day to run it. What a great experience!

  20. says

    Congrats on your race, Monica!

    I’ve been reading all sorts of blog recaps of NYCM and it’s making me re-think my claim of having no desire to ever do a marathon. My poor husband thinks I’m crazy as it is.

  21. says

    I’m so glad to see you we’re able to run the marathon this year after having it being cancelled last year! (and you getting so many mean comments that you didn’t deserve!) Hip hip hooray for Monica!

  22. says

    CONGRATS! That’s an awesome time!! I have only done half-marathons but something keeps pulling me towards a full… I think I am going to enter the lottery for NYC next year… and just start training now!

    Thin crust all the way… I like to taste the sauce & cheese :)

  23. says

    Congratulations! Although I’m not a full marathon kind of girl…I’d really like to do this one some day. Just FYI, the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon is a flat, fast, Boston Qualifier course and it would be awesome to have a Monican running it. :)

    Thick or thin crust? Depends on my mood and where I am (what city) but my default is probably thin.

  24. Dana says

    I ran NYC this weekend too — as you said it was AMAZING!!! Such incredible energy! I’m still riding the high!! Congratulations on a great time!

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