Marine Corps Marathon Results and Recap


Marathon #7 for 2013 is done! I ran the Marine Corps Marathon today. Here’s my recap and random pics… Morning usual. Since I am running NYC next weekend (and ran a full two weeks ago and the hat trick last weekend) I knew my only choice was to enjoy this race. I made a little bet with Hector – the person to take the best picture wins. We had a PR contest = Picture … [Read more...]

Laguna Hills Memorial Half Marathon Recap


Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half Marathon done! My 2013 goal was to run 13 ‘13.1’s and so I had to count up my progress so far (a few people asked how I am doing on this so far and I had no idea!). Luckily I have a  little online weblog to keep track Half Marathon Race count:  3 in January, 2 in February, 1 in March, 1 in April (and Ragnar) and 3 races in May Total Races  … [Read more...]

Rock N Roll New Orleans Recap and BEIGNETS


Hello from New Orleans!!! This place is the best for eating and running and I’m having a great time. Let me fill you in on the all the food and my RnR New Orleans Marathon Recap… Yesterday I carb loaded at a hole in the wall with some Jambalaya. The service and food were just mediocre so I won’t mention the place. But, this was my first Jambalaya experience and I liked … [Read more...]

Rock N’ Roll Pasadena Half Marathon recap


Happy Monday! Sorry I’ve been MIA, but I had the most awesome weekend. I did a lot of sole searching and running and eating and drinking – this is the way life should be, right?! My fun started Saturday morning with Coach Steve, he invited me to run a few miles in Rancho Palos Verdes with the Sole Runners. They are training for LA and this is a cut back week so the plan was … [Read more...]

Surf City Marathon President Ricardo


Soooooo, a lot of you were asking if you missed where I said whether I was doing the Full or Half marathon at Surf City. Well, you didn’t miss the announcement – I didn’t say because I wasn’t sure. Every year after Long Beach I sign up for Surf City and every year I party too hard during the holidays and stop training. Most years I end up not running or dropping to the half. … [Read more...]

Santa To The Sea Half Marathon


Last race of 2012 done and done This morning I ran the Santa to the Sea Half Marathon in Oxnard. Oxnard is about 2 hours north of Orange County so I cooked up a plan weeks ago to talk Skinny Runner into coming with me. Added bonus: She drove! Thank goodness she has a SmartCar so the gas was only $.03 or something. The 2 hour drive meant a 4am wake-up call though. That’s … [Read more...]

Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon Recap / Review


Expo: This race was part of the Rock N’ Roll series. They usually have a pretty big expo and the Las Vegas show was no different. It was in the Sands Convention center behind the Venetian (good, central location). There was tons of booths (read: opportunities to spend money) and free stuff. Susan and I got 2 free pictures for our memory books. You know, if I had to time to … [Read more...]

Santa Barbara Marathon Recap


It wasn’t easy, but I did it. Marathon #6 is done. And I’m retiring. First let’s back up to the lovely Motel 6 we stayed at in Carpentaria. The door had been kicked in at one point… Fancy. The Santa Barbara full Marathon started at 7:30am so the wake-up call wasn’t too bad. I laid out all my stuff and got ready. Pre-marathon meal = A banana and a Picky Bar – the company … [Read more...]

Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon


This morning I woke up before 5am to get on the road 2 hours before the RnR Halloween Half Marathon in LA. Los Angeles is about 50 miles north of me so I figured a hour to drive there and an hour to park/get to the start. I flew down the freeway until I got to the exit for the race. Then, stuff got crazy. Short story: I sat on the freeway off ramp bridge for 45 minutes inching … [Read more...]

Long Beach Marathon 2012 Recap


Yesterday morning I woke up and did the usual pre-race rituals: change, bathroom, sunblock, eat. I had laid out my stuff the night before so I wouldn’t forget anything. I ate PB toast and cinnamon sugar toast with salt.  Salt was key in this race. I have run the Long Beach half or full something like 5 times now. So, getting to the start was familiar and nice. This … [Read more...]

Long Beach Marathon PR 2012


So, kinda I left you in suspense after the Long Beach Marathon Expo. I say “kinda” because part of me wasn’t sure I was going to do the full until the half/full split and I go the full route! I did the Full Monty Marathon and am glad to be done. I’ll do a full recap later, but here is my day in a nutshell: New Marathon PR – 3:55:07 (unofficial) Post run ice bath … [Read more...]

iTryathlon Race Recap


When we last spoke I was freaking out about the fact that I was going to have to bike around other people when it’s really hard for me to turn. (Heck, it’s hard for me to go straight!) Luckily this morning I remembered that I needed to raise my bike seat, so Ben helped me out. It’s still too low but I was scared to raise it a lot. The race was in Irvine – just the city next … [Read more...]

PCRF Cinco De Mayo Half Marathon


I usually don’t carb load before a half marathon because I eat enough carbs day-to-day to keep my glycogen stores more than full! But, yesterday ended up being an unplanned carb loading extravaganza! I had a bowl of cereal as an afternoon snack. No big. Then, Ben came home from running errands with a soft pretzel. Eating a pretzel before the Las Vegas half worked well so I … [Read more...]

Paso Robles Half Marathon Recapage


This morning I woke up around 6am to leisurely get ready for the Paso Robles Half Marathon. The race didn’t start until 8am - that was a really late start from what I’m used to! I changed, fueled, bathroomed, sunblocked and pinned. Last night I checked out the course elevation profile. What the heck was I thinking?! Gravity is not exactly my friend and adding hills to the mix … [Read more...]

IMS Arizona Half Marathon Recap


Even though I only had to wake up at 5:30am (not early by race standards) I still cringed when my alarm went off this morning. Reluctantly, I rolled out of bed and did all my pre-race rituals – bathroom, change, eat Luckily, our hotel had a full kitchen so I was able to toast my bagel. It makes all the difference. And I broke the #1 rule of racing – Don’t do anything new on … [Read more...]

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Recap


The inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon is done! I signed up for this race in April hoping and wishing and praying that I’d make a friend to run with me. Well, that never happened. But, I did find someone that needed a ride to the race so Skinny Runner and I carpooled. We met at 3:52am so she obviously had no time to change after her night job. I’ve been burnt out on … [Read more...]